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  1. blueandwhite

    [MOC] Hingston Castle

    Thank you. Yes, as you suggested the walls do indeed open on hinges. Each tower is hinged to open as is the back of the castle. The entire castle is accessible through a series of hinged doors.
  2. blueandwhite

    [MOC] Hingston Castle

    Sometimes life gets in the way so It's been a long, long, long time since I've posted a MOC. Hingston Castle is something I've been working on for a good amount of time. It is probably the biggest MOC I've made to date (and frankly bigger than I wanted to go) with a base measuring 176 by 192 studs. The castle has a full interior which definitely made the build more time consuming. In the future I hope to build more (and faster) as this castle took way longer than I had originally intended. A wizard in the bedchamber... Dog tricks in the Great Hall... Dinner is served... At the gates; the entrance to Hingston Castle. More images can be found here:
  3. blueandwhite

    What are you listening to?

    I'm going to see Rush tonight at the ACC in Toronto so I've been listening to Rush constantly for the past several weeks.
  4. blueandwhite

    [MOC] Legonardo da Vinci

    The photography really makes this MOC stand out. What f-stop were you shooting at (1.8-2.8) because you've done an incredible job making the background blend in. The build itself is also fantastic, but it's the photo that really keeps me interested here. Nice job.
  5. blueandwhite

    Hobbiton - A long expected Party

    Nice work. I really like the depiction of Bilbo's birthday preparation. The landscaping is quite understated which works very well here. I really think you did a bang up job on the canopy and the various party items. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you're going to come up with.
  6. 1. mordatre- 2 points 3. Yatkuu- 1 point 5. Dr. Spock - 1 point 7. Leela- 1 point
  7. 1) Siercon and Coral - 3 points 5) ZCerberus - 2 points
  8. 2) Ninja Nin - 2 points 3) Praiter Yed - 2 points 5) Mr. Brickman - 1 point
  9. 1) Mordatre Marie's Bricklink Office - 1 point 4) Kristel Emma's Garden Room - 3 points 6) Silent Mode Emma's Bath House - 1 point
  10. 2) The King of Building "Stephanie's Motorized Monster Truck" - 1 point 5) ZetoVince "Mia's Pet Grooming Van" - 2 points 8) Hamerstein NWC "The Misery Machine" - 2 points
  11. blueandwhite

    [MOC] Rivendell

    Blake, this is absolutely fantastic. Of course, the fact that it is a collaborative build makes it even more impressive. There are very few builders at any age who are capable of creating such harmony in a single build. This depiction of Rivendell is simply amazing and so full of life. Congratulations on what is perhaps the nicest LOTR build I have ever seen.
  12. blueandwhite

    Battle of the Super Friends

    Update: Battle of the Super Friends Spielberg Edition There were some complaints about my build over at the LEGO store. Someone felt that having female minis (the Friends) being held hostage by male villains was sexist so I had to change the scene. Taking a nod from Spielberg I did the 'ET' thing and replaced the guns with walkie talkies. While I was at the store I also had the opportunity to add Nick's awesome Friends Mech and VTOL fighter. and Here's hoping that there are no more edits.
  13. blueandwhite

    Battle of the Super Friends

    Honestly, I really enjoyed this build. I love the friends colours and I am thinking about doing some more builds using a combination of tan/pink and tan/magenta. I actually wouldn't mind if LEGO released a Friends modular building as the colours really fit into town quite well.
  14. blueandwhite

    Battle of the Super Friends

    In retrospect I should have taken more pictures. I was in a rush to get this one set up and I only grabbed six shots; all of them from a distance. Next time I'm at the LEGO store I might grab a few more pics.
  15. blueandwhite

    Battle of the Super Friends

    This is my first town build in a looong time. Anyhow, I give you the 'Super Friends', a happy assortment of costumed friends out to save Heartlake City from the combined forces of the DC and Marvel universes. Friends make great superheroes, and even better hostages. The way they hold their arms straight up like that is quite impressive. (Updated with DarthNick's vehicles and lots of Spielbergy goodness.) Module A and Module B fit together to make it easier to fit into the store window at the Sherway LEGO store in Toronto. The buildings are each on 16x16 plates and sit on 2 32x32 baseplates.