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  1. FORD GT

    The view from the top illustrates some stunning lines
  2. [TC12] The Unrollable

    The bins of pieces isn't something I've seen at the Lego stores here in the UK. Sounds like a treasure trove of fun
  3. Show us your Working Place

    What came first, the Lego or the ice-cream? 😀
  4. Not big enough! Fortunately, I rarely build the official models.
  5. I'm sure that is the case though, I have not seen the instructions for 42030 either. This would make sense, that the configuration has turned out different for the two operating modes of the controller (drive/steer & functions). An interesting configuration to investigate and resolve. Unfortunately, not interesting enough to give me incentive to buy 42070, even at a discount. This is the first set of the last 5 years that I will not have purchased.
  6. Which booklet do you refer to?
  7. [TC12] The Unrollable

    Do I understand correctly, that you find Technic pieces in your local PaB wall? I've never seen a single Technic piece in all my visits.
  8. Having not seen the instructions for the model, I do not believe that the answer is so obvious. So, I feel the question remains valid, especially given that the set has received so much criticism.
  9. Is this as Lego designed the model or, is it because the controllers have been reversed by the reviewer?
  10. The world now feels back in balance Thank you
  11. Happy 40th Technic !

    I recall that the 8860 used an old tap component for fixing the tubes around the engine. I'm not sure that is still in production.
  12. Those same schoolers on the East Coast US will be right in the middle of their morning classes.
  13. RC MG Metro 6R4

    Welcome to Eurobricks The 6R4 is a great candidate for an MOC due to the blocky nature of its design. It suits Lego elements perfectly.
  14. I'd be interested to know where TLG deem the highest density of Technic fans to be. AFOL's in the western hemisphere will likely be at work, and younger fans will be back at school. It kind of makes a mockery of the event being "LIVE".
  15. Perfect timing for the middle of the working day, both Europe and the Americas. I'm not sure how many of the AFOL community will be able to tune in for what is surely going to be most appealing to AFOL nostalgia.