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Found 50 results

  1. The Golden Snake is under weigh! A MCTC messenger is aboard with important dispatches for Viceroy Renato Filamento C&C are welcome! I'm sure all you ship savvy people have plenty to say about my very landlubberish sail-do, so - fire away! This is my fourth free build this month, by the way!
  2. Kai NRG

    Log Cabin

    Decided to try my hand at one of these for my next residence! I see Bardo as something of a frontier settlement (rough and ready sounding name!), so that's where this is. Keep the pigs out! Also tried out Garmadon's base technique. Quite a parts monster! This was a pretty fun build! Comments are appreciated, and thanks for checking it out!
  3. Got 4 dark red profile bricks and just had to put them to some good use! This, by the way, is Guy's Uncle. Not quite sure what exactly he is doing in Weelond, but... here he is! I decided to do an SK style slide-out interior - pretty fun and remarkably easy! I'm on a roll! This pirate era stuff is fun! C&C welcome! This is my third free-build this month.
  4. Kai NRG

    Ageven's Manor

    Welcome to Ageven's summer residence down in Auner! But it's much more than just an exterior... there's a fully furnished set of rooms inside once you fold it out! No manor would be complete without a kitchen! Above the kitchen is a bedroom. Credit goes to SK and LJ for the bed, I took their use of headlight bricks for a spin. Really like how it ended up; I've been trying for a quite a while now to get a good bed design! On the opposite side of the foldout (this picture is taken from the bay window): One of the two rooms with a door (besides the attic) is Ageven's bedroom. This room is located on the bottom floor, right inside the bay window. The other room with a door is very inaccesible for a camera, so I didn't manage to get good pictures of it, which is a shame. It has the same kind of rafters as the chandelier room and a dismantled bed and a large dresser/shelf contraption. Moving upwards, the roof: My last build for the year, I assure you. Somehow it didn't quite turn out as I had anticipated, I think because of the flat roof. I was planning on more of a traditional tudor vibe with a bit of an almost modern touch thrown in with the stair stepped windows (which, by the way, I was super happy with! - even though I did keep running out of tan 1x1s), but instead it got a dash of an eastern feel. Oh well. On the whole this was a rather exhausting build. In some ways I almost like it better than my cathedral, but on the other hand... C&C welcome! Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed it!
  5. Previously - Part 1 - Plots and Preparations "What a day! What miserable cold!" Malek complained. "Sir, it is 80 degrees." "Eighty! Such a chill!" The coachman shrugged. Mummies! His passenger presently resumed the conversation. "Are we almost there yet?" "There's our destination - right over that dune." "That place? I took it for a chicken coop!" The tax collector looked out of the gilt coach window, disgusted. "Guess there won't be too many taxes to collect here... but you bet I'll get a hold of whatever there is to be had." To be continued... A few more pictures of the build: The back of the carriage: Carriages are always fun and though at times this one was a bit of a pain on the whole it was an enjoyable building experience! Pretty happy with how it turned out too, though like all my other carriages, it was too big for the base! Thanks for looking! Comments are always appreciated!
  6. Kai NRG

    Auner Chapel

    After months of construction, Auner's chapel is finally done. The chapel has a fully functional interior: One last overview: And, finally, I'm done! This build took a good deal longer than anticipated, but I'm happy with the end result. Not quite the largest build in terms of footprint that I've ever done, but almost certainly the largest in sheer bulk. Thanks for looking! C&C welcome, hope you enjoyed it!
  7. "These are my tenants, and it's my job to protect them! I simply am not going to let any official come and..." "Yes, yes, we understand that. But you can't just..." "Why not? Aren't we strong enough - " "Excuse me, Ageven," Kha interjected, "but these Ruadh twisted pastries are just so delicious - Siedna, may I?" "Help yourself, Kha - they're there to be eaten!" "Thank you! ...go ahead, Ageven." "What was I saying? Oh yes - can't we take whatever they throw at us? What sort of knights are we, frightened off by a few dry bones?!" Ageven glared around. Aymeri glanced at his companions and shook his head doubtingly. "You know I'm as tired of the Desert King as you are, but let's be realistic here! He beat us the first time!" "Look," Masa interjected, "We just plain can't use brute force. You know that as well as the rest of us, Ageven." "So? Do we just sit back and whine?" Ageven snapped. Not being able to use force to cut the knots quickly always shortened his temper. "No." Masa lowered his voice to a mysterious whisper. "There are other ways." "Other ways?" The conspirators gathered round and put their heads together. To be continued... An overview of the build. Inspiration for the windows came from MKJ's recent BoBS build!
  8. Kai NRG


    A fun free-build to take advantage of the free property license! Down in Weelond, reapers are just starting to get to work on this years crop. Many of the reapers are young whippersnappers who came over hoping to get rich quick but are now realizing that life in the New World isn't all it cracked up to be! C&C welcome! Thank you for looking!
  9. dr_spock

    The White Skull

    What's a Sea Rat without her ship? Susieh Cheng has the White Skull, a class 2A armed sloop. The White Skull by dr_spock_888, on Flickr Her cabin boy in the crow's nest has spotted something in the water. Is it more prey? The ship sailed towards the object in the water. They found a soldier adrift on a raft. "Please help me. I have been at seas for days without food or water. By the way, what happened to your eye?" The ship sailed on without rescuing the soldier. The soldier thought, "Hmpf, what just happened? Did I say something wrong?" This is my first attempt at making sails and rigging. I hope they are ok. Tying those tiny knots was hard without reading glasses. More pictures on the Brickshelf.
  10. Kai NRG

    Smuggler's Cove

    Eslandola's Northwest Coast is no place for law abiding citizens. Smuggling turns a pretty penny here, and doesn't seem to be too risky either. I'd say someone's been bribed! One last shot: C&C welcome! Thanks for looking and enjoy your time in BoBS!
  11. blackdeathgr

    Rough beaches

    Not everybody can make it at the seas of the New World... Thanks for viewing P.S: My camera and photographing skills suck big time!
  12. Hugo's father was the famous general Hermol d' Offren, with a huge painting of his still adjourning their nearly dilapidated cottage back home. Hermol was among king's most capable generals when one acute disagreement with a wealthier aristocrat threw him out of favor rather quickly.
  13. Despite the ravages of the civil war, there are a few secluded nooks where it is still possible to lead a peaceful life. C&C welcome as always!
  14. Below is a transcript of Ageven's speech on the occasion: “Fellow Kaliphlinians! Our country has been decimated. War has torn its lands and harried its people. The Desert King has hit hard with his merciless fist. The only hope of survival seems to lie in quiet submission. Many act as if resistance would be suicidal. “Are you a brave people? Or will you sit in your cushioned ivory palaces in Petraea and watch your liberties be swept away and only a few meager handouts be given you in return? Will you shut yourselves up in your narrow castles and ignore the pleas of your few countrymen who continue to hold out for freedom? Will you bury your heads in the remotest sands and congratulate yourself that whoever else falls, you are safe? You are not safe! I tell you, you are not safe! The tyrant pretends amnesty, he offers bribes, he whispers sweet promises. He only wishes to rout out a few pestilent trouble makers – then a glorious reign will be ushered in under which prosperity will flood – what? Whom? Not the average person, not the hard working merchants, not the careful barons – the beggarly flatterers, the court gossips, those who know how to further their own interests by smoothly buttering up the disentombed mummy that pretends to lead us! “And for the rest of us? What is left? A land ruined, a country shattered, a world that is falling apart. The worst brutally push their way to the top, and we – are we willing to stand by and see a corrupt monarchy lord it over us and our children? “Does it matter if we are willing? Is not hope gone? Are not things so far advanced that there is no possibility of stemming the tide? “Fellow Kaliphlinians, so far I have come with a message of despair. Now I point to our only terrestrial hope! Stand up, brave men of the south! Stand up, you barons that for so long have held onto your right to govern yourselves in lawful council! Stand up, you merchants to whom the right to traffic freely is literally food and drink! Stand up, Kaliphlinians all! “Let not party names distract us. The land of the south is one. If we do not hang together, be assured we shall all hang separately. Ulandian or High Councillors, we fall or stand – as Kaliphlinians!” A roar of applause followed the outburst, and then Ageven cried out, “Sultan’s Gate must be sacked!” Note that the highly political tone is reflective of Ageven’s in character sentiments. I personally, of course, know that the nominal rule of the DK in Kaliphlin is irrelevant… at least, more or less, except in so far as it attracts/repulses members. Had fun getting a few good quotes in there. Finally got around to building this! I believe it's the first time I used that floor technique - quite tile intensive but it looks pretty good! Thanks for checking the MOC out!
  15. Kai NRG

    By The Grave

    The next installment of my Tales of the Past series! Parts One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven, for those who are curious. Part Eight is below. Justice! The plea rang in Kalaflar’s ears. He stood bareheaded before the grave. First his uncle – then Gascoyne – now his adopted father – who was this black knight, that he hunted him and all he loved down with such relentless persistence? Kalaflar’s eyes narrowed, his lips tightened. Whoever he was, he must be found – caught – brought to justice! With the force of his resolve he swung around and the gravel spurted out from under his feet as he strode off to make his way in the world once again. Overview: I know the last two have been pretty small, but hopefully I can step up the size for the next part of this story! I did enjoy using my olive and dark green for this one though. Comments are welcome!
  16. Down in a tunnel along the road from Queenscross to Cedrica a couple of Ulandians are digging and hacking away at the dirt and loose rocks. Above them extends a short barricade across the narrow road. On the other side of the barricade their High Council taskmasters lounge, cracking jokes with each other and carrying along generally. Now and then they call to the Ulandians to make sure they're still around, but they don't seem worried about keeping a close eye upon the digging procedure. In fact, the Ulandians have made quite some progress. The barricade is already high enough for it to be very inconvenient for the High Councilers to see over, and the "slaves" have started digging a short tunnel under the rest of the road. "I hate to say this," one remarked to the other, resting on his shovel for a second, "but these High Council guys are really... naive!" "I know, right!? I mean like, for one thing, we gave in really easy. In fact you gave up so easily I thought they would be crazy suspicious right from the start. But nothing. And then, building a barricade right here? Where it would take, oh, I don't know, maybe ten seconds to walk around it?" "Yeah! And then, I kind of thought these guys had grown up around here. They should know the location well enough. But I guess they've been imported from the Arkbri. Anyways, really, putting us right next to an oil pool..." "Yep. This is gonna be good!" The two "slaves" labored in silence for a few minutes. Presently a rich black substance began to ooze through the dirt surrounding them. One winked to the other. "You ready? You should probably back out." He picked up a couple of stones lying around, grinning. Patiently he struck them together, over and over. At last a spark flashed out and fell upon a small puddle of oil. The Ulandian promptly sprang backwards. The next second an incredible crash was heard and a bright flash of flame and smoke hurled the High Councilers, the barricade, and a good portion of the road far into the sky! The pit and explosion, figless: Link back to Gideon's build. Those cacti were so good I knew I'd have to do something really explosive to be able to come close! Comments are welcome!
  17. Gideon

