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  1. You're really doing Katy justice here with your build. It's looking super-slick. I can't wait to see her finished.
  2. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    Oh yes, I do agree. But I think it might also make things a lot harder from the design and building perspective. Narrower track is one thing, but it also means narrower wheelsets. I think it might be a bit ambitious to get a motor into this loco. It's part of the project that I've parked for the moment. A couple of nights ago I was busily laying plate in order to create a little display track. (As an historical aside - In the UK, people who worked on constructing or maintaining the track were often known colloquially as "platelayers" which dates back to this early stage in the railway's evolution.)
  3. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    Yes, possibly. But for 4-wide display track would this be a bit more suitable...?
  4. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    Thank you, sir. That's most kind. I never thought I'd ever be credited with having invented anything. Thank you. But I think @Tenderlok is correct. The crossover between LEGO and rail modeling is going to be small as each system's wheels and rails are designed to work with each other and not be interchangeable. There's also the small matter of why anyone who is rail modeling would want to put their models onto a fairly crudely built plastic track that cannot transmit any power. I'm very happy to have created something to have given you so much inspiration, though. I shall be interested to see which way you go with this and what you come up with.
  5. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    Thank you, my friend. Yeah, it is a bit parts-heavy. It would be less if I didn't have to build it up over the rail, and I can already see one way in which the height could be reduced by 1 plate which might reduce the parts count a bit, but it does come ready ballasted and with a nice grass verge too. I think you're right about it fitting a 16mm gauge model. Might be a bit tricky getting power to the wheels, but it should sit there quite happily.
  6. Great idea, and very useful additional functionality. It looks like a simple shape but it deceives with it's hidden complexity, but if anyone can crack it I'm sure that you can. Looking forward to seeing things as they progress.
  7. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    I shot my mouth off earlier. I said some things that I now know were wrong. I'm embarrassed and I'm sorry. Please forgive me and say that you'll stay. R40 plateway curve. Only 158 parts (curve not included). *Ahem*
  8. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    It's weird how having a competition deadline starts to play tricks on your mind. I'm finding that every time the postman comes to my door and doesn't bring me any of my orders I seem to turn into Gollum. "Where is the precious? We wants it! We needs it!" Gollum by Pat Scullion, on Flickr As you might have guessed, I'm at that awful waiting-for-the-bricks stage of any build when all I do is watch my post and the Bricklink order page. I don't yet have enough to make any sort of start, as I'm still waiting for a large order containing key components without which I can do very little indeed. According to Bricklink page it was despatched before the weekend so it really should be here by now. ("Gollum!! Gollum!!") So although they aren't exactly part of my entries, I have been designing some additional bits and pieces connected with my competition builds. Following on from the discussion about what I'll be running the Trevithick locomotive. Given it's tiny size the idea that it will run at all is very ambitious, but it did raise an interesting question. Very early locomotives wouldn't have run on rails as we would recognise them now, but on waggonways or plateways. These would generally have been of wood or iron and would have had a raised lip on the inside to guide the wheels, so I thought I'd have a go at building something to represent these plateways at a gauge that matches the Trevithick locomotive. Whether or not it would prove to be suitable for a running model is to be proved, but I'm not sure if this is the best solution given that it won't be suitable for curves. In addition to this, I have also had a go at designing the rolling stock for the Hythe Pier Train. This runs as a three car train with a control car at the seaward end for push-pull operation. One of the cars has been designed to include a pair of Circuit Cubes motors and hub in order that the train will be self-propelled (I hope). With the train formed up, it's clear to see how the train dwarfs it's tiny locomotive.
  9. Hod Carrier

    My OcTRAINber - Now with MOCs

    Thank you, gentlemen. That’s most kind Although there are certainly no photos, I’m comparing my design to the schematic drawing I linked to previously and taking the scale from that. Ideally the centre gear should extend above the top of the boiler, but raising up the motion by one plate has brought the boiler level with it. I’d have preferred not to have done it, but it was a necessary choice in order to include the tender.
  10. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    Boring…? I’ve not seen anything boring here. Anyone else? I think that this is a brilliant build to a very high standard. It may only be a Kof but it’s shaping up to be one helluva Kof.
  11. Man, you're channeling Mr Peet. That's not just close to the illustrations but pretty darn near identical. What did you say your day job was...? Illustrator for Disney...?
  12. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber WIP - MOW Tractor

    I've been watching your progress with this over on Flickr, and I'm very impressed with how well you've been able to package everything into such a small space.
  13. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2021 - WIP story

    I did wonder why you had both combined your discussions, but now I see the progress you've been making it makes perfect sense now. That's a lovely pair of steeple-cabs you're creating there. I find it interesting how you've taken very different approaches to building to versions of what are essentially the same locomotive. It's a fantastic contrast in the pursuit of your aims. Keep up the good work.
  14. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Köf II

    It looks like that design has been fighting you, but you seem to be winning now. Keep on with the great work.
  15. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2021 WiP: Coke Quenching Locomotive

    What a beast!! Those old style glass bottles must have been seriously heavy to have required machinery like that to move them about. (Maybe my internet search using the words "coke" and "quench" must have lead me down a blind alley.) It would be great if you could get this built in time for the contest, but even if that's not possible it would still be eligible as a virtual build.