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  1. Small update: CLICK image for video I used 2 new blue bevel gears to get 2 axles to go thru the turntable, there's a lot of backlash but for this application that doesn't matter.
  2. small update: I decided to flatten the tracks because it would get to high I think. The yellow mega plates look very thin but they're quite rigid so with proper securing I think I the whole thing will be pretty solid. Because the battery boxes will be installed in the tracks as well there's an enormous amount of real estate to work with for the rest of the build. I'm not sure weather I should just ditch the transporter idea and build something insane in there...
  3. Smal and no electronics... not my cup of tea, and I don't own the tires so I'm out. Maybe the next one.
  4. Okay, normally I just build and film my MOC's with exception of contests but I think I'll give this a try for a change. The concept is simple: make a tank with a different layout than normal. I'm basically gonna build a Higgins boat (see picture below)with tracks strapped to the sides. The goal is to have all the motors for drive inside the tracks together with suspension and battery boxes. Some motors and mechanics will be at the back and I'll try to mount all guns over the tracks to make the cargo bay as big as possible. I got lucky enough to get a few of these: and I wanted to make good use of their excellent strength and rigidity and that inspired me to make this thing. For now I just have one track to show you but more will follow soon. Fun fact: besides a box of tires and tracks and some old style technic I basically don't use this is my entire LEGO collection that got me 53.000 subs on YouTube at the time of writing.
  5. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Thank you You my friend, are in the clear! Steeling from a humble unarmed fisherman is just bad karma. I'm after the degenerates of the wastelands
  6. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    In the Mad Max world where resources are scarce hunting down other survivors is a great way to get by?. This trike was retrofitted to force others to stop in every possible way! There are 15 functions in total: 1 Driving 2 steering 3 missiles 4 harpoon turret turning 5 harpoon turret tilting 6 harpoon shooting 7 harpoon winch 8 harpoon winch neutral 9 grenades 10 ladder turret turning 11 ladder turret tilting 12 mounted shotguns 13 catapult 14 mines 15 tire spikes
  7. 18. War Trike This trike is rigged out to hunt wasteland convoys and war rigs on the roads! In the Mad Max world where resources are scarce, hunting down other survivors is a great way to get by?. This trike was retrofitted to force others to stop in every possible way! There are 15 functions in total: Driving, steering, missiles, harpoon turret turning, harpoon turret tilting, harpoon shooting, harpoon winch, harpoon winch neutral, grenades, ladder turret turning, ladder turret tilting, mounted shotguns, catapult, mines and tire spikes
  8. That was great? didnt expect that!
  9. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Thank you! Nope, The mini LA's hold up just fine. the bridge is not that heavy actually.
  10. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    With the black leaver on the dispenser.
  11. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Thanks you all! Basically it's done! I might change some things but I intend to to start filming soon. In a MAD MAX world the name of the game is taking resources (without asking ) to survive. This reverse trike has been modified to do just that! Specifically It's outfitted to board, capture and stop anything from lone wasteland travelers to convoy's and big trucks like "the war rig". Edit: Photos were moved to post below.
  12. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    Put some cloth on this bad boy:
  13. shadow_elenter

    [TC17] War Trike

    You assumed correctly and you were right about the suspension at first, but that has been fixed since: It's quite fast and I added all-wheel steering so it turns on a dime!
  14. another tirke! looking very interesting I do worry about the flex a bit... how is it IRL?