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[MOC] SOB Stadler Traverso (FLIRT4)

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Hello all,

it was for a while again since I posted last time here, but I got really busy about moving to a new place, starting a new workplace and this project I show you in this topic consumed also tons of money so there was nothing new LEGO-creation to post until this month. My latest project is the SOB (Südostbahn) Stadler Traverso also known as FLIRT4 regional train which is a MOC train which has really no relation to Hungarian Railways I'm used to build for. 


Larger image:

This is the overall look of the train, unfortunately I don't have any photos of my own about the real thing. But anyone familiar with the real train could know that the copper or bronze colour of the real train is a pain when it comes to pick a LEGO-colour for it. When I was asked to design this train, I asked a friend to make some samples for me with copper-chrome colouring of some random bricks, but the larger surfaces didn't look so good as I expected so I looked around for LEGO-colours when a single and ONLY dark orange piece popped up in my "mixed" box of parts. Made a quick BL-search, many parts in this colour not existing, including larger plates and tiles, so LDD-design seemed to be a challenge. Also part costs are extreme compared to another colours, the 300+ 1×6 plates, 550+ 1×2 cheese slopes and the special, 4×8 plates for floor (no 1×8, no 2×8, no 6×8, etc) were a pain. After making the complete design the guy who asked for it was concerned about part prices, but I started to like the look of the train so I started to order in March of 2021 and everything arrived (and I could pay for) until second half of September.

Digital planning and real assembly took around 300 hours. The train is driven by 4 PF train motors, 2-2 in each half, controllod via SBrick. Interior lights and front/tail lights also included. It consist of 8289 LEGO-parts, including all the extension cables, lights, motors. However it is "just an another FLIRT" in my fleet, some parts has been modified significantly as an experiment, to update my older FLIRT design on my existing other 4 FLIRT units. The most significant part is the angle of the roof part - when I built the first FLIRT back in 2009, I used 45° slopes because there were no other options, now small hinges and cheese slopes offer better options. The front cone is totally different compared to FLIRT1 and FLIRT3 designs, and making it using Dark Orange was really a pain, making PF led lights to fit.

LDD-plan of front cone - outside and inside:


Front cone builtof real bricks, including PF-lights and using my own technique with light transmitting cables to fit into small places at the front: 


The entire train with lights on and other FLIRTs around:


The two, non-identical halves of the train - 1st class traincars have different positioning and number of windows:


Video of the train running:


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Cool Implementation of the rounded nose. I have already seen some of those trains, and they look exactly like this. :pirate:

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Oh boy, have we got some great MOCs to enjoy this weekend. :drool:

This shows your usual high standard of build and finish. Getting the front of these trains right must have been a real pain, but it looks like you nailed it as usual. Building in dark orange also must have made things really difficult in terms of part selection. Congratulations on a fantastic build and for getting onto the front page too. :classic:

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Wow, very well built. It's obvious you have some experience with building these large train units.
The front is really great and the color "Dark Organe" fits really well and I like it very much.
Since there are hardly any train models in this color, THIS train is a real eye-catcher!

The technology for the light in front is also very interesting.


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Thanks for all of you for the nice comments. Truly said I felt proud after finishing this project, but it is really good to read reactions like this. And I'm always opened to critics as well. :)

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