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  1. Erynlasgalen

    Kaliphlin Community Build- Sultan's Gate

    I pulled the numbers from some discussions on it previously, and it was mentioned they could be shorter since we had the Escarpment and some people had smaller collections to work from. I agree some parts would be higher depending on the terrain, so I wouldn't worry about the height very much- they were more like guidelines to get people started. Just have fun with it, if someone makes a 50 stud wall, I am sure us Kaliphlins can come up with a story for why it is so high on that section
  2. Erynlasgalen

    Kaliphlin Community Build- Sultan's Gate

    You are free to build multiple gates, but you will need to pick only one to be put up for the voting and that will be the one which gets the full point (regardless of size). All the others will be scored as free builds according to the guidelines above. The town is on the Escarpment, so some of the walls could be higher than the standard 10/12 depending on where your place your buildings so you should be fine making them a little higher. I wouldn't go outrageous with them though so that everything still has a cohesive feel though.
  3. Erynlasgalen

    Kaliphlin Community Build- Sultan's Gate

    Thanks! It seems no matter how many times you reread through, there is always at least one missed
  4. Erynlasgalen

    Kaliphlin Community Build- Sultan's Gate

    Easy enough fix! I've gone and pushed the dates back to March 31st, so everyone has more time to build for it :)
  5. Erynlasgalen

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Alright everyone, the post is finally up for the Community Build- Sultan's Gate I left it pretty opened ended since that seems like the best way we build as a guild, and I got the prizes approved for everyone too!
  6. The time has finally come for the Kaliphlin Community Build for Sultan's Gate! Your challenge: Help rebuild the great city of Sultan’s Gate! A ruined lonely city will once again be rebuilt and revitalized with the help of the Kaliphlin guild members. There are no restrictions on what you can build for the city- markets, homes, businesses, temples, towers and walls all need to be rebuilt to their former glory in Sultan’s gate. Your Inspiration: Sultan’s Gate is a fortified town on top of the Great Escarpment, and its architecture draws from both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern building styles. It sits on the main trading route between the realms of Mitgardia and Nocturnus and one of its crowning jewels is the defensive first gate that traders and villagers must pass through to enter the town. Being built on the top of the Escarpment the town has many height variations, and as you climb the hills towards the highest peak, the differences in the wealth of the city can be clearly seen. Wealthier merchants and residents prefer to live at the top of town near the citadel, rather than near the main entrance. Primarily tan fortified walls span around and throughout the whole town, and with it being located on the lower end of the Escarpment the walls only range from 10-12 studs high and six studs wide. The new walls are built upon the ruins of the old wall and all sections are similar but not necessarily identical due to this. At the moment the town is made up of many temporary buildings located both inside and outside of the main walls. The city outside the walls consists of more temporary and quickly made shelters while inside the walls sits more permanent buildings. Due to the location and elevation, building materials are harder to transport so most villagers in the town do utilize the old ruins when building new structures in the town. The prizes! We have the new Hobbit set 79012 Mirkwood Elf Army and three Kaliphlin inspired part packs to give away during this community build. The community build will be ongoing; however only MOCs posted between February 1st, 2014 and July 31st 2014 will be eligible for the prizes above. How to win: Set 79012: This set will be given away to the person who wins by popular vote for the overall best MOC built between February 1st, 2014 and July 31st, 2014. After August 1st, everyone who participated will PM me their favorite build to be included and then voting will be opened up to the Eurobrick members to pick their favorite. Kaliphlin part pack: For every free build MOC made pertaining to Sultan’s Gate you will be awarded points that will be converted to entries into the random lottery draw for these packs. 1 point equals one entry! The more MOCs you make the more times your name will be entered into the lottery to win! You have two simple ways to get points for entries: 1st: Main Gate Challenge: From February 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2014 build what you think the main gate of the city looks like. After the 31st we will open up voting to Kaliphlin members for the best gate and the MOC will officially be used as the Main Entrance of Sultan’s Gate. One point will be awarded for participating in the Gate Challenge (one entry point per Kaliphlin member) and the winner will receive one additional point. 2nd- Points will be awarded for all free build MOCs done related to Sultan’s Gate: MOCS sized 8X8- 32X32 studs will be awarded .5 points each MOCS sized 33X33 studs and up will be awarded 1 point each A running tally of points will be kept at the end of this thread and will be updated regularly with your total. If anything is missed or if you think your total is wrong, please send me a PM with your concerns. Contest Rules: You must be a member of the Kaliphlin Guild to participate. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously). All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands. To be eligible for points all entries must be posted in a separate topic and started with the following text- SG: Your Topic name. You can also add a link to this thread with your topic so no one gets overlooked. Quality over quantity is what we are looking for. I reserve the right to ask for a MOC to be improved if it is found that effort was not used in order to rack up more entry points. To help spread the prize love through the whole guild, you are only eligible to win Set 79012 plus one part pack. If your name is drawn more than once for a pack, the entry will be discarded and awarded to the next valid name drawn. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest. What are you waiting for? Grab your bricks and get building! MOC Index
  7. Erynlasgalen

