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Origins of Historica

The bard’s song tells a tale of a world long forgotten,

Race against race, clan against clan, shields clashed with swords; long ago when Men of the Lion fought Men of the Falcon, and human armies succumbed to Orcs and undead. Each group clashed with its neighbor for power, unleashing upon the world a great scourge, and the arcane land was thrown into chaos. When it all seemed but lost, a council of wise men and sages was summoned. From all the lands they came to convene in the old world’s great city; the fortress of Cedrica.

To settle the grievance and end a millennium of bloodshed, the sages declined all the treaties of old and joined all the clans into one mighty Kingdom; Historica. They founded the Four Great Regions- each one a realm in itself; - Mitgardia in the North, Nocturnus in the East, Kaliphlin in the South and Avalonia in the West, so that trade routes would spring up and clans would meet in the markets and not in the theatre of war. The wise men chose a family of great honor, to uphold the truce and to keep the four guilds from dispute, and descendants of that mighty kin to this day rule the Central lands of Historica. So goes the legend. For ten decades the races of old have migrated and spread through the world, following the trade routes, establishing cultures and prospering towns.

Today, it is a world of wonder and natural beauty; a realm where a man and a woman may find peace. But peace is short lived…

Treacherous assassins have tried to murder the King! The capital is in shock and there will be repercussions; the Four Regions assemble their forces as the balance of power shifts, and blame is passed around. For the first time in a century, the guilds of Historica build up old defenses and prepare for the inevitable confrontation; everything hangs in the balance, and Historica is on the verge of chaos once more…

Guildsmen; this is the world you inhabit, this is the place where you will make your fortune, build a mighty empire and battle for the glory and honor of the banner…

Kaliphlin Guild - rulers of the Siccus Badlands in the southern region of Historica

The Landscape: Siccus Badlands.


The Siccus Badlands is predominately a desert wasteland in the southern realm of Historica. Feed by lakes and rivers of the Avalonia, the Akrbi river runs through its lands and is the primary source of fresh water to the parched south. For the affluent, the preferred water source is the glacial waters shipped from the Mitgardia's snow caps.

To the east are the trailing end of the Rakath Mountain Range. The mountain fortress of Qarkyr stands in the mountains acting as a sentinel over the inhabitants of the Darklands. The mountains are small compared to the lofty heights of the Rakath mountains. Under the shadow of the Rakath mountain lies the smaller Mystic mountain where various bands of Mountain Mummies will sojourn near the local villages during the oppressive scorching months.

In the far west lies the meager forests and farmlands of the South. These pitiful farms do not provide much food, but the vastness of the farmland provides enough space to grow food for the sparsely populated Siccus Badlands. The port city of Barqa stands as the major trading hub in the western part of the Siccus. Here supplies from the north are shipped in and in return the Black Oil is shipped out. The supplies travel along the Oil Road - always heavily guarded to protect from bandits.

Oasis's litter the Siccus desert with the largest one being Petraea, the ancient Capital fortress which is the home of the Kaliphlin. Though lacking in most other resources, it is one of the few producers of Black Oil in the entire Historica- generating wealth beyond belief for its inhabitants. Those within its inner city live in virtual paradise relative to those behind the outer clay-brick fortifications.

The bulk of Petraea's citizens are made up of ex-criminals, freed slaves, fortune seekers and people looking to restart their lives in anonymity. While most outside the south presume that the Petraea is a lawless savage city- it is in fact the most lawful cities in all of Historica. The prosperous Black Oil provides plentiful jobs and money for all those who give an honest days work. Those that choose dishonesty, the vast standing Army of the Kaliphlin Guild hands out harsh punishments to ensure there are no repeat offenders.

To the East, in the harshest area is home to the the Mountain Mummy tribes who are known to sporting bandage coverings from head to foot, they utilize their garb to ensure that none of their precious moisture is lost to the blistering, arid surroundings. No one is quite sure which race the mummies belong to, as none have ever been seen without their bandages, however, it is rumored that the mummies came to being when warlocks from the eastern darklands corrupted the burial chambers of the nobility during Quakyr's days as an early settlement. While the mummies pay no allegiance but to their chieftains, whom they revere as deities, they have sometimes been known to band together against invading forces from the Eastern Darklands.

