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  1. scheuerbeutel

    The Golden Medallion – looking for a Photoshop expert

    Ok brickolinos, I'm finished. Check this out: I have primarily restored the original colors. Translucent images and text on the back of the scan were not retouched. However, they appear somewhat more inconspicuous due to the levels correction. And here is the scaled down version, for those of you who don't need 1.5 GB of images:
  2. scheuerbeutel

    The Golden Medallion – looking for a Photoshop expert

    If the subject is still relevant, I would like to take over.
  3. scheuerbeutel

    Flying Dutchman "Capstan Hammer" release the Kraken mechanism

    Thanks. Maybe someday, but not in the near future. I rather hope that Lego publishes the Flying Dutchman as an official set and adds a working hammer and of course the triple-barreled chase guns with a simple 1/3 rotation stepper.
  4. This is my version of the "Capstan Hammer" of the Flying Dutchman (cf. if you want to see the mechanism in action visit because I cannot upload more than 0,1 MB :/ The most challenging part was to construct the inner part in such a way that it rotates along with it, but can also be lifted and falls down abruptly. In addition, the mechanism should be kept so small that it can be installed in a normally dimensioned ship. Although the rotary movement of the hammer during lifting is not exactly the same speed as that of the capstan, I am still quite satisfied with the result.