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  1. nice work on the angled outriggers
  2. 15. Cherry Picker Functions - Raise boom (pneumatic switch left) - Extend boom (pneumatic switch right) - Rotate platform (knob right) - Lower outriggers (knob left) - HOG steering Dimensions: W x L x H = 13 x 37 x 20 = 9620 cubic studs Topic:
  3. Finished: Proof of dimensions W x L x H = 13 x 37 x 20 = 9620 cubc studs Making itself useful:
  4. The cylinder stays in place pretty well, but the tube was a problem. I'll try to change that to get rid of the elastic bands because it really spoils the view.
  5. Pneumatics done (just need to find a better solution for the elastic bands; that looks pretty bad):
  6. Looks interesting. Good luck keeping within the 10000 cubic studs.
  7. Thanks for the feedback Erik. The following pic gives an example of what I have in mind. These front outriggers do extend a bit horizontally but not a lot. On this scale I don't think I'm capable to replicate that effect.
  8. I hope a cherry picker classifies as "construction equipment". First time for me to make a MOC with pneumatics, so not sure yet if I'll succeed. Bottom part with outriggers. Earlier versions had a problem that if you would put a pneumatic pump on the vehicle and press it in the outriggers would just collapse under the pressure ;-) Current version has one worm wheel per outrigger and that seems to be strong enough. The boom: Extended: Red knobs right in front of the rear wheels will be for the outriggers and the turntable: A potential issue might be that I'll fail to keep it within the maximum 10000 cubic studs. As it will be 13 studs wide and probably 40 long I'll have to keep it to a maximum of 19 studs in height (13 * 40 * 19 = 9880)
  9. Is a cherry picker considered construction equipment our is that just outside of the allowed category?
  10. On the upside you'll have more time for MOC's then. Looking forward to your life sized Mindstorms robot!
  11. Amazing work, this should be an official Lego set. Didn't know you could use that remote with those hubs; guess I'll definitely have to check out PyBricks (as I don't really like controlling with my phone). Great humor: fish tank, atom bomb next to each other. Also great that you made the instructions freely available although I won't be able to make it myself as I'm missing most of the system parts.
  12. I agree, a large passenger or freight plane would be very a very repetitive build with lots of the same parts. I think it's really unlikely we would ever see something like that in an official technic set.