But the law and order of Petraea does not extend far outside the Capital and the two major cities. The remaining Oasis are savage places where those that are bent on lawless- thrive. They survive on raiding merchants traveling between between the three major cities in a constant and escalating battle with Kaliphlin army.

Inspirational pictures:



The Inhabitants

The Siccus Wasteland is a scattered band of peoples - All races are represented - though the human population is less than the other three realms. In the cities it is not uncommon to see the nobles be of all races and creeds. Keeping with the survival instincts of the harsh climate, there is no set armour or weapons for the the Kaliphlin Army or its people - when they march into the field of battle they will use whatever the individual chooses to best suit them. Though while guarding inside the City, full dress armour is adored - to ensure that the world knows of the wealth that is hidden within this desolate realm.

Outside the three major cities, the harsh south has lead many to abandon Siccus and wander north to more hospitable realms, this leaves only the most ruthless and hardened bands to wander the wastelands. While they are not typically aligned, they have known to form allegiances to oppose greater foes.

Geographical description

So for any members of other guilds who are interested, here are the major cities of Kaliphlin. We can create more if you need them. Better descriptions to follow.

Petraea (capital) - desert, oasis

Barqa - big port

Qarkyr - surrounded by mountains

Queens Cross - where the Petraea-Cedrica road crosses the Arkbri River; big river port and trading center

Stone Town - port

Eastgate - port

Berigora - port

Na Ghitan - port, in the Spice Islands

Ras-el-Akhen - port, on a river near the sea, surrounded for the most part by swamps

Messahmuk - port on a bay on South Central coast, low mountains around it, wine trading center, not a rich city, but not the worst cesspit either, a bit past its prime and fading, Mediterranean climate so some plants and trees

The current leader of the Kaliphlin Guild is Dextrus Flagg. Originally a slave - this dwarf revolutionized the production of Black Oil making him the most powerful Merchant, and thus the earning and buying the respect necessary to become the leader of all of the Siccus Badlands.



Community Builds:

First Task:

Guildsmen and Guildswomen are expected to have a character prepared that will represent them in MOCS, and will appear as their avatar on Eurobricks. I strongly suggest you include the colors of the Guild, and get some flags ready, our enemies will tremble before the might of the South!

Second Task:

Design the look and feel for the Elite Kaliphlin Army which will be stationed in our major cities.

Ideally it should be made with relatively available parts so that everyone can build their own.

The Petraea City Guard shall be comprised of Lion Knight torsos, Dark Blue arms and Dark Pearl headwear.

The Guild army shall be rag tag army with a tendency to use more exotic mid eastern weapons - but each Guild Member's unit shall be unique with their own appearance, skills and tactics. Guild Armies should typically have some Dark Blue and fly the Guild Flags (could be brick built flags as well).

Round 1 - Towers

The King has asked us to build out skirt defences!

Watch Tower, Out Posts etc.

Round 2 - Embassy

The King has asked us to strengthen our ties with our neighbours.

Go forth and established our unique Kaliphlin Embassies in foreign lands!

Round 3 - ???

Building Rules:

There's certainly no need to ask me before building in an area. I'm not big on claiming an area / town either, but it is natural for people to want a home for their characters. Here's the way I think this has been developing in Kaliphlin. I wouldn't say these are rules, just my perception of the way things have developed so far, and some proposals for the future:

  • It's OK for your character to have a home town or base
  • If you build an MOC or vignette in an unnamed area, you can name the area
  • If you build an MOC somewhere, you can name some of the unnamed geographical features nearby. You can also add nearby geographical features, as long as they fit with the local landscape.
  • If you have a home town, you probably get to create the primary back-story / history for that town.
  • Other people can add to your town's history, but should keep within the outlines of the primary story.
  • Anyone can build an MOC anywhere, without asking permission of anyone.
  • Many people, if building in someone else's hometown, will want to inform the other person first, and ask for feedback, but that's not strictly necessary. If building in someone else's hometown, try to keep within the general outline of the 'look' of their existing MOCs and fit into their existing back-story.
  • We don't carve out plots of land like some other guilds. You're welcome to settle in an area, build MOCs, and even exercise a certain degree of political influence and control on the area, but we're not carving up the Siccus into little fiefdoms with borders and so forth. In part, this is because we've got a lot of land and not so many people, so there should be room for all. It's also because this is about building with LEGO, not empire-building. None of us could possibly manage to build more than a small town out of LEGO, much less an entire province.
  • Petraea, Barqa, and Qarkyr, as the largest cities in the Siccus, are more 'open' cities, meaning that no one person should control their story, look, etc. If you want to make one of these cities your hometown, that's great (we need some builds and history especially in Barqa and Qarkyr), and you can even set the back-story for a neighborhood.
  • The Master Cartographer is a bit reluctant to add and name features to the maps unless you've built an MOC or vignette in that area. Unless your idea/name is so great that it just has to be on there.

