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  1. This has turned out better than I'd hoped! The functions are implemented incredibly well HoF may well be relevant.
  2. Great to see this working 👍 The timing seems to require only 4 of the 8 buckets on the main wheel. Is this true to the original?
  3. This is the first time I've been aware of such a vehicle. Great MOC and I second @KikoTube with respect to the suspension. It looks like an innovative design
  4. Technic vs System definition

    @Saberwing40k Nothing wrong with kicking a hornets nest once in a while
  5. Technic vs System definition

    And there I was, thinking that all those engines in models were technic, and all along they've been system 😱😂
  6. Looks good. How does the performance compare to the original set?
  7. With regards all the "old school" comments, I have to say that I rather like the overall look
  8. [WIP] 1962 Corvette C1

    Black panels are going to get expensive 😱
  9. [MOC] Lime Buggy

    I'll second that idea. If the engine block can be integral to the rear structure all the better
  10. I'm really interested in this build. I've worked on the AW169 in the past and its really nice to see a model of something that I've had some (albeit small) contribution to designing.
  11. [MOC] Lime Buggy

    I like the scale and the simplicity
  12. [WIP] Ultra 4 Buggy

    Looks great. I look forward to an opportunity to produce a copy myself.
  13. Is it recognisablecas a Mack Anthem ... yes. Is it a technic model ... yes. Is it a scale model ... no. Based on your logic and attention to detail, I assume you are still waiting to buy your first Technic set? 😀
  14. It is a departure from the "pure" technic models that we're accustomed to, that's for sure. A sign of things to come maybe?
  15. That looks much better than I expected.