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  1. Hod Carrier

    TrixBrix R24 curved track

    Most people buying 3rd party curves tend to go for larger radii rather than smaller, so you may not get a definitive answer based on experience. However, an R24 curve is getting on for half the radius of the standard R40 curve. I would say that a fixed 11L wheelbase would be too long to successfully negotiate them. Could you not consider using bogies rather than fixed axles?
  2. Hod Carrier

    [MOC] NZR 3-foot, 6 inch gauge KA Class 4-8-4

    ...and there are already rails that sit inside standard R40 curves to make dual gauge track (see the Ferrobus presentation video on my Flickr page to see some in use).
  3. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    I just want to add my thanks for the hard work put in by @raised, @Cale, @HoMa and especially @Glenn Holland for his patience. It's these guys selfless efforts that make OcTRAINber work. I also want to congratulate all the entrants for creating some truly amazing MOCs and inspiring and absorbing WIP stories. There was some truly awe-inspiring and top notch brickage going on, together with some brilliant and unexpected prototypes.
  4. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    @Glenn Holland Thanks for drawing our attention to this. Can that really be right...?
  5. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    @Glenn Holland Thanks for the update. News of the judging is eagerly awaited. I have hesitated to say this so far because I don't want to appear disrespectful and I certainly don't want to be misinterpreted. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that the time and effort that you guys put into running, administering and judging this contest, together with the generosity of the sponsors, is very greatly appreciated. We understand that this is a voluntary effort on your part and the time required has to be balanced with other commitments. However, we also have lives and commitments outside of the hobby that need to be balanced. When you see the quality of the entries and appreciate how much time and effort has been invested in these models and how the entrants have prioritised OcTRAINber in order to meet the deadline, perhaps it isn't so much to hope that the timeframe for judging the entries could be a little tighter. In summary, we have prioritised OcTRAINber and we hope that you have too. As I said above, I really don't want my words to be misinterpreted. I am a firm supporter of OcTRAINber and always look forward to it coming around for the challenge that it brings together with the outpouring of creativity that it generates. It is not my intention to be discouraging or to "bite the hand that feeds", but rather to warmly suggest how the contest might be improved. Best regards.
  6. Hod Carrier

    OcTRAINber 2018: The Foreign Challenge is go!

    I think they’re enjoying JUDGEvember too much. Actually, I wouldn’t like their job. No doubt the guys are having a tough time separating the entries. That said, a little update wouldn’t go amiss, even if just to reassure that everything is still going ahead.
  7. Hod Carrier

    Trix Brix review

    I think the word you were searching for was “reviewing”. I don’t think I want to add too much to what has already been said, except to say that Tony has given a fair review of an available product for the benefit of folk who might be considering buying it. You may be right in that the injection molded alternative may be superior, but until it’s produced no-one can say. Lets just relax a little and not get so hett up.
  8. Hod Carrier

    Motorized 5L bogie

    The gears are skipping when overloaded because the vertical shaft that brings the power down from the motor will spin the entire motor bogie round and round if the bogie is not contained. It's only the track and the body of the train that prevents this from happening and causes the turning motion to be transmitted to the central driveshaft and from there to the wheels. However, even when on the track this torque will still be trying to deflect the central shaft to one side or the other. This means that, when travelling in one direction, the gears on the central shaft will be pushed towards the gears on the axles giving a much better mesh, but when it's driving in the opposite direction the gears will be forced away from each other making skipping more likely. @pagicence's design should be fairly robust. The part holding the central driveshaft should keep everything nicely aligned. If you're experiencing flex I can only assume it's because the two sides of the bogie are not joined sufficiently rigidly. I would recommend swapping the two 1x4 plates for a couple of 2x4 plates and the 2x4 plate with holes for a 2x6 plate with holes orientated along the length of the bogie rather than across it. At present you only have four studs joining each level but making these changes would increase this to eight and should help to reduce flex. Thanks for spotting the tiny TRAXX. I hadn't noticed that space2310's design has disappeared, but you seem to be right. A quick search on Flickr confirms this. I used it to create a 4-wide scale power bogie, but the restriction on size makes it fairly weak and prone to failure due to the required narrowness. Basically the part you mistook for 2711 holds the central driveshaft but is not actually attached to the rest of the bogie. All that's keeping it together are the ends of the axles nestling inside the stud recesses so it's quite easy for the torque of the motor to push them apart sufficiently for the gears to unmesh or even for the central shaft to drop out completely. However, if you are going to use it for regular 6-wide track you do have some more scope to beef the design up a bit to keep everything aligned.
  9. Hod Carrier

    Motorized 5L bogie

    @pagicence Yes, very much like that. I’ve not tested this set-up either, but I agree with @Daedalus304 that plates added to the bottom will create problem with clearing the rail. How strong the bogie needs to be will depend largely on how much power you’re trying to transmit and how much weight you want to move. There is a risk that the centre section may pop out in use as this design is not going to be anywhere near as strong as the all Technic bogie posted by @Daedalus304.
  10. Hod Carrier

    Motorized 5L bogie

    @pagicence I think you're close to a solution. You could swap the 1x6 Technic bricks for the sides for some 1x2 Technic bricks braced with 1x6 plates. That way you can have round holes for the axles and a cross hole each side to secure the DBG part together with some half bushes to prevent it sliding side-to-side. Will mock something up later on LDD, but I'm away from my computer at the moment.
  11. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I don't. I must have bought these sometime during 2016 off eBay, so even the purchase records have been purged. @Ashi Valkoinen You're most welcome. Hopefully it will help your tram's performance a bit. Looking at your photos I am wondering if perhaps you're getting a lot of unwanted additional friction, because the front and rear sections don't appear to turn as much as I had expected. I know that successful Talgo trains have been built which appear to use some species of steering linkage to ensure correct articulation, but I don't think there is quite enough space inside your tram to implement this without losing the signature low floor that I know you were keen to replicate.
  12. These are the chaps. They are rubber nitrile gasket rings of 1.5mm thickness and 14.5mm diameter. I found that they sit very nicely inside the groove of the LEGO train wheelsets very nicely in place of the standard traction bands. Hoping this helps.
  13. Hod Carrier

    Crewe Tractor WDLR [MOC]

    Fabulous work as always, Greg. We’re getting a real history lesson from you as well as being treated to some excellent brick work.
  14. Hod Carrier

    [OcTRAINber MOC - WIP] Dodge Ferrobus

    They tried something broadly similar here too in the shape of the Leyland Experimental Vehicle (LEV), a series of prototypes that eventually lead to the almost train-like Pacers that are still with us today. @Ashi Valkoinen Your suggestions are noted and I shall have a look and see if any changes could be made in the light of them. It would have been nice to have had the space for some sort of interior.
  15. I’m away for a couple of days so I can’t send you any specs for the ones I bought, but what you’re looking for are rubber gaskets (Google Translate suggests tömítés...?) for domestic water pipe installations. I’ll try and get you some more specific details over the weekend. I know what you mean about LEGO purity, but sometimes a little outside help can go a long way.