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  1. I don't think TLG mind if the box weighs a little too much since the weight checks are made just to make sure no parts are missing. If both sets had an extra wing, all sets probably come with one extra, like the extra 32L axle in 42009
  2. I remember I had two 7L beams left when building the Arocs. I found the place for them pretty quick so it wasn't a big deal. I think that's the only time I have experienced that. Mistakes are made every now and then, but I usually discover them before finishing the model.
  3. Make sure all gears and axles can rotate smoothly. I checked that every time I added a new gear or other moving part and made sure I hadn't built those parts to tight.
  4. No I'm sorry, I have never encountered that problem myself, mine starts up just fine so I'm afraid I can't help you. A quick search on Google didn't help either. I'm running DaVinci on a Mac, so if you are on another platform it might look slightly different. If you are a mac-user as well, I recommend downloading DaVinci directly from the AppStore. It's a simpler installation-process and future updates will be installed automatically. You can always try to reinstall the software, it helps sometimes. Good luck! That's a nice video. You are shooting from different angels which makes it more interesting and the music adds a lot. The view is slightly out of focus when the drive train is demonstrated. You are probably holding the camera too close to the subject; next time try to have the camera further away and zoom instead. It might help, but when zooming it easily gets shaky if you holding the camera, so try using a tripod. The focus is the only thing a think you could improve. Just continue making videos and you'll learn by yourself.
  5. I'm currently using Premiere Pro, but if I had to switch back to a free software I would definitely choose DaVinci Resolve. It's surprisingly professional to be free, I consider editing my next project in DaVinci just for fun. It has many similarities with professional softwares like Premiere and Final Cut which helps if you want to upgrade in the future. It also has great features for color grading, probably better than Premiere since they are easier to use. Color grading can be very useful when working with Lego to get all the colors right. It might take some time to fully master it, but watching YouTube-tutorials in the beginning should help. I'm sure it's gonna be worth the time.
  6. I browsed this tread today and saw your comment. I didn't know about the triangular and rectangular tread link shapes, so I thought it was interesting and checked mine. I've got them from 8043, which I bought in 2010, and from 42055. The only difference I could spot between the old and new ones were the thickness of the ridges on top, the shape on the bottom were the same. Do you know when TLG changed to mold? I can't understand why my links are the same. EDIT: I thought you meant the new mold is rectangular, but when taking a look at BrickLink I realized the newer version has the triangular shape. Sorry for misunderstanding. So the new version is worse...
  7. No I don't have any. I doubt I would use it so it's not worth the high price. I prefer using current parts that are still in production. In that way, more people will be able to build my MOCs.
  8. Exactly, I don't think I noticed anything when building the Jet. When I disassembled it, the gear just fell of the axle it was connected to and that was when I noticed it.
  9. Okay, sorry for misunderstanding. I found an instruction video for fully motorize the model. Seems like there's some modification needed though. The video tells which new parts you need.
  10. Some of the LEGO Technic sets can be motorized without any modification and there are building instructions for that included. If you buy the 8293 Power Functions set you get all of what is needed to motorize those sets, including 42038. If you check the very end of the instructions you'll find the instruction for motorizing the set. You can check there which parts are needed, but it's probably better to buy the complete 8293 set. As I wrote before it's meant to be combined with that set and that will give you all parts needed to motorize more sets in the future too.
  11. I have checked that, it's the same with all axles... strange I might have to check again, I think both of my gears had this issue...
  12. The two 24z gears that came with my copy of 42066 have ZERO friction... they look exactly the same as previous molds, but they literally fall of an axle if it's tilted. Have TLG changed the mold slightly or is there something wrong with the gears I got? Would be strange if both parts had this issue. Have anyone else experienced this?
  13. Okay, I think 42043 is a great set because it involves both suspension, drivetrain, power functions and pneumatics. That's of course my own opinion. I would then still recommend 42055...
  14. Yeah, I agree with @WvG_853, in my opinion 42043 is way better than both 42053 and 42055. It offers a nice combination of functions, and a very interesting building experience. Why zero interest?
  15. Difficult question... Those are two very different sets. I have built both and I liked 42055 more, because it involved some very interesting building techniques and complex mechanisms. The final model has it's flaws, it doesn't word very well... If you're gonna have it as display model, this is probably not a good choice, it's not beautiful so to say. If you plan to disassemble it and use the parts for MOC's, the 42055 is a great choice. 42053 isn't an advanced model, but I'm a big fan of pneumatics so I enjoyed that. The final result looks good and works well, but it's a bit flimsy. I would choose 42055, because of the interesting model and the many parts.