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  1. NiceMarmot

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I, for one, welcome our new Bionicle overlords!
  2. NiceMarmot

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Gideon, good to hear from you. Judging by the inactivity in this thread, you're not the only one running short of time. I can update the maps over the next few weeks. I'm still reading through the various book II challenges, trying to catch up. If you (or anyone else) think of anything obvious that needs to be updated on the maps, let me know. I (somewhere) have maps of Ulandus that I did for Ska back when the Kali challenge was being launched... There's a lot to read, and it's hard to find it all. It would be a lot better if someone had edited all the challenge, results, and prelude posts so they contained links to the previous post in the storyline and the next post in the storyline. That would have made it a lot easier to read. If someone wants to grant me editing power for a few days, I'd be happy to do it, if the mods don't have time. I'm still trying to hunt down some missing pieces in my understanding of what happened. Like where does al-Esterbroke figure into it all? Who are the Algus?
  3. NiceMarmot

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello Kaliphlins! It's been a long time! I think it's been over two years since I was active on EB. My son went through an all-enveloping Minecraft phase for the past two years, so we haven't been building with LEGO much at all. However his interest has been recently re-kindled, and we're starting to clamp down more on screen time, so I think we'll be spending more time with LEGO going forward. Plus I've switched jobs -- the new one is much more relaxed. At the old job, my desk was right out in the open, which made it hard to check EB on the job. I don't think I'll have much time for epic builds, but hope to get in some small ones on a more regular basis. What's going on in Kaliphlin and GoH? I suppose I have to read the challenges and catch up. Anyone want to give me the 30-second overview of what has happened since spring 2015? Or point me at relevant threads? Good to see that a lot of the old crew is still around, and looking forward to getting to know the new members. It seems like this thread is not as active as it used to be, or at least since April (I've only read back that far). Is GoH still going strong? -- Gex / NiceMarmot
  4. I can't quite remember who introduced the idea of the Fallen Angel. It wasn't me; it might have come from a Nocty map. I think it's closer to Kaliphlin, but I suspect it was a Nocty idea. Whoever introduced it didn't really expand on the idea. I suspect it's kind of desolate.
  5. NiceMarmot

    Aqueduct Occupation [WZ2:G12, Desert King]

    Wow! That's great. Love those Egyptian-style headresses btw. Great job with the water and the aqueduct and the pumping mechanism.
  6. NiceMarmot

    All Hallows Keep

    Oh wow. I'm going to have to study these pictures for quite a while. Great stuff. And you must have some serious patience to do those tree trunks. I'm sure that was a major pain, but the end result is very cool.
  7. Ah, the plot thickens! I'm guessing Petera will have no problem at all playing the three sides off of each other for his own gain!
  8. NiceMarmot

    Yeti Saga

    Oh dear. The civil war in Kaliphlin hasn't even really gotten underway yet, and there's already trouble brewing again in the North! Very nice story, and great little builds. I'm a big fan of the yeti figure; nice to see them used.
  9. NiceMarmot

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Not that you need another vote, but +1 for both! I will be checking my phone all day to see the start of the Kali challenge. The build-up has been fantastic!
  10. NiceMarmot

    Challenge IV, Category C explained. RULES THREAD

    GIMP, but you can also use PhotoShop. If you search mapmaking on EB, there are a few threads on it, and if you google 'fantasy mapmaking', you'll find tons of tutorials and help.
  11. NiceMarmot

    Challenge IV, Category C explained. RULES THREAD

    Oh, wow, whom to choose? I've got a lot of mummies, so the Desert King is tempting, and the Ulandans don't seem that bad, maybe they can have a few seats on the council. Gex is probably going to stick with the High Council since he's on it. But, Ska, if you need someone to fill out one of the other factions, feel free to put me in one of them, and I'll use one of my other characters. Lord Zertanex for example will happily support whomever pays him the most or promises him the most land.
  12. Very nice build! Great job on the forced perspective, and I like the use of the microfigs. +1 on all the UoP subjects.
  13. Wow, I go away skiing for ten days, and all hell breaks loose! Ska, the buildup for this challenge is fantastic. Doing the maps and all, I knew some of it, but had no idea there was so much planned out. This is really great. Can't wait for the big finale! Kai, this is a really nice build, with a lot going on. Great rockwork. I love the fig positioning, especially the ones that are up to their waists in the water. And great choice of faces and expressions!
  14. NiceMarmot

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Wow, my son and I just bought a Maula's Ice Mammoth Stomper (on sale at Walmart for $64), and it is quite awesome. Even an old Kaliphlin like me can really appreciate it, but for Mitgardians, it must be really awesome, with all that dark brown, and with all those cool trans-blue ice-looking parts. Anyone else pick up one of these? I'll have to build some northern MOCs with the parts. Of course, it will be six months before I can convince my son to break it up for parts...
  15. NiceMarmot

    Desert Oasis

    Nice job. This is really good. You're off to a great start here!