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  1. mikey

    Original Castle or LOTR?

    I voted for 'Original Lego Castle Theme' as any license has to push prices up, I buy sets for parts so am prejudiced! To be honest I find the whole 'LOTR universe' boring, the books were tiresome, and the films rely on computer generated effects to mask the self indulgent narrative of the source material. Of course I welcome new parts, but so far these seem to be focused on specific minifigs (or weapons, yawn!) and a new horse.
  2. mikey

    Best small set of 2011

    Another vote for Blacksmith Attack - a perfect combination of play set concept we got the conflict kids need combined with the civilian life the adults crave for, great parts, and a perfect minifig. Also a great set on discount was The Cannibal Escape, useful parts, and I really like the Cannibal minifigs. I also thought the Alien Striker impulse set was really good, its rare that an impulse set actually manages to build something respectable, but this performed. The alien minifig was superb, and had a really good selection of small parts.
  3. mikey

    Vote for your favourite Category 2 entries

    11) Croc’s sewer (Build by Skrytsson) - 1 Point 14) Nora (Build by SI-mocs) - 1 Point 15) Where are you, Batman=)? (Build by Fianat) - 1 Point
  4. mikey

    Vote for your favourite Category 1 entries

    2) Black Mask's Tower - A clayfull of trouble... (Build by Vimes) - 1 Point 4) Joker makes a withdrawal... (Build by TooMuchCaffeine) - 1 Point 14) Arkham City (Build by Fianat) - 1 Point
  5. mikey

    MOC: T'wur ZaGorth (Kaliphlin Watchtower)

    I will be honest and say I'm not that keen on the tower, although I do see the concept of the decaying structure. But, the dune looks perfect, I really like the way it envelopes two sides of the tower - as if the wind has blown the sand towards the tower - which is a realistic scenario .
  6. mikey

    LEGO ReBrick is up&running

    This is why LEGO should not have bothered. They need to have this clause as they are aimed at children, and I actually agree with the some of their 'Play Nice' rules - as simulated minifig sex or extreme violence does nothing for me. But, as an ADULT fan of Lego I have no problem stumbling across simulated minifig sex or extreme violence, as I can easily make my own decision to view it or not. I don't really 'get' what they are trying to achieve with this, as the 'online community' has had no problems thriving without their corporate intervention. Call me cynical, but seems to me some quack internet marketer has rolled in to Billund and set up shop hawking 'magic social network medicine'.
  7. mikey

    Well, I've started it now...

    You will never be finished sorting! Personally I would find using LDD categories too ambiguous, but I can see it will give you a good starting point to further refine your system. At the end of the day the categorisation is a really personal process - depending on how you build, how you perceive different parts, and what your collection consists off.
  8. mikey

    Qarkyr North Pass Watch Tower

    This has turned out brilliantly, the Dark Blue accents and they way you created depth in the walls really works . This is a well designed tower but for me what makes it so good is that first shot, with the forced perspective mountains giving a well presented and realistic build.
  9. mikey

    Ra'ad Twur

    This is stunning, the colour scheme is perfect, the SNOT rock base, the brick built window, small details like the panels in the door, everything is great. Totally agree with SkaForHire that this is definitely the best of the Kaliphlin towers
  10. mikey

    Kaliphlin Guild Sentry Tower

    Thanks for the comments I think I tend to build without greebles because I find them too 'hard'! My vision for Kaliphlin is quite functional, we are prospering in a harsh environment, so instead of spending resources on excess ornamentation we spend them in the tavern!
  11. This is a great look out position, good idea to use this location for the forward scouts the Dark Bluish Grey mountain is nicely random and convincing, and using Light Bluish Grey for the sentry tower and dwarf stone walls of the hut gives a nice contrast, and to me indicates worked masonry as opposed to the natural rock of the mountain. Using the mountain top location was an original and realistic concept, and you have definitely done it justice now.
  12. I am really liking the idea of some 'Jungle' climate to build in, and it does fit with our desert theme - if we are getting enough sun to produce desert, then that sun combined with enough rain is going to produce lush vegetation. MstrOfPppts you have provided some great inspiration, so far I have been thinking Babylonian/ Persian/ Byzantine, but now I am thinking Inca/ Maya (and more)! As for this 'taking land' nonsense - firstly they will have to get past our watchtowers (we have some strong defences already, and I am sure we will see some more entries before the deadline), secondly even if they did gain a temporary foothold they can't take our bricks.
  13. @ CptMugwash - thats a nice and convincing brick built beast you have I have finished my sentry tower: It's a smaller version of my Watchtower, built because the last one was fun to do. The topic is here.
  14. A smaller version of my Watchtower, just built for fun: