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Found 5 results

  1. thecrea1or

    UCS Probe Droid

    This model is heavily inspired by Icemann on Flickr. The build contains 555 pieces. All of the legs are articulated and the head rotates. Please give me feedback on the model as this is my first post and I worked very hard designing the model and the display plaque.
  2. StarWars8Spoiler

    [LDD MOC] Imperial Probe Droid

    Today I have a small little build (about 40 pieces) of the Imperial Probe Droid, as seen in Episode V. Its features include a rotating head and movable arms. When I was designing this I tried to make it more screen accurate than LEGO's renditions that we've seen in years past. Comments or criticisms are welcome and encouraged!
  3. hey everyone =) my name's clement, from singapore. i'm very pleased to have the chance to get to know fellow lego fans from all over the world. Lego and Star Wars are my joys from young. Bought so many UCS and haven't actually built them, and then suddenly there was this ridiculous TRU sale in one of the malls, and so I bought a few of the mini SW ships and had a go. After that, it was no turning back, and I have been building day and night, much to the irritation of the other half... lol The Imperial Probe droid to me, is one of the coolest ever created in the entire series. It set the tone for the dark ESB chapter, and the scene of the droid emerging from the crash, legs dangling and head spinning menancingly still holds me in awe till this day. But I just thought it doesn't get enough attention, and so I set out to build my own. =) The final lego droid is made up of 550++ pieces and stands about 40cm tall (including base). Here it is, placed next to a 12inch "SIDESHOW" battle droid, for scale comparison. Here's another angle, next to a full size stormtrooper, for scale comparison as well lol The toughest challenge in this project, has to be that head, which has details on a 360 degree basis. I honestly sprained my brain on this one. In the photo below, different views of the head is presented, to illustrate the different eyes and snouts that I tried my best to replicate. Using different sizes of s, m and L, I tried in my purist mode, to differentiate all the variants and to keep them as close to the movie as possible. The legs provided the most fun of the build. Achieving full posability was a challenge I set myself, while attempting to get the unique claws to mirror the ones in the movie. Here's an R&D concept shot, before I finally arrived at the final profiles which I am contented with. I hope fellow fans will approve of this Probeject.=) I have also submitted the project to the Lego Ideas platform. If you also think this is a pretty okay project, which you would like LEGO to consider turning into a real project, please do hop over to the link below to support=). I'm honestly quite embarrassed to be canvassing for support here, but the Lego Ideas platform require creators to promote their projects to create awareness, with the hope that it will pull in support. If you would like to back this uo, please click here to go to the website, to give your support >> FInally, design really never ends, thats what I learnt in school. If you have comments and ideas to help further improve on this project, I look forward to hearing from everyone =) With that, I thank you for reading and supporting. I hope this is a Droid you are looking for! =) regards dark grey matters
  4. Samppu

    [MOC] Probe Droid

    Hello everyone and regards from Finland, I am a new member on this forum and I thought I'd like to share some of my recent MOCs. I am Star Wars fan to the ultimatum and here you go, as my first MOC here: Lego MOC Probe Droid Features two Lego-battlepack blasters, the other hidden into the core structure, and the other lurking between the legs. The head also rotates as in the movies. This MOC will also make a small part of the Kessel diorama we are setting up for the ModelExpo 2015 in Helsinki (10.-12.4.) with Hereticae and a couple of other builders. Those dark grey clips on the core that hold together those black control sticks on a tube I will change to black ones when I happen find/buy more of them. Those red 1 x 1 plates are the bolts of the blasters that are not very easily seen from this angle. Challenge: take Lego-pictures without cat megablocks in the picture. So far success rate 50 % for Legos. Apparently the Imperial Viper Droid was no match against the mighty Krayt Dragon... -Samppu
  5. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    Imperial Probe Droid MOC

    After getting the a bit overprized 75014 Battle of Hoth set at 20% off from TrU the day before, I decided to build my own version of the Imperial Probe Droid in Minifig-scale and have a try at getting it closer to the shapes of the one we've seen in the movie at this scale. Here's my result. I hope you like it. Also, this is just another of a few builds I've done over the past two weeks, like the scout bike, a heavily modified AT AT (almost done with it) and an AT ST, which I will reveal soon - all part of the Imperial Hoth Attack force I'm currently building and planning on keeping assembled.