Building Reports

See rogueang's Historica MOC Index

A Backpackers Guide to the Greater Siccus Badlands, by Mikel Kalores

Get up to speed with the coming and doings of the Kaliphlin guild with Mikel and Kcaj.

Brothers and Sisters of the Kaliphlin Guild:

Dextrus Flagg - Current Guild Leader (Si-Mocs)

Garnett Maccusswell - Desert Lion (BlueAndWhite)


Semiramis - the Sand Queen (Sandy)

Ser Thyrio (KristofB)

Ghi'natn, - Sultan of Spice (CallMePieOrDie)

Maximo Greeland (K-nut)

Amelia Phantomhive (Erynlasgalen)

Captain Hardiel (Waterbrick Down)

Velethuil - Captain of the Kaliphlin Elf-Knights (Axel)

Logan Alexander Redlake ("Lars") - The Stone Ogre (Ogre)

Master Cartographer Tafik Regex Marmota ("TR" or "Gex") - Hero of Mughraz (NiceMarmot)

Lord Shale (Scubacarrot)

Rasputin Jone - CEO Petraea General Trading Company (robuko)

Titus (JediAnakin)

Abū Alī al-Ḥusayn ibn Abd Allāh ibn Sīnā (Christoph)

Yakob - The Red (J4ke)Baydara - the Scarred (TinyPiesRUs)

Antoi (Antoi)

Tower Lord Wahil Musca (Basiliscus)

Lord Shale (Scubacarrot)

Jahi Khaldun Ibn Maib (Jorgevorg)

Unamed (Sok117)

Tower Master Erudhalion Sansael (Gabe)

Arwald Sharp (Masked Builder)

Kustig - the rogue (Kustig)

Dugal MacLean (SkaForHire)

Kcaj Nosnikta (CptMugwash)

Halvard (Fonzy)

Tashbaan the Nomad (Brickmaestro)


Rashad Nawfal

???? (Peppermint_M)

Saladus al Juhtiv (Kayne)

Sclet Lothar (pagan)

Pinocchiolus (Lego Pinocchio)

Captain Xander Wraith (Odin's son Fred)

Mikel Kalores

Arom Alled (DarthNick)

brother Thomas (Medic!!!)

Sir Anturio (reptiman)

Nariek Francis (purpleparadox)

Sdair Zuuree (gedren_y)

Khamar Ibn Hakkad (Axis600)

Yoshimitsu-San (thecolossus)

Ageven Deraim (Kai NRG)

Abdas (zergu)

Sebeus I

Old Jeremy of Nea Chora (Theo)

Joseph Chuikov (theLegoNinja)

Free build ideas:

[Courtesy of Gex, Hardiel & Wahil]

•Bubblin' Crude, Black Gold, Kaliphlin Tea:

Black Oil is a main export of Kaliphlin, build an ingenious method of how it is collected, processed, and/or transported.

•Farmin' in the Withered Woods:

While Kaliphlin might not possess the blessings of heavily timbered areas or plots of bountiful soil like Avalonia, the space to the west does afford opportunity to the entrepreneurial individual, build a farm or some other means of acquiring sustenance in the far western boarders of our guild.

•Off to Market:

The oil road is a treacherous length of path stretching from Barqa to Qarkyr along it travel some of our most valuable assets to the foreign trade centers] of the world, build a caravan of some sorts bearing goods to enrich the inhabitants of our industrious guild.

