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  1. shadow_elenter

    Lego Dishwasher

    Very neat!
  2. shadow_elenter

    42054 C Model - Boom Handler

    Looking good mate!
  3. I'm glad to see the immortal/mortal system. I might just take this challenge on...
  4. Good lighting is the key to good video's. I once made the investment to buy 2 filming lights and I haven't regretted it for a moment! I had the same issue with lots of shadows and yellow look. Before I bought the lights I made THIS, and after THIS the difference is night and day! PS: yay post #200!
  5. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    Thanks! It's one of the best things of getting a new part: finding new combinations to solve a problem your having, or finding new combinations, and then finding what problem it could solve.
  6. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Mechanical Tower of Hanoi solver

    Oeh, missed this one before! Glad I spotted it now, already learned a new trick while watching, and to me those are the best moments when browsing the forums! Great work mate!
  7. shadow_elenter

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    That looks VERY interesting I'm not a big fan of car MOC's in general because overal they tend innovate very little (partially inherent to the limitations of cars) and copy a lot but this I wil follow! I do expect real-world issues, but Personally, even if it does not work I applaud your out of the box thinking. I'd much rather watch an out of the box WIP ultimately fail than another re-combination of proven drive train/suspension elements succeed. Keep it up!
  8. shadow_elenter

    42095 Remote Control Stunt Racer

    that rear wheel... I want 8 of them! God, I hope it has teeth on the inside like this one:
  9. shadow_elenter

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    unfortunately no interesting new technical parts this time around. Also I'm not really impressed bij the looks of this wave... That cherry picker is just disturbingly lazy.
  10. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Technic Abomination

    I had seen that, but waching someone operate the functions manually can still be very interesting.
  11. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Technic Abomination

    That made me laugh out loud! Looks great and interesting! That tool belt is a nice detail and I especially love the legs! w Will there be a video?
  12. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    Hey, I just checked for you but unfortunately I don't. I can't take a new one for you because It has already been deconstructed, in fact I'm already halfway into my new MOC. .
  13. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    You can, but it defeats the purpose... I came up with the exact same idea first, but IRL this does not really work. You can't drive the grey gear when used like that because the teeth are inaccessible, forcing you to drive it from a side axle. If you drive it from the side there's more play on the 3 inner gears then there is between the outer gears and the turntable so the turntable starts to drive the 16t gear opposing the "drive side 16t gear". then what is driving what? There's also something with the grey gear having its geared edge 1/2L back in comparison to its new blue brother. This forces you to place it in 1/2L inward, leaving no space for this part to stabilize the axle creating even more play in the 3 inner gears when under high loads the axle starts to flex. The blue gear (+ stabilizer) can be driven directly, so whatever play there is is equally divided, even when driven from a side axle this setup proved to be far more effective (due to less play in the gears I think). I so wish it could tho... would make the video 3x as cool!
  14. shadow_elenter

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Yay! It's black and yellow! Keeping my fingers crossed for interesting new parts!
  15. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Fully Romote Controlled Robot Submarine

    That is not new indeed, in fact I believe there's more than one way to do that in your book. But it performs a different function, so I think we misunderstand each other. The idea is to rotate a large turntable with 2 16t gears driving it from 2 sides instead of just one to make the turntable less prone to gear skipping and more capable of reliably handeling heavier loads AND simultaneously have an axle going through the center of the turntable to preform a function.