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  1. Ahh well, I won't be able to make it out to Sauga by then. All the best to them then.
  2. Anyone stop by Lasting Toys recently? Since they're closing, I'm wondering what their stock is like nowadays.
  3. Review

    Interestingly enough, here in Canada, the Mini is actually cheaper. I had no idea the two fit in so well together in terms of scale.
  4. Your new Aventador is great! The headlights are a nice change. Fits well with the GT too.
  5. Oh wow, this is great. Hopefully you find a solution to putting it all together. I know the limitations of LDD all too well.
  6. I was born a lefty, but my mom converted me to a righty, so I guess I'm both.
  7. That window is definitely my favourite of the bunch, and this is a spot on representation. Awesome job!
  8. My string of half-assed raffle entries continues.
  9. Or alternatively:
  10. Wow, this is great, guys! Shout out to bbqqq, these renders are amazing!
  11. Can someone with the LaFerrari swap out the red 1x1 slopes beside the windshield with these: To simulate the side mirrors. On the real one they kinda resemble this piece so just wondering how it would look.
  12. Oohh, this is awesome! Could be modified to look like a 2002 too!
  13. Which is ironic since the McLaren P1 model seems to have an extra stud of overhang on the front. Hey just2good, which of the $15 sets is your favourite?
  14. It's the Grand Budapest Hotel!