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  1. RohanBeckett

    [MOC] 6 Axes Robotic Arm

    Very nicely built - seems to move smoothly! But it's almost a shame you didn't put a gripper arm at the end - I would have liked to see it pick up something and move it around!
  2. yes, it's not a lot... but there's an increasing amount of balls appearing in various friends/city/creator sets lately! things like this can only help the 2ndhand market, when BL sellers part out 100's of sets. But yes.. join a LUG, and get access to LUGBulk :)
  3. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    GBC Layout from BrickExpo Canberra 2018 Myself, @Captainowie, @Cadder and another builder Neil It was a good show.. Friday afternoon, and both Sat/Sun A few issues with some of the my modules.. My Hailfire Loops developed a bit of friction on the last day, so I added a 2nd motor - input stepper needed to be geared faster Steering Cups needs a better designed gearbox - kept losing a gear - and I think I want to redesign the geartrain, so it's simpler Cup to Cup v2 - top cup doesn't always transfer properly, so it drops down into the mechanism, causing jams Planets - first big white feeder disc, on 3rd day had developed a bit of friction.. lifting it up slightly fixed it -overall, this one ran very well My Ball Flinger/accelerator worked well... until I demo'ed the adjustment to a visitor, and took 10mins to get it tuned nicely again!! My Blue-rails down-tower ramp needs a steeper angle, and better ball clearance at each turn... it got jammed several times the other guys had various issue with theirs... but overall, we were able to keep it running for 2.5 days, plus a couple of evening sessions @Captainowie might post his neato ball stats graph, from the RCX counter he had! :) and a timelapse setup!
  4. RohanBeckett

    Best tires for drift cars?

    Yes.. minimal contact, but those futuristic tyres rubber are quite grippy.. not sure how well they'd work for drifting
  5. RohanBeckett

    Best tires for drift cars?

    I've always found these the best: Since they came with the RC cars, were designed for drifting, and are solid, hard plastic! :)
  6. RohanBeckett

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    heh.. although I already have around 30M, and 10L, 10XL, I will be buying as many more, as I can afford over the next 6 months! keep hunting around for Tracked Racers on sale! Hey @Maico how many motors do YOU have?
  7. RohanBeckett

    Powered UP AFOL Community Answers

    It's not about what comes in a Lego set... it's what we can DO with everything after the set/original model is long dismantled and forgotten Things are not looking good for us who like to run GBC's for multiple day's at exhibitions! (and GBC is often the most crowded display at any fan-run show!) If the motors can be identified by the controller... then I don't see why they couldn't develop an extension cord/splitter, which enables ALL motors on a battery unit to be connected/identified/controlled independently Then... what would be great - a rechargable battery unit, like Wedo2, that slots in.. or even better, an 'adapter' that slots in, and allows a 9V DC Adapter to power it! It'd be awesome to have several Boost Hubs on a GBC layout, powered by mains.. linked to a tablet, where I can tweak/adjust the speed of each motor.. or even program certain motors to stop/start on a timer (new building possibilities!!) And in any case.. if Lego don't provide.. I'm sure the guys doing SBrick/Buwizz/etc will soon step up to the plate and provide a solution where TLG fail to. Just like they did to complement the limitations of PF
  8. I agree.. with @JopieK Boost is too new - you could very well be the first person in the world to break that bit, and need to recreate it! so the challenge, and glory can be yours! ;) Maybe if you can supply accurate measurements, @efferman might be able to help?
  9. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    haha.. thanks for the post! still only a work-in-progress.. it needs to have it's own ball input. I'm almost thinking of having something that feeds balls in pairs.. as two balls going around looks pretty cool!
  10. RohanBeckett

    Lego GBC Castle Shooter Module

    Very nice! always like a well-decorated module! and showing the mechanism underneath is great too! Yet another one of yours to add to my 'to-build list' :)
  11. RohanBeckett

    Powered Up experiences

    From the venerable Mr Isogawa: Hope they do a firmware update for boost+wedo hubs, to allow them to use the PU motor!
  12. you gotta be kidding.. I'm right in the middle of doing a dragon conveyor just like this!!
  13. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    I have built Nico71/David Manleys one.. but found the input unreliable.. so will redo it one of these days Was thinking of using a stepper, that guarantees 1 ball at a time, to feed onto the conveyor... rather than a 'tumbler-style' conveyor, that can occasionally bring 2 balls up I do like your numbers setup.. although a lot more brick-intensive than their design!
  14. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    ohh.. at 30seconds, I see a ball dropped!!! ;)
  15. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    your link just goes back to here!