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  1. As long as they are still making the light gray and black axels I'm okay with the red and yellow ones. You will always have access to black and gray axles of all lengths so that's not really a problem to me. Sometimes it might be awesome to be able to use red or yellow axles for some detailing.
  2. Thank you! Unfortunately it seems like they ship all their products to Sweden, except the Saturn V Seems like I have to wait a even more...
  3. I've checked every day for a couple of weeks now to find a store that has this model in stock for a reasonable price. This morning Lego S@H had it in stock, but just for a couple of hours. When I was ready to place my order it was out of stock again. Now, John Lewis seems to be the only store again, and the price is good. Do you live in the UK, or do they ship internationally?
  4. The close to 5000 pieces 70620 Ninjago City set certainly looks impressive. I tried to look for new technic parts, without much luck. The only recolor I spotted was the 1x2 liftarm, 43857, in Dark tan. There are probably more to be found.
  5. @Darkdragon Thank you! I didn't realize you were able to scroll down on the settings page... Just saw the top part. Now it should be solved.
  6. Hi! I don't know if this is something wrong, or if I just don't understand what notification settings to use. When a new comment is posted in a topic I follow, I would like to get a notification from the site only. Not via email. I don't understand how to get it to work like that, if it's even possible. If I turn on notifications I get them via email only, and if select "Do not send me emails" in notification settings I get them anyway and still no notifications on the site. What settings am I supposed to use if I want to receive notifications from the site only?
  7. Some of them work now, I found this when I wanted to check some trucks out for inspiration so most of the links to trucks don't work. I found that the links that don't work, e.g. US Truck T1 Mk11 (By LegoOrNot2Lego), don't look the same as the links that do work, e.g. Motorized Bus. Couldn't post the URL since that embeds the topic.
  8. They still don't work for me...
  9. I know this is a little off topic, sorry for that. I thought your comment regarding Alfred Pedersen and bionicle/hero factory parts was interesting, could you give an example of a set he has designed where such pieces are used? Personally, I don't mind the usage of non-technic parts, I think it's interesting to see how parts can be used in different ways.
  10. @Jim or @Milan, most of the links in the HOF index are not working. They just bring you back to the same page.
  11. I found this on the 40 Year Anniversary page on the Lego Technic Site: THE 40 YEARS ANNIVERSARY POSTER COMPETITION Join our 40 years anniversary competition and help us find the most iconic LEGO Technic model of the past four decades. To participate, go to our Facebook page and choose your favorite Technic model from each decade. The winning model from each decade will then carry on to battle for the title of the “Ultimate LEGO Technic model”! If your choice is among the winning models, you’ll have the chance to win a specially created limited edition LEGO Technic poster. Join the competition now! I wonder if this "Ultimate LEGO Technic model" will be released later...
  12. I don't have that set, but I can see that the rotation of the back section is driven by a worm gear that meshes with a 8 tooth gear. That configuration usually has quite some play, and since the worm gear is slightly shorter than 2L it can slide sideways with increases the play even more. I would say the play you are experiencing is normal, unfortunately.
  13. Even the professionals say you should do as little as possible in editing softwares. If something can be done the "old school" way, they result will probably be even better. It's also great fun to come up with such creative solutions as you did. Great work!
  14. Very good model and excellent photo indeed. Creative solution to achieve this effect with simple household items. What camera are you using?
  15. Thank you, I thought it might be more durable than it looks to be. I really have to get this set...