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  1. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    With the black leaver on the dispenser.
  2. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Thanks you all! Basically it's done! I might change some things but I intend to to start filming soon. In a MAD MAX world the name of the game is taking resources (without asking ) to survive. This reverse trike has been modified to do just that! Specifically It's outfitted to board, capture and stop anything from lone wasteland travelers to convoy's and big trucks like "the war rig". I went for maximum play-ability so there's a LOT of functions that can be manipulated. I challenge you to find them all!
  3. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Put some cloth on this bad boy:
  4. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    You assumed correctly and you were right about the suspension at first, but that has been fixed since: It's quite fast and I added all-wheel steering so it turns on a dime!
  5. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] Granny's Shopping Trike take 2

    another tirke! looking very interesting I do worry about the flex a bit... how is it IRL?
  6. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] Hard-Knock Life [Finished Entry!]

    damn that wrecking ball looks painful! From what set is that thing? the exhausts look great to! very badass
  7. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Okay, I'm in. I started building a trike because there's enough 4 wheeled cars already. As always I'll be going technic figure scale. The current setup is not working well so I expect it to change... A LOT but here's a first glance: There's already al lot of participants in this contest and I'm curious to see what people make of it all!
  8. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    I've seen it IRL too, this is truly a new genre of MOC. It is rare to see true innovation in the realm of car MOC's but this is a big one
  9. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] The Universal LEGO Sorting Machine

    DAMN! you did it! I understand the difficulty in marketing a device such as this, mostly because several aspects will likely fall under other companies patent. Having said that, it's potential use goes quite a bit beyond LEGO orientated applications. whatever you end up doing with it, I'm impressed! PS: perhaps a poll would be fun to see what people here would pay for a device like this
  10. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Batmobile from "Batman V Superman"

    That's... That's basically why I roam these pages. In search of gem's like this! Great job
  11. shadow_elenter

    What set should I buy to make mocs ?

    I'd recommend buying used sets,gvies you more options and better prices!
  12. shadow_elenter

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    Youtube is still an excellent platform to post and host your LEGO videos, it's just no longer possible to generate a decent amount of revenue with it. Most of you don't care about making money or getting well known with your channel, if that's the case for you just set your channel to kiddy friendly and carry on. Even with the new restrictions youtube will still likely be the broadest reaching platform, so collectively switching over to another platform is not really a solution in terms of views (even if we could t would likely only be a temporary fix). Revenue is a different story, but youtube is to big of an industry to just move to another platform I'm afraid, especially since this effects only a part of the industry. My youtube channel has 47.000 subscribers at this moment and I was finally at a point where I could afford myself days off based on the revenue to build MOC's, it appears that time is over. Channel growth is strongly constricted for me now, (about one third of what it was before) and that means it's going to take forever for existing content creators to get back to the revenue point they were at a month ago. I'm hoping there's going to be an intermediate solution some time soon, because without the revenue I can't afford the time off and I'll end up producing like 1, maybe 2 MOC video's a year. We'll just have to see where it goes!
  13. shadow_elenter

    Mini Pan Arm Slider

    You're absolutely right! I actually owned one of the most high end versions of this slider type (this one) briefly but I was not impressed. It had virtually no play(something that's basically impossible with LEGO) and still it did not work for me. Even that 550€ (605 usd) high end one had so much vibration issues that I send it back., and For this kind of "pan around a subject "shots a normal slider with a rotating pan mechanism on it still works best. Mind you, I tried filming LEGO up close with this device and this close to the lens filming greatly amplified the visual vibration effect. Filming a landscape panorama where the subject is far away might work just fine.
  14. shadow_elenter

    Limited Technic Reviews

    That's good to hear Trust me, your reviews are valued, even if they come out after the set does. I for one tend to use your reviews as reference work. Like if I want to know a particular thing about a set, it's easier to scroll through your reviews and find that thing than it is to scroll through a video, partially because you use a standard format for your reviews and partly because audio scrolls poorly. This honesty is also what I value about your reviews, some youtubers and other reviewers make their living on those reviews and other TLG dependent matters and might shy away from stronger language in order to not endanger their livelihood (understandably). I trust you to call them out on their moves, and say it like it is (this topic is littered with proof that you have and will) and that has value to me.