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  1. Vindice

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes it’s legit, and I’d recommend playing it as it’s awesome! Fortnite has the current momentum but Overwatch is so slick and requires real teamwork. there is actually a bit of blood if you look for it but on the whole it’s not something that will upset kids.
  2. Vindice

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think Reinhardt should be in there from a character perspective but in what size? We could see a high number of big figs in this theme. Unfortunately, that probably means one or more would miss out. i would love to see Junkrat and Roadhog. Their blizzard animation is brilliant and they’re favourites with the kids. These sets must have been in design for some time already which may mean a no to the more recent characters. Completely agree on Mercy! She is a must, as is soldier 76. I don’t know about Ana, too many reasons against her as one of the initial characters I think but what do I know.
  3. Vindice

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Wow it’s been a long time since I posted on EB! Glad to see there is finally some more news. I heard six sets mentioned though...🤔 At what point do people normally start getting leaks from the retailer catalogues? As a huge fan of Lego and Overwatch I really don’t see a d2c here. Kings Row would seem like an obvious set and the payloads give plenty of vehicle opportunities. As they like to have traditional hero/villain battles I would definitely expect to see Reaper and Widowmaker at the least. Dva, Tracer and Winston must be certs too.
  4. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm as frustrated as everyone else about the lack of Rebels sets hitting the shelves but it comes at a time of an unprecedented amount of new SW films which will suck up the majority of TLG's resources. I know people are saying that the sets are underperforming but do we have any concrete figures to back this claim up? I agree with a lot of the comments about some ships that could have easily been made into sets but if you're in marketing at LEGO what are you more likely to want to develop? A new First order Tie, Vader's Tie or the Yellow Tie from the rebels episodes? One has obviously got to miss out and unfortunately it is pretty obvious which one that would be. There is a heck of a lot of freemaker-bashing on here so I think people just need to bear in mind that this is a toy and the free maker series appeals to a lot of kids! As passionate as many of us are over both LEGO and Star Wars we have to remember the sets are for them, not for us. With the available resources they have I think TLG do a really good job of keeping AFOLs happy. The new Bounty Hunter pack is fantastic and the First Order pack too. My kids are massively into the Clone Wars cartoon again at the moment so the tank is a very welcome addition as I missed this first time round. Does anyone have any idea on when we might find out about the summer retailer exclusives? Love the new banner! Looks great.
  5. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I see what you're all saying but the Ewok Village and Sandcrawler are retiring so what fills that void? I don't think you can say the Death Star does because TLG know that only hardcore fans or mega rich parents would buy that. The other two are somewhat achievable for people to be able to afford buy their kids (and themselves!) By contrast, neither Slave 1 or the Tie Fighter are listed as retiring. I guess it depends on what sets seem to sell best. I personally would love to see the sales figures on these kinds of sets as although the margins may be extremely high I would expect the volume to be fairly low.
  6. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Personally I'd be quite disappointed with a UCS snowspeeder. After seeing sets like the Batcave, Temple of Airjitzu and Ghostbusters HQ and with the Ewok village being retired it feels like a big UCS playset is long overdue for this theme. Minifigures are in such high demand right now that it would seem like the perfect opportunity to fleece us all of our hard-earned money!
  7. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So getting back to UCS kids are really hoping for the AT-AT this year especially considering the size of the latest AT-ST, which they are really big fans of. As much as I'd enjoy a yavin 4 I feel it needs to be something that you would see both factions in. I feel a cloud city or dare I hope for a cantina or jabba's palace? I think a UCS AT-AT could be in order and a normal scale first order walker in the winter because I don't see TLG letting that cash cow slip through their fingers.
  8. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wish people would stop asking for release dates when they could just find that out for themselves. Changing the subject, are there any more credible rumours on what UCS or d2c play sets we might see next year?
  9. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I would be amazed if we didn't have a First Order Walker in the first wave for episode 8. Would they have two Walkers out at the same time?
  10. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    All the new sets are on the UK site now. I think the prices are fine. Duel on naboo all of a sudden seems a steal at £19.99 (misprint?) £64.99 for Y-wing £44.99 A-Wing, £54.99 Battle on Scariff 16th December release date! Liking that.
  11. Vindice

    What are you reading?

    Hi guys, wasn't sure where to post this but this looks like a good start. Over the last few years we've been busy putting together a 3D art comic. The first two issues are available now on Amazon sites across the world. It's not Lego related and is aimed at a slightly more mature audience than young kids but if anyone would like to check it out that would be terrific! Also if anyone would like to head over to our Facebook page and help us spread the word about it it would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Vindice

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    Yes no chance of freemasons in LEGO form, they wouldn't be able to do their funny handshakes with the standard lego hand.
  13. Vindice

    Nexo Knights 2016

    Having got the book of monsters for the kids yesterday I can honestly say i'm really surprised that TLG has tipped their hand so quickly to show upcoming villains. I'm pleased...but very surprised! They look awesome though and I really hope they happen, the kids loved them which is a good sign. Kids tests make a huge difference to whether TLG go through with a project or not. My son had an interesting thought which the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Could the book of monsters actually be Monstrox?
  14. Vindice

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I'm not a Doctor Who fan and I can honestly say I have no idea who most of these people are. They wouldn't be recognisable to me or my kids or my brother and his kids. I do know who Hans Moleman is though and even a pack of him wouldn't sell. The only recognisable Doctor Who characters to those who aren't fans are most likely Daleks, K-9, Cybermen and some of the Doctors. The tardis is a recognisable "vehicle". If I were TLG I would be looking at a major theme to launch at the end of the year. Needs to be relevant too. I doubt they will be able to do Star Trek unfortunately but why not think big. James Bond perhaps? It has to be something that ordinary lego fans would really like to see in lego form and something big enough and relevant enough to compete with SW and Marvel super heroes. That doesn't leave a whole lot of choices, they can't keep surviving on novelty themes.