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  1. shadow_elenter

    BuWizz or SBrick?

    definitely Sbrick, I've used them extensively and they work great! I really love the possibility to use several at a time(I use up to 5 at a time!), and this seems more convenient with SBricks If you wanna see multiple SBrick's in action check out my youtube channel in my signature below ;-)
  2. I like the out of the box thinking but mechanically I can't see any advantages for suspension. I do see potential for this technique in other applications given the fact that you could potentially make very long travel in conjunction with THIS PART(axle flex might be an issue of course). Thank you for sharing !
  3. shadow_elenter

    Attitudes and mindsets

    @Bartybum mostly something that went on in lego technic groups on facebook
  4. shadow_elenter

    Attitudes and mindsets

    It's a different world nowadays, you simply need to build a shield for trolls. I worked 7 months on my biggest MOC to date, my rollercoaster... I'ts technically complex, structurally challenging, something no one has ever attempted before on technic figure scale and the concept of how the riders cart is manipulated in so many ways is unique as well and it's clear I put a lot of effort in it. You wouldn't believe how many people just saw the video and only said "IS NOT A ROLLERCOASTER!" I laugh myself silly about people like that! Current society teaches people to judge others by blabbering their anonymous opinions, regardless of how un-educated or poorly formed that opinion is or what the effect is on whatever or whoever they judge. It's almost as if what your opinion is is irrelevant, as long as you make noise to make people aware of your existence! People should refrain form judging things they know little about if they're not asked to. No one is interested in an un-educated or poorly formed opinion. I can judge someone doing ballet dancing, but I know nothing about the effort of getting to that point, the degree of difficulty, what it would look like if it was done flawlessly so my opinion would be superficial at best. The art of knowing when you have nothing to add is being forgotten by society, so the art of knowing who's judgement is meaningful is worth pursuing.
  5. shadow_elenter

    [VIDEO] Getting better at LEGO Technic

    I SO agree with this, this in not all that expensive of a way to expand your collection and it massively improves your builds. I do tend to have self-control problems while browsing bricklink...
  6. Hey builders, I made a video about how to get better at building with LEGO technic, and I wanted to post it here so it might help some of you guys. Jim helped me with some of the research and Sariel even provided me with a few copies of his book to give away!
  7. shadow_elenter

    [GBC] D.R.O.P

    Simple, but nice! Keep up the good work!
  8. shadow_elenter

    GBC General Discussion

    So I started my first GBC, and I'm looking for some info I cant find... I just saw a GBC video and they talk about a first time builder using LEGO chain, and that that's a very bad idea in terms of reliability and it got me thinking Is there a list of parts that should be avoided in GBC's to make sure they survive long term operation? And if there's not can someone tell me what parts to avoid?
  9. shadow_elenter

    [WIP] Renault Twizy

    I drove one once... was fun bot not really impressive This on the other hand definitely looks fun!
  10. looks great! Go BIG or go home!
  11. shadow_elenter

    SBrick Requirement? (HELP)

    here is a list but its not on there...
  12. The design is VERY loosely based upon the common EOD robot's, and then I just improved wherever I could. To be honest, I got a bit stuck... I wanted more functions, but aside from what I put on this robot, what can you add to it that's actually functional? Haha, nope! It's actually quite manageable, I use my 8,4 inch tablet.
  13. I made a massive LEGO technic bomb defusal robot with 19 motors and 6 SBrick's! I've actually seen an EOD robot defuse an IED and the live saving job they do in army's and police forces around the world has always fascinated me, so I decided to build one! I love complex robotics, but to build something like this in lego technic proved to be a challenge! I really wanted to use the 2 interlocking geared rings as a basis for the 2 main arms, but that scaled up the size of this MOC drastically. To be able to power every lego power functions motor and sbrick I ended up using 5 lego PF battery boxes! I have to admit the addition of the electromagnet does not add a whole lot to the build, I just had it laying around and still had 2 free channels on my 6th SBrick :-P What do you guys think?
  14. shadow_elenter

    [GBC] Solaire

    Clean and minimalistic! I love it!
  15. Well... I did not give permission but I guess the use is okay... Still, weird to accidentally stumble upon my own work edit: They did link to the original video in the description.