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    LEGO! As well as building/painting miniatures, scale models and Christmas ornaments; reading; writing; watching movies; listening to music; etc., etc...

    Favourite LEGO themes (in no particular order): Castle/Kingdoms, Pharaoh's Quest, Alien Conquest, City, Star Wars (OT only!), Collectible Minifigures, Pirates, Harry Potter, Wild West, Batman, Classic Space

    I also like to pick up some of the other themes from time to time, especially if I like a particular set. Prince of Persia, Indiana Jones, Power Miners, Rock Raiders, etc. In addition, I like to collect LEGO books, including the Brickmaster books, even if they happen to be for a theme I don't currently collect. Fact is, I'm a bit of a sucker for anything with that little red logo on it. LOL!


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  1. I have that train box in my basement right now, with the train built inside of it! LOL I spent WAY too much money on LEGO around that time and have a pile of the sets from that catalogue...but not that awesome underwater lab set from 'Divers'. Many regrets about not snagging that one. So many great pieces and it just looked soooo cool. I really miss the catalogues and I wish LEGO would bring those back, along with PROPER 'Idea books' like they used to have.
  2. I just commented in the Series 14 speculation thread that I would LOVE to see a Castle themed series. Yes, I know that Castle is already a viable theme in LEGO sets...BUT...take a look at the last Castle theme releases. *Yawn* Boring as heck. 'Kingdoms' was FAR superior, in style AND substance but, even then, we lacked 'MORE'. More lords and ladies, more town folk, more civilian buildings, etc., etc. I don't know about the rest of you but, I'm rather tired of seeing "blacksmith shops" as being practically the only civilian 'buildings' in a Castle theme. So, by doing a themed Castle series of minifigs, we could at least have a correction to ONE of the problems (lack of themed figs NOT in armour, or wearing a crown). Sure, it doesn't do much about the cruddy selection of buildings but, at least in THAT regard, I can build my own. Can't think of what figs might work well in such a themed series release? Take a walk around a Ren Fest and I'm sure you'll see HUNDREDS of ideas.
  3. Absolutely! That was my first reaction upon seeing her, too. Also...if this IS the start of new 'themed' series releases, I think a Castle series would be a good idea, not a bad one. Why? 'Townies' and 'court functionaries'. A chance for more civilians and lords/ladies that fall outside the realm (pardon the pun) of any typical Castle theme sets. Different colours, different jobs, different eras even, perhaps? I relish the thought of this sort of thing, since it would harken back to the old Castle battle packs of days gone by, where you would get assorted warriors/knights, Forestmen, townies, etc...except BETTER, since instead of six, you'd get SIXTEEN! Just my two cents.
  4. I totally agree! I'm a BIG fan of 'monsters' in general, regardless of type but, I have to say that I lean more toward the 'classics' and thus, have been very happy with the offerings from LEGO thus far over the years (though 'MORE' would have been better, of course). The photos that I've seen so far of the the (possible) new CMF line and the new Scooby-Doo theme have me VERY happy. I don't even care if there are 'repeat' figs, so long as there is something different about them. I've loved all the vamps, mummies, Frankenstein monsters, etc., so far and I've collected all of them that have come along. 'Variants' don't just work well for comic books and action figures...they work well for minifigs, too, IMO.
  5. Ogre

    Canadian Eh?

    I've ordered from shop.lego.com many, many, MANY times over the years and I've never been charged 'duty' of any sort.
  6. "Hot Dog suit guy" is giving me flashbacks from the movie "Accepted". "Ask me about my wiener!"
  7. Blacktron, I have to say, your Xenos look fantastic! Not only because of the fine job you did with the sculpting, etc. but, because of how you have still managed to keep that classic LEGO 'vibe' for the figs. Even with all of their 'spiky bits', they still give off that classic minifigure feel. GREAT job! I love the Marine figs, too...but, I have to say, I think they would look better if they were all 'fleshies', rather than the mix that you've currently shown...though, I don't know if there is enough of a selection of faces available to you to render each character. Either way, very nicely done. I look forward to seeing more updates on your work!
  8. Ogre

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    That would be FANTASTIC! As a huge fan of both LEGO and TBBT, I would really love to see such an episode. :)
  9. Such a shame. The best Bionicle builder I know (who would probably DIE for that mask) is a LEGO employee. I would have loved to have seen his creation for this contest. Very sad.
  10. Ogre

    Canadian Eh?

    Quite honestly, the only way to get lower pricing of LEGO in Canada, is to stop buying LEGO in Canada. Of course, that would likely also mean the loss of the LEGO stores in Canada, too.
  11. Ogre

    Canadian Eh?

    "Brick Friday" is tomorrow! Fairview LEGO store doors open at 8am. Don't know about Sherway. LOTS of stuff marked down, plus, the "door crasher" peel-and-win cards that can get you 10%, 20%, or 50% off your regular-priced merchandise! DON'T MISS OUT!
  12. Ogre

    MOD 10228 Haunted House (WIP)

    A really wonderful build. Nice job! It works very well as a 16-stud modular.
  13. Ogre

    What did you buy today?

    MF Zombies set MF Crazy Scientist and His Monster MF The Mummy Halloween Set (minifig one, not polybag) 32 series 8 CMFs (one complete set, plus extras) Friends Advent calendar Ninjago NRG Cole Two of the new 'snake' Ninjago booster packs (I don't remember their names right now) All three Monster Fighter key chains All three LOTR key chains I think that was everything. LOL
  14. Ogre

    Canadian Eh?

    For the person looking for Lloyd ZX spinner: Fairview Mall LEGO store has them back in stock but, they are going FAST.
  15. Ogre

    Monster Fighters 2012

    I am INCREDIBLY envious of you right now. LOL