•Ye Old Oasis:

Sprinkled throughout the parched lands of the central Siccus Badlands, oases of varying sizes flourish and provide travelers of both good and evil intent a chance to refresh their weary bones, drink of the clean sparkling water, and recover their strength. It's also a good place for a bandit group to lay an ambush, build a refreshing oasis for any individual who might stop by.

•Here there be Dragons:

We've seen griffins and oliphants, but one can only wonder at the creatures and beasts that hunt and live among the sand dunes of the Siccus Badlands, build a fearsome beast or some other fantastical beatie that may inhabit the desert sands.

•Marketplace / Shop - gotta have a place for the caravans to deliver the goods to!

•Mines - we not only have the Black Oil, we've got plenty of mountains and hills that need to be mined! A small mining vignette.

•An Arab-looking boat, nothing too big, like a dhow or something, but clearly 'southern'

•A vignette of Kaliphlin guild members trading goods with members of other guilds. Preferably involving amusing misunderstandings and cultural clashes.

•Vignettes from Kaliphlin's storied past!

•Guildhalls! What's the use of a guild if it doesn't have a fabulous guildhall where we can have marvelous feasts?

•Guildhall fights. What happens when the feast involves too much mead and wine, and someone makes a remark about someone else's sister...

•Temples. I think ours will be cooler than some of the other guilds. Our southern/desert background just lends itself to more exotic and interesting temples, than say, Avalonia.


•Sand dunes. Seriously, we've got lots of them. See who can create the best/coolest/most unusual...

•Observatory - mapping the stars is an important learning point (Burj Sina already covers this)

•Siege workshop - remind the world what they will see outside their cities if they cross us Kaliphlinians!

•Lighthouse - trade is the lifeblood of our great nation, build a lighthouse to guide shipping safely into our ports (this is what I will be building for the watchtower challenge)

•Royal mint - the trade in oil makes us rich, with dinars with Dextrus Flagg's head being used in all 4 lands. Show them being minted!

•Docks/shipbuilding - show the construction of a ship or unloading of cargoes in a busy port

•Palace - our leaders need a place to call them a grand palace

•Public baths - traders need somewhere to relax and discuss business, show Kaliphlin is a place our culture with public baths

•Plantation - cash crops augment the oil revenue, show a plantation being worked (e.g. cloves, spices, bananas, etc)

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Garnett Maccusswell, the Desert Lion reporting for service.


A proud combatant durring the Battle of Tower Bridge at Brickfete, Garnett is a ruthless and unforgiving tactician, more renowned known for his cruelty and bloodlust. His code of honour forbids him to harm an unarmed man. To overcome this apparent weekness, Garnett will force a weapon into an opponent's hand so that he may slaughter them without remorse. Brother to the great Lord Maccusswell of the central lands, Garnett was second to his brother in everything but cruelty.

Garnett was banished to the South after a failed attempt on his brother's life; his reputation seemingly ruined. Despite the banishment, Garnett thrived in the desolate Southern climate and eventually earned a reputation for himself for his skills as a combatant. At the Battle of Tower Bridge Maccusswell earned the trust of Flagg and became one of his most trusted generals. Maccusswell's men also respect him. Although he is ruthless and needlessly violent, he is unusually civil to the peasantry; possibly owing to his own insecurities as the younger brother of Tristan Maccusswell. Despite his personality flaws, Maccusswell is loyal to the South and to the Kaliphlin Guild.

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Reserved for future developments.

Edited by SI-mocs

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Just a simple and peaceful builder, who seeks a fresh start and new opportunities to exploit.


Edited by mikey

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I, Semiramis the Sand Queen, have arrived to swear my loyalty to the Guild of Kaliphlin. I lay the wealth of my land at your feet, Sahib Flagg, and add the strength of my company to your army. In return, I wish you will give the remains of my people a new home. See, my land of Azzurat was seized by a horde of demons Thousands of my people died at their hand, our cities crumbled to dust and all our fields and gardens were burned to ashes. Now an undying sandstorm encircles what remains my land, and I have no country to rule anymore. Yes, I am but a queen of sand, accompanied by what scraps I managed to haul together before leaving the once beautiful and verdant Azzurat behind. I beg of you, let me and my people start a new life here with Kaliphlin.

{I will add more pictures of Semiramis and her army of exiles as soon as possible. Go Kaliphlin!}

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I, Ser Thyrio, swear my loyalty to the Kaliphlin Guild.

