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  1. Hello all, Like many others, I was very excited to see Back to the Future enter into the lego world with 21103. For me, the coolest part of that set was the ability to have the time machine look like it did in all three films. Over time, though, the look of the set really started to take a toll on my opinion of it as a whole. The model was way too chunky and proportions were way off. It didn't look like a DeLorean at all. I started looking at other MOCs to look at different techniques and gather inspiration, but most MOCs suffered from the same problems. They're usually too large or too fragile. Inspiration was also taken from Speed Champions. Lego is usually able to fit a large amount of detail in such a small model, and I felt like techniques used in these sets would be the best for capturing the details of the DeLorean. With this year's shift to 8 stud wide cars that could fit two minifigs, this MOC started to take form. I didn't need the car to have all the bells and whistles. I was fine with the doors not opening, and I don't think it's possible to have the wheels fold down into hover mode in a good way in minifig scale. I just wanted it too look like a DeLorean, fit both Doc and Marty at the same time, and be able to switch between the looks of all three films. I started with an 8 stud wide model based off the new Speed Champions chassis, but it felt way too big, so I took the challenge of making it 7 stud wide instead. Here's a view of the bottom so you can see how the base of the model is constructed. Like I said, I wanted to be able to make the car look like it did in all three films, just like the original set. Here's the time machine as it appears in Part II, with Mr. Fusion, the hover conversion, and barcode license plate. ...And the Part III version. I'm really waiting on Lego to release the Speed Champions wheels in red. Maybe the white ones in 76897 could be combined with other parts to look like white walls, I'll have to mess around with it eventually and see. Also, not pictured, but the wheels can be swapped out with part 55423, although I'm fairly certain the chassis construction is too wide to fit on standard Lego train tracks, which makes it incompatible with something we'll get to later... Here's a couple shots of the interior. I tried to be as accurate as possible and incorporate the original printed pieces from 21103. I'm pretty happy with where the MOC sits at this point. The only things I can think of at the moment that I would want to change are the Part III wheels, and it would be great for Lego to release a windshield piece that would fit the DeLorean well. I'm thinking a 6 stud wide piece that tapers to 4 studs wide at the top, like a smaller version of 19212. My other major frustration with Lego Back to the Future is Lego's reluctance to dive deep into the theme. I know we have two Dimensions packs and the BrickHeadz, but all of these focus on the same versions of Doc and Marty and all of them mainly focus on the first film. Back in 2013, Lego Cuusoo user m.togami (who submitted what became 21103) submitted the Jules Verne Time Train from Back to the Future Part III. It ended up achieving 10,000 supporters, but wasn't approved. I remember multiple other users submitting the same idea as well, but they never gained full support or were never approved. So in these instances we have to build what Lego won't give us by ourselves. Like the DeLorean, I looked at every MOC I could for inspiration, but wanted to differentiate from them. Many of them use yellow and red pieces for the detailing on the outside of the train, but I wanted to use pearl gold and dark red to make it look a little more steam-punky and I feel like they are more accurate colors as well. My model also features custom stickers to show various details, like the flux capacitor and the ornate windows of the cab. My goal for both of these MOCs was to create models that felt like official sets as much as possible. Lego releases for this property have been super sparse, so who knows is we'll ever get any other minifig scaled sets from these films ever again. Maybe someday I'll get around to building some sort of model of the Hill Valley Clocktower, but this is it from me for now. Thanks for looking!
  2. I've been looking at the back of the box trying to figure out how Power Functions works in the Haunted House. I think the motors, lights, and transparent panels in the tower might be trying to replicate the Pepper's Ghost illusion used in the actual Haunted Mansion ride to create realistic looking, transparent ghosts.
  3. Hey everyone, I know we have a running thread of various users modifications to the UCS Millennium Falcon from 2017, so I thought it would be a good idea to get something going for the newest system version of the set from The Rise of Skywalker. I think it definitely is the best model of the ship you can get besides the UCS model, but it definitely is a blank slate for modifications, fixes, etc. to make it a better model and more film accurate. So let this be a thread for discussion and a showcase for the changes the community is making to their small-scale falcons. If anyone has done anything interesting with the 2011, 2015, or 2018 models, this could be a good place to share those as well, especially with interior modifications as they could be applied and adapted to the newer set. Looking forward to seeing everyone's unique changes!
  4. Pretty sure all of Kylo's prints are new. The torso and legs both feature tears and scrapes from battle damage. I agree though, it's a nice little vignette and I hope they do more of these. It's a cheap way to get important characters and it works really well as a display, similar to 75229.
  5. Generally the more expensive/larger sets (other than UCS) are released in the summer wave. Winter wave is pretty much always cheaper sets or less than $100. Then the fall wave for Episode IX will be more of a full wave with a wider range of prices.
  6. Yeah, probably around January or February, although we could see a release as earlier as December.
  7. Goonmo