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    A couple of the Hobbit sets (barrel escape and mirkwood elves) have a good selection of tan in them. Also, the Lone ranger sets had a few that had tan pieces and they are being clearance right now in a lot of places. My main route is always checking Bricklink when I need a bunch all at once, this time of year it seems like a lot of stores are running clearance sales if you look around. I don't know where you are located at, but if you have a PAB wall nearby, I have had good luck finding 1X2 and 1X3 tan bricks on those quite regularly too.
  8. Erynlasgalen

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's a great idea, I've been meaning to do updated pictures of mine and haven't gotten around to it. I'm working on the details of the Sultan's Gate build right now, once I am done I'll send it off to the great Admins for approval and then get it posted for everyone! I'm planning on it going live no later than February 1st, so start getting your bricks sorted
  9. Erynlasgalen

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    For size limits I was thinking 8X8 to unlimited to include everyone, and there would be two ways to get an entry. 8X8 - 32X32 would require two MOCS to get one entry, anything larger would count as one entry. MOCs can be DQ and asked to be improved in order to qualify for the entry, since the GoH goal is to improve your building skills after all. A MOC of a minifigure holding a brick with the caption "Bob is making a house" is not going to cut it for Kaliphlin standards, lol. I think popular vote would be a good choice for the set, since that is the usual standard around here. Maybe everyone can pick their one favorite MOC from the project and we open voting up to pick the winner. Building the main gate would be a great first challenge for everyone and then from there build whatever suits your fancy. Who says that the town doesn't have some gates inside the town too? The index sounds like a great idea for the MOCs, how about I let you know when I make the main community topic for it and you can go in and reserve one of the top replies to keep the index in? That way everything would be contained in the one thread for everyone to find easily and you would have access to edit it as you have time. Maybe in true Kaliphlin fashion we should build what we please without plotting out a Map and then at the end someone can volunteer to put one together with all the MOCs on it? That way the city really could just evolve organically, and no one is pressured to sign up for something and just build what inspires them. If we end up with ten blacksmiths, well we will just have blacksmith alley in the city :) If you know what you want to make, I see no problem in giving everyone the heads-up on what you are planning. I've sent off to see what I need to do it get permission for the prizes, so once i have that I can get the main thread put up. When do we want to officially start? Would February 1st be a good date? Assuming I get approval for the prizes, how long do you think we should run that for? I was thinking Sultan's gate would be an ongoing project, but the prizes should have an end date, I was thinking the end of Summer around August? It sounds like a long time away, but with doing the main challenges I know the months fly by, lol. With everyone really busy right now too, that would give everyone plenty of time to build multiple MOCs if they want to join in.
  10. Erynlasgalen