A picture of Ser Thyrio::


Background: Inspired by the House of Lannister of the series 'Game of Thrones', ser Thyrio is a wealthy adventurous young knight who wishes to make a fortune. He brings with him a fair amount of gold. After all, it takes money to make money!

The army consists mainly of light melee units and longbow archers - excellent to chase rogues in the desert. But do not underestimate these trained and skilled men as they are experienced and swift. The other half of the army consists of mercenaries: spearmen Bedouins and heavy melee units eager to draw their swords.

Edited by KristofBD

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The Sultan of Spice, Ghi'natn, himself, is present. Yes, please, by all means, bask in my luxurious silk glory.

Oh, yes, and the rest of my following...


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Welcome my brothers and sisters.

All are welcome in the Kaliphin Lands, there is plenty of room in Petraea and her two smaller sister cities. We need good men and women in or ranks, I do not care where you come from or what you have done, once you enter our lands - you are anew. Obey the laws and work hard and you will be rewarded amply.

Garnett Maccusswell, the Desert Lion - We welcome your years of experience and look forward contributions in the advancement of our cause.

Mikey - Welcome - I was once a simple builder too, and now I have built the wealthiest guild - in the poorest of lands. I have high hopes for you.

Semiramis, the Sand Queen, your story is truly sad, and has moved my heart. We welcome you and your peoples and pledge to help and restore your shattered nation. We shall discuss what men and resources we can provide in your noble cause. But first, rest my Lady. There will be time for vengeance.

Ser Thyrio - Tales of your ... adventures ... have travelled far and wide, I welcome thee to our table.

Ghi'natn - Sultan of Spice, I most humbly well thee, it is good for you to join us. The ill news has reached my ears regarding the dangerous trade lines. We shall protect you and your men. The Spice must flow.

Welcome welcome. Let us discuss the matters at hand....


Great start everyone - I'm *LOVING* how great we're already looking - and this is just day one and we're only on minifigs!

I can't wait to see what we come up with next.

Quick note - while we are primary desert we carefully placed certain other areas so that you don't HAVE to build desert - there's of course the central green land, the forests and the mountain. So don't get discourage if you don't have tan, if you have LEGO I want you.

But for those who are up for the challenge - I'd like to do some of the best desert castles ever built?


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Maximo Greeland reporting for duty! Hail Kaliphin!

Background: Maximo loves battle, and it is what he lives for. He usually spends his time in the arena, and is a seasoned veteran. He originates from the kingdom of the Dragon masters, and remains fully loyal to them, as they are on the border of the South and West. The Dragon Master are more southern, so he has joined Kaliphin.

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I shall commision my builders (Dwarven, you know, truly the best), immedietely. This measly little convoy is unfit for one such as myself...Dogface! Feed the horses! Milo, Otis, quit pigging out in the rations! And Gibbin, get this damned chicken out of my face!

The Sultan tightens his turban.

Good, protection is appreciated. Some wandering Orcs keep raiding my supply lines...once we get settled, you are all welcome to your share of our exquisite spice.

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I, Amelia Phantomhive, am pleading her alliance to the kingdom Kaliphlin.

My family wanted me to settle down and start a family of my own, but my audacious soul would never allow that. I'm excited to brave all the corners of the land in search of treasure, adventure and danger.

I may not look too tough, but I assure you I am not a force to be messed with.


Edited by Erynlasgalen

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Ser Thyrio[/b] - Tales of your ... adventures ... have travelled far and wide, I welcome thee to our table.

Ser Thyrio: "Haha I already thought it would not hurt to send you some 'information' about my adventures. :tongue: As a small token of my appreciation for your hospitality, I shall send out some more of that 'information' to the Kaliphlin capital."

About that desert fort... I'm a bit short of tan bricks, but I might be able to pull of some interior buildings or houses. Is that ok as well?

Edited by KristofBD

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"Well, well, it is good to meet all of you. My name is Captain Hardiel and me and my men serve as escorts for several of the popular trade caravans around these parts. As of the moment, we have offices in all three major cities of the badlands and currently maintain an A+ rating from the South Dwarven Clans Oil Production Oversight Agency of the Greater Siccus area. We have extensive experience in providing armed escorts, residential and public security, and some of my men, myself included have even served in the Kaliphlin Guild army when the need has arisen. Our services come at a price, but we are more than happy to offer discounts to Kaliplin Guild members."

