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    <p> Technic. Just bought the Rough Terrain Crane.</p>


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  1. Absolutely amazing how you got all the movements so well synchronised with just a single motor!
  2. m00se


    I'm also running it way faster than you it does in real life, but even real portable rides tend to wobble a little bit sometimes ;-)
  3. Interesting idea. I like non-vehicle challenges as this pushes people a bit more to think outside the box.
  4. m00se


    A funfair ride inspired by the KMG X-Drive (https://kmgrides.com/rides/x-drive-2). Fully transportable on a single trailer. Three independent powered-up motors for actuators (both to bring the boom up from transport as to further raise it to start the ride), rotation of the arm, rotation of the seats. Transport (I know, trucks are not really my thing): Setup: In action: Video (shows way more action than the photo's):
  5. m00se

    [MOC] Mechanical Calculator

    Very nice. You might want to check out binary of quaterny (base 4) solutions as that might work better than 10 axle positions.
  6. It hurts my eyes.
  7. That ramp is very satisfying to watch.
  8. Thanks for the review. This set has by far the best function to parts ratio of the whole 2021/1 line-up ;-)
  9. Just an idea: you could make it into a "game" where you get a certain beginning situation (like red pallet in slot A3, blue in B1 etc.) and an ending situation that you have to achieve with minimum amount of movements possible.
  10. Impressive how you put so many functions in there.
  11. Hey juggleman, based on what I'm seeing there you should definitely post here more often!
  12. The way the gondolas catch on to the cable and releases from the cable is absolutely fantastic! Could you share some detailed pictures of these parts?
  13. Great work! I especially like the mechanism on the crane to pick up / drop the containers sideways.
  14. m00se

    First Technic MOC after years...

    Very nice. Impressive how you get the lifting mechanism working so smoothly (and without burning up the motor).
  15. m00se

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    For those in Belgium: The Liebherr is at Dreamland for only €316! https://www.dreamland.be/e/nl/dl/lego-technic-42100-liebherr-r9800-grafmachine-188650