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I tried to measure the model. My guess is that it's close to 64 studs wide, the same width as two modulars next to one another. The only difference is that we are seeing 5 buildings shoved into that space making the buildings look smaller, but I'm fairly certain this model (preliminary or not) is NOT meant to be mini-scale at all. This model just features smaller buildings (similar to how 76108 features a very undersized Sactum Sanctorum in height and width, they most likely have normal minifig sized doors and whatnot, just some of the exterior detail is downsized in order to maximize the pieces of the potential set and make the build have that cramped feeling that the movie setting has.
  8. Of course it’s just assumptions for now but there’s no reason to believe it will differ from previous years. Most likely there will be a Winter wave in either December 2018 or next January, a Summer wave in June, and Force Friday III in September.
  9. Goonmo

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Exactly this. D2C sets are and have always been beasts of their own. A D2C Hogwarts has to stand on its own, not connect to other sets, and the fact the we are already getting a Great Hall was enough to tell us this D2C is going to be something different than what we’ve gotten before, and that’s a good thing. D2C’s are, at the end of the day, giant display pieces, so it just makes so much sense to have a full model of Hogwarts to put on a coffee table or in a display case. To those that are upset at Lego for not listening to fans, you’re getting your Hogwarts too. Buy the minifig scale sets and show them you want more. I think it’s a great idea though and I can’t wait to see the final product.
  10. Goonmo

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    It looks to be boggart Snape dressed like Neville's grandmother.
  11. Goonmo

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    So I've been thinking more about the D2C. What if it isn't a system scale set, but instead a miniature, architecture line styled set of the entire castle? Similar to this Ideas project or this model from the Nobel Collection. Lego has made sets based of off non chosen Ideas sets before (Ghostbusters HQ, Hulkbuster) so it could be possible.
  12. Goonmo

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    This has me thinking that the D2C could be Diagon Alley instead. Combined with the fact that many others have brought up which is why would they release a set without the most iconic parts of the castle (Staircase Tower and Great Hall)? I get that they have done it before, but there are already two sets with parts of the castle and it just makes more since to me to have Hogwarts split between smaller sets, it makes it much more accessible to people. Diagon Alley doesn't have to be that. It isn't the most iconic setting, or the most memorable, but has a lot of potential and the original is a really fun set. I agree with people that an updated Diagon Alley NEEDS the Weasley shop, so maybe they'll break the rule of years 1-3 for the D2C or it'll be it's own set at some point. Ultimately, I don't believe that Ollivander is a CMF, and unless there is some unknown wand shop set, I can't think of anything else related to the first few films that he would be included in besides Diagon Alley.
  13. Goonmo

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    They could've just reused the Antman helmet mold with trans yellow replacing the trans red. Would still be inaccurate but much better than the Iron Man helmet.
  14. Most sets, including UCS, usually have a lifespan of around 2 years. With how special this set is I would think it would be around a little longer, but two years from release at least. You have plenty of time.
  15. Goonmo

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    You mean the weekly hints? They've done it with both 21137 The Mountain Cave and 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V leading up to their announcements, I can't say if they've done this before with many other sets though. Someone else would know more than me. Usually we just get a press release and a designer video with sets like these.