While men are less populous in the Southern Badlands, entrepreneurial groups can always be found whether working as caravan guards, starting their own oil production facilities, or organizing local human cultural festivities. While in other parts of the world humans may have found themselves at war with several of the races represented in the Siccus Badlands, survival has overshadowed the animosity and racial relations have improved steadily with the increasing wealth of the Kaliphlin Guild.


Representatives from one of the local oil production facilities. These clans generally dress in lighter weighted fabrics compared to their northern brethren and favor the mattock over the axe as a melee weapon. Siccusian Dwarf bowmen are renowned for their amazing prowess with their short bow, rivaling even the elven archers of the West in an ability to size ratio. Historians still argue to this day whether the origin of the bow lay with the elves or the dwarves, but both still claim the legitimacy of their claims and annual tournaments are held on the south western border where members of both races meet to compete for fame and fortune in displays of archery prowess. Dwarves of the Southern variety are often found wearing cloth head coverings as opposed to metal helms due to the oppressive heat. Upon close inspection it may be discovered that most caps are originally brightly colored, however years working in the oil fields leads to the hat functioning many times as a rag in addition to a head covering, thus the pitch black state of most dwarven head ware.

Captain Hardiel and Co. reporting for duty along with a representation of the Southern dwarven clans.

So concerning Task 2, the elite army will be fairly similar I guess in armor and uniform, but since humans are not as prevalent in the South as other parts of the world, will the army be more of a mixed bag as far as race concerns? I'm not sure as far as part availability, but I crafted the dwarves and the caravan escorts in the vein of what maybe stationed troops might look like minus the race specificity.

Keep up the good work everyone, I can't wait to see what else this project is going to unleash.

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New travellers wishing break bread at my table!

Quick bring me, Mead, Wine, and Glacier water for our new friends!

Maximo Greeland! It is an honour to meet thee. I must confess that I have watched you more than on one occasion in the arena. Your prowess is known to me. And um... how shall I ask this of thee?... my daughter has kindly urge me to ask if you could autograph this parchment for her...

Amelia Phantomhive *bows* If it is riches, action and danger you seek, this is the realm for you. Protecting the innocents is not a trivial - or safe task. And I am always searching for more brothers and sisters at arms to protect the good peoples of the Siccus badlands. We humbly accept whatever services you may provide.

Captain Hardiel! My good man! *hands you mead* It has been too long since we have drank together! You and your men shall always welcome at my table! Your continued support and protection (and your generous rates) is greatly appreciated - and shall be handsomely rewarded.

Good Sultan, Our first task is to rejovinate our army! there are rumblings about and I wish to ensure the south is well prepared for ... anything.

Then we must look to start the construction of our great realm... but we can discuss that later - I hear more travellers shall be joining us soon!

Captain Hardiel's men serve as a great starting point ... I do like the colour scheme he is using and seems fairly easily obtainable parts.

And I definitely like the idea of using black (whatever) out in the desert - not sure if we want to apply it to just the oil workers? or all our armies in the field?

I could definitely see this, or a derivative of it being our starting point for our Army!

@ KristofBD / Ser Thyrio -

Don't forget our capital is built around an oasis. so the middle of the capital has lush greenary.

some tan walls, some brick some wood.

So it would be totally appropriately to build stuff in the middle. And there's always the two coasts and the northern part - which has much less desert like scenes (aka tan bricks is not required here.)

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I do like Waterbrick Down's faction soldiers, the red torso and dark blue arms are a perfect match to the colours. But I would prefer more recent pieces ideally. I have a few ideas here:


These are meant to be a kind of elite dessert guard, archers and footsoldiers, mounted on camels.


These are general purpose guards.

Potentially we could use a Prince of Persia torso, I haven't taken any pictures as I have no loose yellow hands to use. But these have the advantage of been very common, and seem to fit with a sort of dessert theme.

