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  1. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Awesome build!! Congratulations for getting it all complete and for making it so accessible for other builders to replicate. I like the way that you’ve added a little more play value (or perhaps I should say pose-ability) to your build with the opening hatches and folding landing gear. Top work, sir.
  2. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    They came from Minifigs.me
  3. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Whoops!! That’s how they came out of the box so I didn’t spot the error. Many thanks.
  4. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    @LemFliggity Thanks for the amazing response. I'm really pleased to have been able to deliver such a good finished article and to have drawn such high praise from you. As a man who clearly knows his onions when it comes to the Apollo spacecraft it's gratifying to get your feedback. I'll admit that I could find a lot more source material for the ascent module, including photos of the interior of the ground training simulator, to supplement the various schematics and diagrams. Therefore I had a better chance of getting the details right than I had with the descent module. Of course I could not overlook the aft compartment. How could I possibly resist the temptation to steal such a great idea . It was a bit of a puzzle to include the oxygen and helium tanks as well as the electronics rack, but by making the rack as flat as possible (only 2 plates) and trading off against the amount of detail depicted I was able to create sufficient space. Yes, those are 3L bars at the top but they are not structural. Even though these details, along with so many others, will stay hidden in normal display it's nice to know that they are all there. Having now completed my build I think that there are some details I may change in the future, including those S band dishes. But for the time being I am happy to leave the build for a while, step back and just enjoy it. But I'm still keen to see how you've depicted this famous craft and will be watching developments with interest. However, and not wishing to hijack your thread, here is a little snap of the finished article to spur you on.
  5. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Building in LEGO is always a horrible compromise between what looks best and what is possible, hence why I've taken a few different turns with regard to things like tank shapes and size of the landing radar array. It's always nice to see different approaches taken by different modeller, and I'm glad that my improvements meet with your approval. Speaking of which, have a look at my ascent module and let me know what you think. I'd be very interested to get your feedback.
  6. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Well I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm hooked. Don't be disheartened by the lack of replies. Your thread is getting good numbers in a forum that is inevitably a bit of a "catch-all" for all the themes that don't have their own dedicated areas. I've been getting on with my own build and have both stages almost complete. I haven't been as organised as you in terms of getting things photographed and described, but I have managed to take a few quick snaps to show some of the alterations I have made. One of the main changes was to have larger propellant and oxidiser tanks for the descent engine. I've needed to change the back of the quads slightly to accommodate them, but they are nice and snug. Without good source material for the underside I have taken a bit of a guess and covered up a lot of the exposed details using additional plates which also act to give a little more depth to the area surrounding the engine. Like you I have also remembered to include the landing radar and it's heat shield. There's more to come on the ascent stage. Although I've not yet taken any photos of that I'm excited to share it and to get your feedback.
  7. Oh yes!! It's that time of year already. I like the category this year. It's very innovative and will surely have us all needing to think outside the box. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.
  8. Hod Carrier

    Trains and Ideas

    @raised Forgive my ignorance, but did any of those sets come through Ideas?
  9. Hod Carrier

