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  1. shadow_elenter

    Limited Technic Reviews

    That's good to hear Trust me, your reviews are valued, even if they come out after the set does. I for one tend to use your reviews as reference work. Like if I want to know a particular thing about a set, it's easier to scroll through your reviews and find that thing than it is to scroll through a video, partially because you use a standard format for your reviews and partly because audio scrolls poorly. This honesty is also what I value about your reviews, some youtubers and other reviewers make their living on those reviews and other TLG dependent matters and might shy away from stronger language in order to not endanger their livelihood (understandably). I trust you to call them out on their moves, and say it like it is (this topic is littered with proof that you have and will) and that has value to me.
  2. shadow_elenter

    Limited Technic Reviews

    I for one strongly enjoy your reviews, They tend to ben in-depth in a way other reviewers are not due to the fact that they're presented in a video format. Sad to hear things going this way...
  3. shadow_elenter

    Updated motors comparison page

    Very interesting, thank you Philio
  4. Well, to make sure the cart wouldn't fall of the "spinning carrier" took me the longest and went through the most redesigns. Fine tuning that is technically fun though. Getting all the gravity dependent movements to work reliably for both the cart with the technic figure and the cart with the gopro was more of a pain in the butt .
  5. Ah, yes, that's not a lot of options there. Well, it's quite a cool achievement non the less! Damn it mpj, I was typing basically the same question here, STOP THAT!
  6. That is damn COOL! Did you get like pictures and technical drawings of the controls and made the parts at home and made small adjustments on site or..? One thing though... so they fly you half way around the world, and make all this happen... why not send you somewhere where the R 9800 actually has the bucket in the same orientation as the LEGO set? EDIT: You just beat me to it! LOL
  7. Thanks everyone! As promised: I sequences it is segments so I could press one button and it would initiate everything automatically in that segment and then you have to press the button for the next segment, but I like controlling it manually better. If I would actually enjoy programming I could make it a one-button-does-all ride, but I don't like it and the SBrick programming software is quite a pain in the butt .
  8. There's a lot of pros and cons going on, for the moment I'd reccomend waiting it out and see what the next few months bring if your not in a hurry. If you are, go with what you know works and what is cheap.😉
  9. shadow_elenter

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Mostly I'm just hoping they will roll out the powered up eco system fast and add some new stuff in the 2020 lineup! my wish-list: -the 2 new spike prime motors in light grey/dark blue grey -extension cables I'm also still stupefied they didn't make the powered up LED's RGB and hope they will correct that mistake!
  10. shadow_elenter

    Tiger 6x6

    I'm usually not one for custom stickers, but DAMN that thing POPS! Somehow it reminds me of mad max...
  11. Hello, ya'll! I just had to make another attraction, and it's quite a beast! Making a rollercoaster in LEGO technic figure scale is very challenging because unlike the smaller mini figure scale, there's no curved track parts to make it go around corners. I get around that by making all changes in direction mechanical, and that's why I call it a rollercoaster-ISH contraption. It's not a traditional rollercoaster but given the looks and motions I'd say it comes pretty close. I used 5 SBricks to control everything, and there's a total of 17 motors in this MOC to make all the mechanical transitions. This thing is truly a giant, I completely ran out of black pins and liftarms longer than 5 studs! 113 x 63 x 67 cm 45 x 25 x 27 inch EDIT: I'm having some issues posting pictures, so they will come a bit later.
  12. shadow_elenter

    Control + Liebherr L580 WIP

    I like this build already! Great to see the new PU motors find their way into the MOC's on these paiges, I hope to see you utilize some of the new potential! I agree, I don't see any reason why one would confine themselves to official TLG software only, if a third party app can make it beter and more functional.
  13. @rm8Great idea for a contest, I'm very curious to what comes out of it! PS: I've send you a PM message
  14. shadow_elenter

    [GBC] Bling Color Sorter

    very nice! I love how the carriers wiggle with every indexed rotation, also highly satisfying to see them go down in a traain once a rail is full. well done! how is the reliability?