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Found 3 results

  1. Sebeus I

    Flying Dutchman

    It is finally completed, took me long enough . Let's start with some history; Now, back to the present; I had some help from my sister to spice up those first 4 pictures . The prow underwent a lot of changes since the last version, it took me a while to get to something I was satisfied with. It is one of the more difficult parts of the famous ghost ship after all. A small but very important addition is the original Davy Jones minifigure, to serve as captain. For your information, that one was quite expensive . There were a lot of changes on the stern and poop deck. It began with some structural changes (because it kept breaking apart) but later also characteristic details were added, such as Dead watching over the ship and the flippers on the galleries. Apart from the minifigures there is only one black part on the ship, which is the compass on the steering wheel. Excluding the colour black from the colour scheme was essential. The one aspect that the new version did not improve on is interior access. While the previous version had a complete interior I sacrificed main gun deck for structural reinforcements. The port side of the ship was also finished (previous version was open on one side). But I did keep the captain quarters, with some changes though. The cabin can be accessed by taking out the poop deck. On the previous ship the stern was usually a disaster whenever I moved this ship. It's a lot more stable now. Yep, I'm quite satisfied with this one. Time to move on to a new project . Video
  2. This is my version of the "Capstan Hammer" of the Flying Dutchman (cf. if you want to see the mechanism in action visit because I cannot upload more than 0,1 MB :/ The most challenging part was to construct the inner part in such a way that it rotates along with it, but can also be lifted and falls down abruptly. In addition, the mechanism should be kept so small that it can be installed in a normally dimensioned ship. Although the rotary movement of the hammer during lifting is not exactly the same speed as that of the capstan, I am still quite satisfied with the result.
  3. LDD/MLCad 16A We all have heard of the famous ghost ship Flying Dutchman with it's cursed captain, Van Der Decken. He and his ship must sail the seas forever, constantly tossed about in a perpetual storm for some unknown crime against nature. Any ship that sights the Dutchman must pay the cost of a life to become a part of the un-dead crew. That unfortunate person is usually the first to see the ghost ship, who normally suffers from a fatal accident soon after spotting the vessel. Well, I made my own version of this ship of terror inspired by Spongebob set #3187, Flying Dutchman. I elongated the ship and added another mast... here are the pictures. But first is the original set for comparison purposes. ...and here is my version! Captain Van Der Decken (owner of the Dutchman) has a legendary sword that allows the owner to live forever, but at the cost of his soul and for eternal service to the sword. He steals at least one soul from any ship that sights his vessel, slowly building his navy of sailors into a large and formidable force to be reckoned with over the centuries. The primary use of the navy of the dead is to help the Evil One on the battle with the forces of good at the end of time... but until then, they collect souls in their bigger-on-the-inside pirate ship. Here is the stern (rear) of the ship. The Dutchman features eight guns instead of the original four, and two masts instead of one. I also elongated the ship to make it's proportions look better. This is the Captain of the ghost ship Flying Dutchman, cursed to sail the stormy seven seas for eternity with his undead crew, bringing death and misfortune to all that see him and his ship. Captain Van Der Decken "won" the sword from it's previous owner, a captain whose name was Davy Jones. He claimed the sword in the heat of battle with the ghostly crew sometime in the 1700's, and in doing so, released the last owner from service, turning him to his true 200 year old self. (AKA, dust) After that, Van Der Decken realized no-one can board the ghost ship unless he allows it, and then he must find a suitable heir to the sword. As Van Der Decken relishes life and fears eternal punishment for his crimes against life, he will not let anyone board the ship, and as such has been Captain longer than any one else in history. If he has his way, this will remain until the end of days, when the crew will land at the closest sea port and will help the Evil One battle for control of the fate of humanity. Here is the LDD file for the ship and it's captain: Please note, that in the LDD file these parts are not quite right: the captain's suit is not correct ( ) the sails of this ship should be printed, ( ) and his hat should have a printed brim ( ) The head is a stand in, but you can use whichever one you want. Comments, Questions & complaints welcome!