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Good work on the desert troops Mikey, I'm wishing now that I had bought more PoP when it came out. I'll keep on trying to get something more suitable with more recent pieces. The trick is coming up with something that on the one hand doesn't stray into looking like the Lion Knights and on the other not resembling the Crownie faction

Edited by Waterbrick Down

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Maximo Greeland! It is an honour to meet thee. I must confess that I have watched you more than on one occasion in the arena. Your prowess is known to me. And um... how shall I ask this of thee?... my daughter has kindly urge me to ask if you could autograph this parchment for her...

But of course! Anybody have a quill and ink?

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But of course! Anybody have a quill and ink?

Milo stuffs both in Maximo's hands.

What did I say? Wash your hands before- ah, nevermind...

I was thinking we use the finest of chainmail and leather for our elite troops...and with silken turbans, no less.

Something akin to these fellows?


Readily available, very protective in battle, and above all, stylish. Of course, these men have terrible tans, and could use some more color and re-arming.

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Check your local LEGO store's BAM bar for ninja torsos.

Nice easy way to get 'robed' bodies for troops, etc.

And since they allow you to purchase 15 PIECES (instead of "three figures"), it comes out to less than a buck per torso for us Canadian folks. :classic:

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Check your local LEGO store's BAM bar for ninja torsos.

Nice easy way to get 'robed' bodies for troops, etc.

And since they allow you to purchase 15 PIECES (instead of "three figures"), it comes out to less than a buck per torso for us Canadian folks. :classic:

Who are you? Wait, an elf? In Green? AVALONIA!!! :sing:

:tongue: Thanks for the input my friend!

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Who are you? Wait, an elf? In Green? AVALONIA!!! :sing:

:tongue: Thanks for the input my friend!

All are welcome here... even those Elves that haven't changed their clothes ;)

I think some POP is still available from S&H - free shipping too!

Is there another good red torso that recently came out that we can match with crownies?

Keep up the good work everyone... There are a few more travellers making the long trip to Petraea. Once we are settled we will need to start construction!

Till then let us ready our men and women for the upcoming challenges ahead!

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Is there another good red torso that recently came out that we can match with crownies?

Maybe the Red Ninja from Ninjago? or the generic Lion knight torso with out the emblem, center one, second row. Same one I used. Plus some very cheap prices on BL. :wink:

Edited by K-nut

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I think some POP is still available from S&H - free shipping too!

PoP Desert Attack is available from S@H for $8.48. That gets you a Dastan, two Hassansins (mostly black), a horse, and a skeleton. Not sure if that's a good deal for southern army building or not. Horses on BrickLink are about $1-$1.50. Assuming in general we could buy or build army minifigures for about $2.50 each, you're getting about $8-$8.50 worth of army building value, plus a skeleton and some other pieces.

The PoP magnets are sold out online. Too bad because they were $3.48 for a while (I bought four). And they're not glued. I did see a lot in the Anaheim store last week however, so there might be some at other Lego stores. That's a great deal -- for $3.48 you get Dastan with his double sword holder, Princess Tamina, and the Hassansin leader. The Hassansin's face is a bit freaky, but he's got a good torso and a nice turban.

Now that I've joined the guild, I may have to go to the store and load up...

BTW, Lion Knight archers are available for $3.49 in polybags at Target in the Xmas seasonal section right now. Not a terrific deal but reasonably good as there are some other pieces, like tree leaves, and reddish-brown box, two spears, a crossbow, etc. Plus a turkey drumstick. I bought eight, so I'll be running the Southern Gobbler Turkey BBQ concession for the Guild...

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Maybe the Red Ninja from Ninjago? or the generic Lion knight torso with out the emblem, center one, second row. Same one I used. Plus some very cheap prices on BL. :wink:

I liked the look of Mikey's dark blue sleeve on his soldier, so I looked through what I had and found the torso I believe K-nut is talking about. Pulled off the red sleeves and replaced them with blue here:


I believe all the parts are still readily available in smaller sets right now, so it could be a good possibility for army building without breaking the bank.

I only found one red torso in my collection that I liked, but is averaging more $2.00-2.50 on Bricklink, is the torso from POP Alamut set. Switching the pants out to something fancier and it could be maybe more of a royal guard because of the price point:


What is everyone's opinion on an undead mummy army? Yes, a little cliche, but the other kingdoms seem to be building quite the collection of fighters and I think we should look for all the help we can get.


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