    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Congrats on the new addition robuko! I'm all for starting up the Community Build for Sultan's gate. I need some inspiration to pull out the bricks and get building again, and I think we will have a bit of free time between the main challenges since Avalonia is up next. This may also bring in some more new blood and get all the old blood building again (me included!) since we have been a very quiet guild so far. We can also kick start some university credits with this too! I've gone back and pulled information from the previous discussions on it since they were pretty spread out between the threads, and it seemed like these were the main ideas that have been fleshed out so far. 1. Inspiration for the look of the town was Aragon, Spain 2. Fortified town on top of the Great Escarpment, traders would follow a small path up to the Great Gate to enter the city. 3. Located on the main trading route between Nocturnus and Mitgardia. The town would be made up of many merchants, houses, markets and defensive structures and towers. The main entrance would be the gate, and at the highest point of the town would be an old castle. 4. The fortified wall color is primarily tan, and since it is on the lower end of the escarpment it would be no more than 10-12 studs high and six studs wide.The new walls are built upon the ruins of the old wall, and all sections are similar but not necessarily identical due to this. 5. The town right now is made up of many temporary buildings, and they are located both inside and outside the walls. Most buildings utilize the old ruins of the town and are made up of primarily stone and clay. Wood would be more of an accent to the building and a luxury item since it is scarce and hard to carry in. The city outside the wall is more temporary with tents and quickly made structures while the city inside the walls have more permanent buildings. I did not see in previous discussions that a timeline or map has been put into place yet, so we would need to discuss that. How long did we want this project to run, and did we want to implement a map with plots of land that can be claimed? I would be more than happy to be the point person on this and get things rolling for the guild, but I do not want to step on anyone's toes since it was originally DaMaximus's idea that started all of this. I know the majority of us in the guild are very busy and have limited building time right now, but I do have enough free time through the fall to help roll things along if no one else has objections to it. Also, with Admin permission (I have not approved this with them yet), I am willing to donate set 79012 (Mirkwood Elf Army), and three Kaliphlin inspired part packs as prizes for the community build of Sultan's Gate. I would also front the shipping costs of the prizes to any winners worldwide. If I can get permission and there is no objections to having some prizes, I would leave the set up to the council to decide how we should pick the winner for that. For the part packs I would like to use those for all the MOCs relating to the community build. I was thinking for every two MOCs made, you would get your name entered into the lottery and at the end winners would be picked randomly from everyone in the bucket. The numbers of entries you currently have could be tracked in the main thread, so everyone knows exactly where they are at. That way everyone who participates has a chance of winning something and it is not dependent on the size of your collection or skills - only on your willingness to create and help build the city. I would also like to have a stipulation that it is one prize per person so that no one person takes home everything and they are spread across the members of the guild. Anyone have objections to this? If there are none, I will reach out to the Admins to see what I need to do to get permission for this part of the community build. Lets get the discussion rolling, and Sultan's Gate opened
  11. Erynlasgalen

    Challenge I (Category B) The tower at Blood Lake

    Love the dark red on this one, it works wonderfully with the light bley. The choppy rocks and figure posing are top notch too! Excellent entry for the Black Spire!
  12. Erynlasgalen

    Book II: Challenge One B- Tower of Abaddon

    Thanks everyone! The planet was actually my main inspiration when I started this, I knew the moment I saw it in Target that it would work perfectly in Nocturnus and I built the whole MOC around it. Now if only I knew how hard it was to make a round tower to fit it and not show the bottom, I may have rethought it
  13. Erynlasgalen

    Book II: Challenge One A- Beware the Swamps

    Yes, it is lime green with a few trans yellow thrown on top. On my computer it is showing lime, but I checked on my phone is it is showing as a more light yellow. Gotta love technology! Thanks for the comments guys!
  14. Category A- Beware the Swamps Category B- Tower of Abaddon
  15. The hand of the Black Spire has quickly spread across Nocturnus landscape, with more and more towers and fortresses seemly popping up overnight. One of the new defenses for the Black Spire is the Tower of Abaddon, a massive Orc guarded watchtower. No one knows what goes on inside the tower, or how far down into the earth it is nestled but they do know that the Orcs have been kidnapping and holding powerful and knowledgeable Mages from all over Historica. Only time will tell what their true plans are and what evil they are trying to awaken from slumber. Hope you enjoyed my Category B entry! My original plan was to have just the upper round part of the tower, and then it keep growing and growing. I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, especially since it took me completely out of my usual building tendencies and color schemes.