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  1. m00se

    First Technic MOC after years...

    Very nice. Impressive how you get the lifting mechanism working so smoothly (and without burning up the motor).
  2. m00se

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    For those in Belgium: The Liebherr is at Dreamland for only €316! https://www.dreamland.be/e/nl/dl/lego-technic-42100-liebherr-r9800-grafmachine-188650
  3. This is even more scary than the real Boston Dynamics one ;-) Really impressive movement.
  4. m00se

    Future Set Wishes and Speculation

    What I would really like is a new version of this: ... but for Control+. Would be a lot more fun than using your phone, and you would be able to build stuff like a steering wheel, gear knob, ... on top of it to create realistic controls for your creation.
  5. m00se

    [MOC] Electric sports car

    Thanks for your feedback! I didn't know the Aspark, so it wasn't an inspiration. However I like that you recognise an existing car in it ;-)
  6. I didn't know you've got those in AA-format. Isn't there a risk damaging your motors or are they safe at 11.1V?
  7. If you measure alkalines give 1.5V, but under load this is actually lower so the difference with rechargeables isn't actually as big. If you really need maximum power for a short (and expensive) time I can understand you use alkalines but otherwise it's really a waste of money. Keep in mind that there are huge differences in quality when it comes to rechargeables, so if you ever had a lesser experience with those that might be due to using an inferior type (I've once bought a set AA's that claimed to be 2000mAh but where actually around 900mAh). My own battery boxes are all filled with IKEA LADDA's which always come out very high in quality tests and are pretty cheap.
  8. m00se

    [MOC] Electric sports car

    Good to know. I had seen this curved arches on models from others but wasn't actually sure how they were made.
  9. Hi everyone I finally finished my first moc (creations for the Eurobricks contests not included). Not that I haven't made anything else before, it's just that I never actually finished something. I present you an electric sports car. As it is electric there's no fake engine or gearbox, but that results in some extra space for other functions like a collapsable spoiler / air brake and a retractable roof - 2 XL motors for driving. There is a switch in the front so you can choose between 4WD or only the rear wheels. Doesn't seem to make a lot of difference here. The car is so heavy that driving is limited anyway. - 1 L motor for steering. Steering wheel also turns. - 1 L motor for the spoiler / air brake - 1 L motor for the roof - Independent suspension (but honestly the weight of the car is too high for the suspension. Compared to what some of you manage to create this isn't that well looking. I am proud of the front and the retractable roof however. As I still have a lot to learn all suggestions and feedback are very welcome. Yes, that's Bugatti wheels. I also did use the Bugatti distances between wheels as a starting point. Colors do not perfectly align, but this was a bit driven by what pieces I had available, and I didn't want to add another color to the mix. Never before did I do any curved body work like this. I think it worked out ok in the front but by the time I reached the back I was starting to run out of appropriate pieces so there it's less refined. The little right knob on the right side of the driver seat starts the two Control+ hubs: Fancy white interiour: The back, spoiler collapsed. Note that the spoiler doesn't only collapse down but also inward (a bit more clear in the movie): The back, with spoiler in spoiler mode: Spoiler in air-brake mode: Upside down including the Control+ hubs: Video (needed my phone to control the car so had to use the webcam to film, so quality is not great). https://vimeo.com/447809384 (forgot how to embed Vimeo video's. Anyone know how?)
  10. Thanks a lot! A while ago I tried to make such a mechanism that has a different speed depending on the direction, and I couldn't get it to work. Now at least I understand better why.
  11. Absolutely love this non-typical usage of Technic!
  12. m00se

    Pendulum wave music machine

    Makes sense. Thanks for the clear explanation.
  13. m00se

    Pendulum wave music machine

    Love it! What are the gear ratio's? A assume they are the same between each consecutive pair?
  14. I love the app, only still have problem with the servo functions (control+). I would like to test this latest version but don't have Google play; can you upload the apk?