    Making Plans

    Three Kaliphlin officers are making plans for how to stop the Drow from flowing in to Kaliphlin as well, as forces loyal to the Drow invaders of Avalonia have been spotted in Kaliphlin. So far the few invaders have been dealt with by swift actions of the Kaliphlin light cavalry.
  18. Kai NRG


    On a barren island, far out in the ocean, a lonely knight dragged himself up onto the sand. He raised his head languidly, looking tiredly round him. Suddenly he sprang up, and dashed up the beach with frightened eyes. All alone! Not so much as a coconut tree to break up the monotony of the horizon - he groaned aloud in a burst of despair. At last he raised his head. Up above him, circling in the air, flew his faithful pet bird. He fluttered down, resting on the knight's shoulder, looking inquiringly into his face. On a sudden impulse the knight took off the golden chain he always wore, and with a sharp twist broke off a fragement. He handed it to the bird, with the command, "Go home!" and the bird obediently flew off. Slowly the knight rose to his feet, and stood watching his last hope vanish over the horizon... I'd like to claim UP DoH credit for Forced Perspective (General Building), and Oceanside or River Scene (Geography). Somehow I wasn't completely happy with how this turned out - can't quite put my finger on it though. Maybe because I started out trying to do a graveyard scene, then switched to a feast, and finally came out with this... Comments and criticisms welcome!
  19. Kai NRG

    Life in Illrisca

    Illrisca, a middle-sized city of Valaryio, is home to some of the busiest markets in Historica. A Kaliphlin family has settled down in a spacious house right next to one of the biggest markets in the town. A shot of the busy market: Buy anything from jewelry and diamonds to chicken legs to bread straight from the oven! Two children stage a mock battle on the small lawn: Sorry if some of the pictures weren't so great, the weather was uncooperative and I had to dismantle it soon after... How does it compare to my previous Valaryio build? I'm sure my tan brick count has improved, if nothing else! If I had had a bit more time I might have tried to throw an interior in there, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance. A couple more pictures on Flickr anyways!
  20. Here's a free build for Avalonia. This is the first time I built with fleshies, so let me know how I did. I was surprised at how neat the figs looked with fleshies. I also would like to claim the Lord High Executioner title with this. The Officer interrogates a prisoner. The guard watches in case the prisoner gets any ideas. The Executioner is ready to chop! C&C are always welcomed!
  21. Brickington

    Gardens in Hanaco City

    The Gardens of the great city of Hanaco City are a sight. This is an another free build for Avalonia. I would also like to claim the title of High Chief of Agriculture. The Noble and his guard. C & C always welcome!
  22. Colonel Brickington wasn't able to go to the final battle of the Tournament thus, he stayed at home and did one of his favorite things: Eating some Bluecoat Chicken legs and meat. His fellow Redcoats had sent him the Blue meat from the battlefield. And boy was it tasty! I was noticing the end of the Toruney coming, so I built this for the Reds. Hope you like it!
  23. At an unknown place, an elite knight of the White Riders of Arkaine was meeting a strange man in a great hall. The man looked like a strange wizard. He had a weird string next to his feet. But that isn't in this story. The wizard said to the knight, "You must pick one." He was referring to the men behind him. They were two Avalonian-looking soldiers. One was a peaceful looking one with the typical bright looking armor. The other was almost the exact opposite. He was a dark looking knight with a stern face. The knight looked at both men and said simply, "Why?" He drew his sword as if there was going to be a battle. The Build without figs: Just wanted to show this image because I'm so proud of my Avalonian border.
  24. Kai NRG

    A Winter Hunt

    A young Kaliphlin adventurer hunts ptarmigan for his evening meal in the Rakath Mountains. (Credit to for the bird idea!) Just a quick little build before I start on Challenge VI and to tide me over until I write the story for those other three I have almost ready... A few more versions on my flickr! C&C are welcome!
  25. soccerkid6

    Life in Illryia

    Here's my entry to the Varlyrio challenge. Inspired by de Gothia, MikeyB, and everyone else who has built in Varlyrio. This was a ton of fun to build and I hope you like it All C&C welcome