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Found 6 results

  1. So, a lot of builders aren't really very keen with using G1 Bionicle parts with the CCBS. While that's fine and dandy, I just want to tease you with a little something I discovered the other week... Yep, Vorox armour works perfectly with CCBS bones with Technic holes! Connected with just one Technic pin, and kept stationary via it's own axle connector slotting into the bottom of the socket area of the bone, it's almost as if you have a brand spanking new CCBS shell! This Vorox can't believe his newly-revamped optics! Even if you're largely CCBS purist (like myself), I still think you should invest in some of these. They come in tan and brown like you see here, but also black and purple, and a 5 year money back guarantee! Lewis god dammit this isn't an infommercial please stop Give it a try!
  2. Hi all, While building, I recently found out that my collection has diminished due to scattered, lost, broken parts and such, as well as my selection getting old, with 90% of "old" basic and semi-specialized bricks (dirty colors, plates, wedges, etc.) VS 10% of "new" bricks (fresh color, brackets, cheese slopes, tiles, etc.). Although I can still manage to find a way to build what I want, I've been facing a wall more and more while creating stuff. I often feel "part limited". Sometimes I don't have enough of a certain part (e.g. 4 light gray tap parts), sometimes it's in a limited palette (e.g. I have 1 pink brick in my entire collection), or I want the part/color and I don't have it at all. It results in sometimes mismatching colors in a MOC when I don't have enough parts of the same color. In some situations, I want to try new techniques but I don't have the parts required. In others I want to make a rock landscape but I don't have enough slopes... My vision can't be brough to life... And is it frustrating! Every so often I want to reboot my entire collection and buy 1000$ worth of bricklink parts! Did you ever see that wall? Do you feel part limited? If so, at what point (e.g. 20 white 1x1 tiles isn't enough for me anymore) and in what situation (e.g. I want to use new SNOT techniques but I don't have any brackets)? What do you do then? Do you enter a rage and punch your MOC? Do you think outside the box and find another solution? Do you empty the Bricklink stores? Do you quit LEGO? (...)
  3. Logan McOwen

    Me and the CCBS

    When the CCBS was first introduced in 2011, I didn't really MOC with it on its own very often. I usually integrated what little CCBS I had with standard Bionicle parts. At that time, I also built much more complex models using the G1 parts and Technic. But, as my CCBS collection grew, I decided to keep my CCBS and G1 parts separate, which led me to start MOCing with the systems separately. I really love building with the CCBS, and back then it was nice to take a break from Technic and over-abundant greebles and just build simpler things - like a holiday for the imagination. But, as time went on, I found myself MOCing with G1 parts less and less... To the point where I haven't so much as touched my G1 parts collection for any other purpose than to scavenge for weapons or masks for CCBS MOCs. When the Bionicle reboot hype really got going, I started integrating gearboxes into my CCBS MOCs, adding functionality and more longevity into the building process. So now, I don't really MOC to make things as custom as I can, like I used to, but rather just to make things which are fun to build, nice looking and poseable, without stressing myself out. Before now, I'd spend weeks perfecting a design, getting annoyed with myself when something I'd spent hours on didn't look right. That was sometimes really stressful. But now that I MOC with the CCBS, the creative process is actually therapeutic more than anything. Snapping the bones together, slapping on the armour shells and addons, swapping out different colours, spending some time perfecting a characters mechanism/s... It's just nice to spend an hour or less putting somebody/thing together. Yes, CCBS MOCs can be somewhat samey, but I'm working on that. Things like gearboxes and other mechanisms are one of the many steps I am taking to ensure that. But again, I'm not building to blow people away with my technical prowess - rather, I'm just building for my enjoyment and relaxation. I don't want to be doing the same thing every time though, which is why I am beginning to experiment with new things. Is anybody here of the same mindset? Or am I just weird?
  4. Hi all! I was wondering; what rules do you guys live by while creating your creative creations? Do you refuse to mix used and new bricks? Is a certain color banned from your household? Are all your buildings the same height? Do you only want flesh colored minifigs? What about mixing in Friends or Fabuland? Is only the original trilogy of Star Wars allowed? Stuff like that... I have certain rules and guidelines for my modular building MOCs: -Everything has to be functional: All apartments need at least a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lounge area All shops need a toilet and preferable also a stockroom/canteen/backoffice All floors need to be reachable by stairs (seriously Lego, what's up with the one-way escalators in Grand Emporium??) -I only use yellow minifigs -I wanna see studs as less as possible, but I'm not hating on them -NO mixing of old dark gray with new dark gray, old brown with new brown (except for trees, then I don't mind the mix of hues), etc. Sometimes I mix the light grays if I don't have enough of one or the other, but will change it when I get more -NO other brands / third party bricks (like BrickForge) -Primary colors are only allowed as accent-colors and in non-visible places; NO fully red buildings for me I'm really interested in hearing what kinda rules and guidelines you guys live by. And do you have a reason for certain rules? Or are you a rebel without a cause and do you do whateva you want?
  5. I have a problem and was wondering if the more experienced MOCists or collectors here on Eurobricks could help me with it. A while back, inspired by my love of My Little Pony and Lego, and by the financial opportunity of selling my own MOCs, I designed a large-scale (46 studs long/18 studs wide/31 bricks tall) sculpt of one of the main MLP characters on Lego Digital Designer, with the idea that I could potentially order the parts to build and even sell the model. The problem was that the main color for this character was Medium Lavender, and while I made sure that all the parts I used existed in that semi-rare color, I didn't check how many were available or how much they cost. When I finally went to try and calculate how much this model would cost, I found that I had inadvertently used 345 2x2 corner plates—not only an expensive part on Bricklink, but one that wasn't even available in those quantities from all the sellers combined! I want to try to make this model a reality, and ideally I'd want to cut costs to the point where I could buy the parts to make duplicates and sell them at a profit. But to do soI have to rebuild the model completely, keeping the same exterior surfaces but using only those parts which are available, and of those, the ones which are the cheapest option. Unfortunately, the only way I've found to do so is to try building each single-brick layer of the model using as many possible combinations of parts as I can, and then calculate to find which version is the cheapest—all while keeping in mind that there is a maximum number of parts I can use in that color. Given the size of this model, this is a long and tedious process. So I was wondering if there were a more time-effective way to build a model while taking individual part quantities and prices into account. Does anyone know anything that would help me in this endeavor?
  6. 3rdeye88

    MOCing and Music.

    This topic might be a little off topic. But I was wondering what you guys listen to(if anything) while you're MOCing. Do you have particular genres or playlists that you find more suitable to MOCing? Personally, I really like my instrumental play list for "in general" MOCing music. Its comprised of a lot of video game and movie Soundtracks, and things like Two Steps From hell, just general "epic" theme music. I find instrumental stuff is less distracting than music with lyrics to it. I also listen to a lot of instrumental post rock/metal bands so when I want a Guitar/bass/drum vibe I play my post rock/metal playlist, even though there are things in there with vocals its got a lot that isn't. I'll also try and find fitting music for a specific MOC to even more inspire me or get me in the right mindset. Like for the Cerberus Chopper. I tried finding a lot of hard rock, and had Godsmack on heavy rotation, something I felt a modern day biker might listen to. You guys ever listen to music based on what might fit your MOC or what it might listen to?