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Found 4 results

  1. Part 1 - The Highest Position Part 2 - Glorious New World Part 3 - Handling Business Part 4 - Winning the people Part 5 - The Candidate Part 6 - The Safe Harbour Plan Part 7 - Beyond Part 8 - The Launching Part 9 - Denied Part 10 - Admius Legistrad "We really need to sharpen our diplomatic relationships", Román Fontonajo told the crowd, standing around him at the quays of Pontelli, two hours after his big speech. "What do you mean by that, governor Fontonajo?", a merchant asked him. "Are Corrington or Oleon our friends, our allies? Or just neighbours who we happen to have some singular good relations with? Is Mardier really our enemy, are we really at war with them? The fact that you don't know the answers any better than I do, at least I assume - and who could blame any of us? - is proof enough that our relationships aren't clear enough." "And how do you plan on changing that, governor?" "Talking, much talking. With them, I mean. Paired with mutual understanding. And mutual benefit. No agreement will work that only brings benefit to one of the parties, and only harm to the other. There always has to be something in it for both sides. And then we need to maintain it all in written words, a treaty. We should have many of those, clearly stating what all involved parties will do in the future.", Román explained. "Any example?", a guy from the crowd asked. "Sure. I can imagine some of the trading nations - like us, Oleon, Corrington, Garvey - agreeing on a treaty that we will always leave our ports open to each other. It's not so much about changing things, more about solidifying the current status. Like I said: Sharpen it." A wealthy cloth merchant, who had long business relations with Fontonajo, took the word: "Román, earlier in your inspiring speech you told us that you intend to make the seas safer again, especially in regards to pirates taking our trading ships. As you know I have only recently lost two of my trading ships, so I am more than curious, my friend, to hear your ideas on how to handle the pirates. Another Purge maybe?" Román didn't need any time for consideration, but had his answer ready: "The Purge was a great initiative, and I think may well be continued. But there sure have to be other options as well. When I think about the Sea Rats for example - anarchistic though they often are - most of them are far from being pirates. Some have been both your and my trading partners for many years. Others have helped us against Mardier. Many just look for profit, and due to lack of their own trading goods try to profit from other people's goods, like ours. Why not just offer them better profit? Many of them are fierce warriors at sea - why shouldn't we hire them to protect our convoys? Give it a moment of thought." Román turned his head and continued watching the launching of the "Colonia", one of the fastest ships that have been built in the new world so far. She was a true beauty. His true beauty. His fast beauty. "Governor?", one of the men around him interrupted his thoughts. "Where do you plan to take the Colonia for her maiden voyage and continue your campaign?" "Elysabethtown. And then to Salida Este on Ferro Azure.", Román told the people, making one of the most fatal mistakes of his life. Because little did he know that not all ears who listened to him were friendly.
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB2] The 'Scimitar'

    Ahoy mateys, A ship - who would have guessed?! Presenting: The 'Scimitar' The Scimitar is a rather unusual sight in the waters of New Terra. She is what most people these days would call a Xebec – a ship type clearly not common to the shipwrights of the Madrice Peninsula. And she wasn't built in Oleon. In fact, her true origins lie to the far south. She was bought by the Royal Shipyards from merchantmen who traded in Granoleon. Merchantmen from the Mokolei Empire, where expertly crafted Xebecs are used vastly as warships as well as traders. The Royal Shipyards were impressed by the Scimitar's cargo capacity, but astonished by her protective capacities. Arming a fast trade ship that heavily is something not very common outside the Rogian Sea, where pirates are a constant menace to merchant ships. But with the ever increasing trade volume here, more pirates are likely to try finding opportunities to prey on unprotected traders in the Eastern Brick Seas, also. So what better opportunity to learn new concepts and adapt to the new times than to buy a veteran ship, that excelled under such conditions. The Xebec design is now being studied extensively by the Royal Shipyards' master shipwrights, and the Scimitar has been given Oleander colors. Now she is ready to sail under her new flag. And - as always - IFS shaming about: This one was a tough one to build. Building the angled poop deck, and attaching it to the rest of the ship - without gravity and the magic capabilities of the opposable thumb - was, well... difficult. So was designing the latin yardarms (or what they are called) Credits for the 'eye' design go to Dunkleosteus. Some numbers: She's 92 studs long at the waterline, length overall is 135, and she is 23 studs wide. She's also my first ship to feature completely snoted decks. For now her intended class is a 5F, but I armed her a bit heavier than the average 5F, so that might change with the new ship list. I hope you like her, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  3. Ahoy again, second FB incoming: The 'Commerce de Breshaun' The 'Commerce de Breshaun' is the first capital ship built in Breshaun's 'Royal Shipyards'. She was ordered and paid for by the Breshaun Chamber of Commerce, and donated to the 'Office Royal de la Marine' as a sign of gratitude for continued Royal support and investment. Constructed with a sleek hull, and rigged as a barque, she is a fast and agile sailer, able to keep up with the top speed ships of the Oleander merchant fleet. May her voyages be blessed by Poseidon so she will bring fortune to the Empire! Next, with a reduced number of sails, for you to see some deck details: And last, but not least - and almost already a tradition - IFS shaming: about: As always, all parts exist. This time a bit more emphasis on sails and rigging, although the hull also comes with some unique features. Her hull is exactly 100 studs long at the water line, making her slightly larger than 'La Recouvrance', and her beam is 23 studs wide. Credits for the 'Fleur de Lys' design go to Gideon! As you said, works out well on a ship I hope you enjoy her looks, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  4. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB5] 'La Recouvrance'

    Ahoy once more, laddies! True to my credo 'A ship a day keeps the Corry away' I am honored to present to you the pride of the Oleander trading fleet, the Class 5F schooner 'La Recouvrance'. Also, this is my fifth FB this month (my fingers are bleeding), so should you like her, I'd appreciate your approval This latest ship in Oleon's Merchant Navy was build in the 'Royal Shipyards' head facilities in Quilbignon, planned and supervised by Master Engineer Maurice chevalier de Col. To be even more precise, she was laid down and build in record speed in the larger of the two 'Pontaniou' basins on Quilbignon's western banks, and named after the quarter itself. Her proud name is the ultimate expression of the confidence Recouvrance's shipwrights put into their own abilities of crafting masterful vessels. May she live up to this promise and may she serve King and Nation to her full potential! With a hull length of 94 studs 'La Recouvrance' is not only Oleon's largest trading vessel, but her sleek hull, low center of gravity, and three gaff rigged masts also make her the fastest of all ships in the Sea of Storms. These attributes in combination with a crew composed of only the most dedicated and experienced sailors will hopefully favor the voyages that lie ahead. May there be many to come! Here's a comparison shot, you can see her putting the puny IFS to shame About this ship: I tried to make her paint scheme simmilar to that of the 'Revenant', kind of a 'corporate design' idea, which I might continue. So no fancy colors. I'm very pleased with her shape to be honest. It was a tough job designing her this low, since I had to manage hiding all the connections under deck, pretty hard considering the curvature. I'm especially fond of the way the stern turned out, along with the overhang (good you can build it without knowing the nautical term for it), which I tried for the first time. As always, she's buildable and would be stable enough, although she'd not be swooshable, 'cause of her size. The masts would be delicate, but - with internal flex tubes and proper (real) rigging - could be supported. Oh, and placing the water was more than a pain - but worth it. Thanks for watching. As always, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!