[MOC] Rc railway crane

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Hello everyone,

I finished this model some time ago, but i didn't have the space to take some photos until now.  I was inspired by the Takraf EDK1000 Railway crane. For the model i used 5 cubit motors, powered and controled by 2 cubit bt bricks.

53188203037_3b989fc4c1_c.jpg1a by Pufarine, on Flickr

53189119105_374e95e174_c.jpg2 by Pufarine, on Flickr

53188203337_f4d7cce3c6_c.jpg3 by Pufarine, on Flickr

53188202907_c3a76be4a6_c.jpg9 by Pufarine, on Flickr

53188987229_ba7aa6f59a_c.jpg6c by Pufarine, on Flickr

53188986449_cc9c58fd90_c.jpg7d by Pufarine, on Flickr


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The topic of railway cranes has always fascinated me (Crane1 or Crane 2), but it's rare to come across large masterpieces.

This model is simply stunning and the fact that it is motorized makes it even more unique! :wub_drool::wub_drool:

I'd like to see more photos but above all a video...don't worry if the background isn't professional. :wink:

Very good job! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

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That's a massive crane. Quite the details too. I'd love to see the motorization in action.

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