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  1. As of today youtube has changed it's youtube partner program rules. It's a bit complicated to explain but it comes down to the fact that small youtubers (like me!) will no longer be able to make money from their video's. if they don't meet the new, higher requirements. As of today, one needs to have more than 4000 HOURS worth of views over the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to be able to make money with the video's he posts. I just got an E-mail telling me I have until February 20th to reach the new requirement or my channel will be kicked out of YPP! So if you enjoy my video's, PLEASE go to my channel, and I'f you like what you see SHARE A VIDEO on your facebook paige. I'm on the verge losing the income to support my hobby, and this might mean I'll can no longer make high quality video's of my MOC's such as the exempels shown below. Don't forget I'm not alone in this, so check in with your favorite LEGO channels and support them! Thank you.
  2. Holes in Technic MOCs

    I think hole less is best also, and not just in cars. In my case(and probably a lot of other builders also) the limiting factor is that I don't have the right parts in the right color to fill it up nicely. In my latest rollercoaster MOC I used all my panels and lift-arms to fill gap's but I just didn't have enough...
  3. HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    That would be very hard to do, especially with the big g-force spinner and it's claw. To make it stop after a specific amount of spins and then stop exactly in 1 specific spots and then reset after... Remember that without an SBrick there's no speed control. For most other parts it could be done I guess, but I have SBricks so why not use them? Besides I like to control my MOC's, after all lego is meant to be played with.
  4. HUGE technic figure ROLLERCOASTER

    Thank you guy's for all the praise and support!! I was also unsure about what to call it... It's definitely not a regular rollercoaster.. nothing like this exists in real life The thing is that in real life this would not be feasible because it would be WAY to expensive ant technically complex to to justify the cost . But it's a ride made for amusement, designed specifically for the thrill factor, it has tracks, a speed launcher, upside down stuff... and a cart with safety features... so I kept coming back to the word rollercoaster... What woud you call it? I really hope so, if you guys think it is worthy But I'm in there already so I'm not sure if that is allowed.
  5. As a kid I always wanted to build a LEGO rollercoaster, but I never had enough LEGO to try building one... until now. After winning a large LEGO set in the battle bot contest last year I decided that I now finally had enough LEGO to try building a rollercoaster, so I did! I always try, but it's quite hard to be original since there's so many creative builders out there. But when I did some research and I found that no one had ever posted pictures or videos of a true rollercoaster scaled to accommodate technic figures I knew I found my challenge! The main challenges of building one was the fact that there's no tracks made by LEGO to work on this scale. I experimented with making tracks with various parts, but making curves never really worked like I wanted it to, and even a small radius turn took way to many parts. And then it hit me... I don't NEED curved tracks! all I need is ways to make the cart change direction! After that realization my brain exploded with fun and creative ways to do just that. Not only does it take less parts because you can stay very compact, it's technically way more interesting(to build), and more fun to watch For those interested I made a separate video about the techniques I used to make everything work. This was my biggest MOC ever, and it took me extra long because I Had a "dark age" in the middel of the build, but in the end I'm extremely happy with the end result. Let me know what you guys think!
  6. Lego Technic Figures

    I love the little guy's! I own 3 of them, and use them all the time. In fact I just completed an insane massive rollercoaster made specifically to there scale! (youtube video is coming some ware this weekend I hope) PS: seats work very well, even without the safety bar they don't fall out of the rollercoaster (and it gets pretty rough)
  7. I see nothing wrong with the current PF motor lineup, I would LOVE a PF small motor and a smaller battery pack as an addition to the current lineup. I say SBrick struck gold, BT 4 channels (up to 64!) speed control, simple programming capability, and now with the SBrick+... sensors! They should just buy SBrick, tweek the software a little and come out with 2 or 3 more we do style sensors. To keep it easy for the youngsters, in addition to the a smartphone app make a gamepad-like controller to bundle with sets. best of both worlds!
  8. a flywheel might work... depending on your planed application. Aaaanyway I'm sitting this one out, I don't own any pullback motors and I'm still not finished with my technic figure scale rollercoaster (having a bit of a dark age). Good luck to everyone!
  9. 24: 10 9: 6 15: 4 2: 3 6: 2 20: 1
  10. OD-CX

    nice use of the arc's, would have been a good entry for the TC11
  11. I own: 7x PF M motor 6x PF L-motor 7x PF XL-motor 2x PF servo-motor 1x 9v old style motor 4x PF light 1x PF laser 1x PF electromagnet and 7 sbrick's (2 of them sbrick plus) Who can guess what I voted?
  12. Non-vehicle sets & MOCs

    I love this topic, great initiative! I almost never look at sports car MOC topic's, it's just bores me because it's to much of the same for my tast. To me it seems like you can make almost anything with Lego, then why is almost everything a vehicle, and 2/3 of that a sports car!? Feels like a waist of creative potential to me. I do sometimes build vehicles, but when I do it will always be something far away from what is commonly build like my terraformer MOC for instance. I do really like GBC's because they're all very different and unique while doing the same thing. Very challenging and often satisfying to watch.
  13. Show us your Working Place

    Should my battle-bots contest prize ever arrive (been waiting for 2.5 months now!!!) I will have 111 of them... love those things! To keep this post slightly on-topic, 111 frames will be annoying to store in sorting boxes