    Trains and Ideas

    The moon landings may now be part of our history, but it was a global event. As such, the Saturn V has a global reach in the way that any specific train does not and I will not be surprised in the slightest if it turns out to be the most successful Ideas set for quite some time to come. My own feelings about trains on Ideas have already been expounded in the past but basically reflect the views expressed by the other contributors so far. That's not to say that no train will ever succeed on Ideas, but the bar is set very high indeed. For me, part of the problem is that Ideas is set up to uncover new original ideas not derivative designs, and sadly a lot of trains-related ideas are going to be derivative. We've already had official sets covering steam, diesel, electric, high-speed trains, trams and monorails covering both US-esque and Euro-esque designs. There really isn't much left to cover and any train will inevitably be a derivation of something we've seen before. That said, I'd like someone to be able to break through and come up with a really decent train model in the style of the Saturn V. I think there's room for one; something like a large model of something iconic and internationally recognised, like Stephenson's Rocket, an American 4-4-0 or an early Shinkansen car; but I fear that the appeal of any such model will be limited by the factors already outlined and that it's reach will be too small to justify the outlay.
  10. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Congratulations for an excellent start. I think your model is shaping up to be an excellent MOD indeed. I do like the chrome gold helmet visors you've used on your Armstrong and Aldrin minifigs, although unless you're going to pose them with visors open or off the colour of the heads is probably immaterial. You are clearly either far more knowledgeable about the design features of the Apollo Lander or have been able to gain access to far better source material, as I had not been able to uncover much of the fine detail regarding the descent stage. I'd discovered that the EASEP door was hinged the wrong way around, but I wasn't aware of the difference in the shape of the door itself. The retracting landing gear is very cool. All you need now is a correctly scaled CSM so that you can pose your lander in docked flight configuration in order to take full advantage of this feature.
  11. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    That's an exciting looking bag of goodies. I can see a few parts in there that were on my shopping list too. I've still got one or two orders to come in from BL before I can achieve liftoff, but I'm getting close. I'm very much looking forward to seeing where our builds are similar and where they diverge.
  12. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Thanks for the positive feedback, which is good to receive from someone with a passion for the subject. Thank you too for allowing me to reverse-engineer your design. Even if I wasn't able to fathom the precise techniques you've used I'm glad to be at least somewhere in the ball-park. I'm not sure that I would have classed myself as an Apollo nerd before, but I got very enthused because of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing. I watched an excellent series screened on BBC entitled "Chasing the Moon" which brought the Apollo programme to life for me in a whole new way. After that I just had to have the LEGO version of the LEM (although my Saturn V is still on back-order). It's a good base model with plenty of scope for improvement without much effort, as I believe all LEGO sets should be. I suspect that our versions will turn out to be broadly similar in their final appearance, but I think it's good not to have identical interpretations. For that reason I respect your decision not to show too much of your model until it's finished and will honour that by also not revealing any more of my design just yet. I'm sure that we will both find aspects of each other's designs that we like and wish to incorporate and together come up with two outstanding models.
  13. Hod Carrier

    [ MOD ] Apollo 11 Lunar Lander 10266

    Seems like we're both heading in a similar direction. I'm certainly very interested to see what direction you take and what surprises you still have in store for us. I've got an unbuilt 10266 set waiting my attention, but I was also feeling a little unsatisfied with the standard design and felt it could be greatly improved upon. The first thing that I've done is to ditch the awful minifigs and replace them with the Armstrong/Aldrin pairing available from Minifigs.me which have better helmets and environmental packs. Since then I have been tinkering with the lunar module itself in an attempt to make it look better. Most of what I've done so far is on the ascent module, as I think that section could benefit from the greatest improvements. So far it's been just minor things like correcting the position of the various antennae and manoeuvring thrusters, tweaking the overall shape and adding a few more colour contrast patches. I knew that eventually I would have to address the front of the ascent module, but I'd got stuck initially trying to preserve the windscreen and door from the standard kit. Most of what I'd tried either looked wrong or the construction would not have been strong enough. This is when I found this thread and the renders of your design so far. I have to say that I am very impressed with your version and I think you've done a far better job at capturing the look and shape of the ascent module front. Your design really should have been the one adopted for the official set. I hope you don't mind, but I thought I'd have a go at reverse engineering it in LDD. I appreciate that you have tested some of the construction methods, but I have been unable to replicate some of the parts usage and techniques you've used, especially around the windows. It's entirely possible that I have missed some clever trick, but I was finding a lot of parts clashing which suggested to me that some of the design might not be possible to build in real life. As a consequence, although it's clearly still based heavily on your design, I've had to take a slightly different route and come up with a variation on the theme. Let me know what you think. I've got a little more work to do on the descent module, but I feel that this part of the set looks reasonably good out of the box. I will be making the thrust deflectors a little larger and upgrading the ladders and will explore whether or not it's possible to improve the landing gear, but apart from that I shall probably leave it largely stock.
  14. Hod Carrier

    Switching Puzzle

    Sadly I think you’ll need the good hard tug that the train motor provides to break the magnetic couplers, but I agree that a Technic-based solution would give better slow-speed control and precision of operation. Just idly wondering about whether a weaker coupling connection might help. After all, the maximum train length is always going to be modest so the couplings don’t need to be super-strong. Might there be some mileage in swapping out the couplers at one end of each car for something ferrous but non-magnetic? Would this still be strong enough to permit your maximum train length but weak enough to make uncoupling a bit easier?
  15. Hod Carrier

    Brickworld 2019 retrospective and some of my MOCs

    They say that the devil is in the detail, and that’s certainly true here. Few things say “neglected yard track” better than poorly maintained ties, and that shows here. Great techniques + Great details = Amazing results!! Chapeau, monsieur.