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  1. saw some of your MOCs on flickr by sheer fluke and recognized your name from Eurobricks. Some really awesome work on there! Are you a designer for TLG?

  2. Hello my European friends! I come to you in search for the Hungarian Horntail's tail - these two parts in reddish brown and from this set: I need about 3 of each, but I am aware they are very rare parts, so if you only have 1x, please let me know. Thanks in advance fellas!
  3. SirNadroj

    Forestmen Hats

    Hello once again my fellow EBers! Flickr yielded nothing, so I thought someone here might be able to help. I'm looking for at least 6 green forestmen hats. I'd prefer to trade, since these do add up on Bricklink, but I will buy if I need to. Thanks!
  4. "The Moon Module Repair Rover is ready to fix any module anywhere on the moon! Built using both Power Functions and 9V motors, this remote control creation is ready to zoom anywhere!" See it in action here: All pictures here: Thanks!
  5. SirNadroj


    "It's how people in 1965 thought life would be like in 1987!" Syd Mead inspired. All pics here: Thanks!
  6. SirNadroj

    Mole Pod (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra)

    Thanks guys! Whoops, that's just my post-editing.
  7. (I'd consider G.I. Joe sci-fi, wouldn't you? The original line might not be, but trust me, the new film is) As some of you might have seen on flickr, I saw G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra last night at the charity premiere. On display was the original Mole Pod from the film - just an awesome prop, with a spinning drill. I hung around it during the premiere party and got a really good look at it, so this MOC is very accurate. Purist Baroness and Neo-Viper sporting some BA All pictures: Pictures from the party used as reference: Thanks!
  8. SirNadroj

    Fulton's Revenge (Steampunk Ship)

    Phew, ok, finally done. Thanks to everyone who offered feedback in the WIP stages, it really helped! This is a pretty huge MOC for me, since I building on small scales usually; hopefully you find it to be in my "top" MOC echelon. From flickr: "Fulton's Revenge is a steam-powered, schooner-shaped paddleboat. With over a three-month build-time, this ship features both a sculpted hull and a paneled hull, which makes it unqiue as far as construction goes. A working paddlewheel, steam-stack covered wheel house, two crane masts and a chrome lightning-rod figurehead are among the many details adorning the vessel. She will be on display at BrickFair 2009 at the end of August." All pics here: Thanks!
  9. SirNadroj

    MOC: Warehouse District Shootout

    Thanks very much fellas.
  10. SirNadroj

    The Ouster (Post-Apocalyptic)

    Ok, I'll go out there then and say he washed it. That, or it was stored in a special underground bunker when the a-bomb or h-bomb or whatever went off.
  11. SirNadroj

    The Ouster (Post-Apocalyptic)

    Thanks for the feedback guys. However, I am going to have to totally disagree with the statments that claim this is not post-apoc. It's not the sterotypical post-apoc., but let's break what the theme is about - we all know it is the speculative genere illustrating what would happen after the end of the world. It's generally depicted in LEGO using lots of grays and browns - we've all seen them - heavy, industrial convoy vehicles or tanks. This is simply a different take on the theme - perhaps an even more plausible one. This is a hearse that was salvaged during judgment day, then "tricked out" to take on zombies. Hopefully this makes sense. I trust you know I wouldn't make something with the intentions of it being one theme, and have it turn out having no relation to its intended theme whatsoever.
  12. SirNadroj

    The Ouster (Post-Apocalyptic)

    A post-apocalyptic hearse from hell; I made it a priority to make something post-apoc. for the Brickfair display. All pictures here: Thanks!
  13. SirNadroj

    Stanley's Steam Car

  14. SirNadroj

    Stanley's Steam Car

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! Thanks Jipay; It was hard to fit the tires over the wagon wheels; I've seen it done quite a few times before, and was surprised at how much force was needed to get them on! The arches are attached with 1/2 pins (a builder's best friend! ) The whole thing is a structural nightmare, though.
  15. SirNadroj

    BrickFair 2009 (version 2.0)

    I'll be there; my first event. I plan on bringing a few MOCs, too, including "Warehouse District Shootout", "Stagecoach and Buffalo", "Stanley's Steam Car", "Fulton's Revenge" (A big steampunk ship, should be posted in a couple days.), "Bot-O-Matic", a soon-to-be-finished remote-control moon rover [if I can finish it in time!] and maybe a couple other things... I look forward to meeting some fellow EBers.