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  1. I tried tweezers too, but sometimes I have the feeling I'm damaging my parts if I need to aply a bit more force.For me it feels like I won't damage my pins if I pull them by the slot. Half of what I do with my dental pick is positioning bushes and that is easyer for me with a pick. I never aply any stickers, but that's a good use for tweezers though. I guess both come in handy... Maybe we need to produce a frankenstein tweezer with a hook on the other end
  2. Hi guy's I made a video about how I use a dental tool when building with LEGO technic, and I thought I'd share it here. What I forgot to mention in the video is that I also use it to route power functions cables through MOC's, it's very handy in that way. Does anyone els use non-LEGO tools to build?
  3. YAAAAAY! I couldn't be hapier! Thank you all who voted for me! Congratulations to @Erik Leppen and @HallBricks. This was a great contest! The theme was quite challenging (I underestimated that quite a bit) but the MOC's that it inspired are also quite awesome as a result! I love the techniques I've seen and I might borrow some in future MOC's Great work everyone.
  4. If there was a good, easy and viable solution to this, big companies would already be doing it on mass scale, buy even they can't fully stop this (yet). The best thing for now is notifying each other like this so the content creator can take it down by filing a complaint. I wish that all sites were required by law to pay the revenue someone gained on an illegal post to the original content creator when they file a copyright claim. That way they get a bit of a hassle when someone illegally posts something, and they might actively try to prevent this.
  5. shadow_elenter

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader V3

    That looks VERY good! Nice work
  6. shadow_elenter

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    You must hate me then, my latest MOC has 4 motors in one function... TWICE If you start building BIG you will find that LEGO motors are very limited in their strength. I could make the outer ring in my TC14 entry spin very slowly with 2XL motors, but making it spin at a reasonable speed will simply require more torq. A gearbox is not an option in this case because shifting back and and then shifting up would result in a VERY slow revers of rotational direction. these are physics you simply can not overcome. In smaller models I agree, but when you go big or go for RC play-ability... It's not always that black and white
  7. Sad stuff... People can always rig or try to influence if they REALLY want to... Luckily, we have vigilant moderators that counter this. I think the voting element is essential in these contests because they're a big part of the fun and it's a big part of the "activity" that having a contest like this is intended to generate. This is why we have a 50% community vote and a 50% jury vote.
  8. shadow_elenter

    Signature Technic Quirks?

    LOL, me to I use the yellow once , and all those little yellow accents just make it that bit nicer! I enjoy building symmetrical, down to the pins in unseen places, I have been known to take something apart to correct it if I mess up. I do this partially in case I want to add something later. Otherwise I might for instance have a pinhole free on the 4th hole in a specific lift arm on the right side or something , and when I have built an add-on and I want to copy it to the other side I might be unable to because the 4th hole is in use on the right side. And... of course my signature color scheme...
  9. shadow_elenter

    [TC14] 3D Dizzy

    I know, they have my permission. So do 2 other websites. I also just got a message from facebook staff that they removed the video on a paige that had stolen my content. It's going quite far quite fast.
  10. shadow_elenter

    My Catfish MOC

    I like it, quite an out of the box thought!
  11. A link to a youtube video is a good thing, that way the content creator just gets more views (even if they feel the urge to claim it's theirs). If someone downloads a video and then re-uploading it, that's when the views go lost and that's when I personally take offence.
  12. People like this don't have a viewers base or infrastructure, he has 36 views, half of those are probably his mom Still a sad display, good spot. These are the worst: this one This someone who copied my video DIRECTLY to facebook and has 9100 views at this moment. They have another one of my video's up there in a similar fashion, and I reported both to facebook 2 days ago but they're still up! Facebook is deliberately slow with taking down copyright infringing content, and there's basically no penalty for the poster. PS: @Sariel I tag you so you see the above, and to notify you the same channel steals your video's LINK
  13. If the whole editing rule is on my account don't bother. I wil not be entering contests any more.