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  1. There should be plenty around... Just send the seller a question before buying! ask them if it's the PF switch with the tiny black selector switch... there was easily 8 years old the older version, before the new one came on the scene
  2. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    It took me a fair bit of tweaking to get my Tilted Rotors working reliably.. I started with ensuring that the turntables were silky smooth - swapping out old, with new ones, when I got them at it's first show, it dropped a lot of balls, but at home, it worked a lot better. It's very sensitive to how flat the table is, and if any of the arms are even slightly twisted out of alignment And even when you get it running 99% perfect (1 ball dropped every 100-200), that one that drops, will randomly bounce off the pickup scoop! I redid a bit of the bottom - flipping some of the gears over, so I could put some clear panels over the gear/box section, below the pickup.. so balls would never fall in. As nice as Akiyuki's standard box frame is... it's a nightmare to retrieve balls from, especially during a busy show!
  3. RohanBeckett

    Discussion Etiquette

    Humans have bickered over things for thousands of years... I'm pretty certain it's in our nature to argue... Internet forums tend to just amplify things :)
  4. 2017's 42070 B Model: 1981's 8859 B-Model Both equally odd! :) Personally.. although I've been a Technic fan since age8-9 (was born in '75), and I've owned and built a large amount of studded, and studless sets.. I'm on the camp of 'swings and roundabouts'... some good sets.. some poor sets in every years' release And lately, since I've headed into a specific niche (GBC), I'm not as excited about sets as I used to. Since I look at every set as a 'parts pack' and if I see a set with a lot of 'useless' parts for me.. I often skip it - in favour of spending my Lego Money on bricklink orders, for the exact parts I need. I did a tyre stocktake the other weekend.. and I have well over 200 tyres from technic sets alone!! the last thing I need is another set with a dozen wheels! :) But when I do buy a set, I definitely prefer ones with interesting mechanisms/linkages, and a good A and B model
  5. RohanBeckett

    General Part Discussion

    @Erik Leppen In Bricklink, if you go to a part, and then click a colour, you'll obviously get all the sets it appeared in, in that colour (which you can then sort by year) But if you click the hyperlink at the top "Known Colours".. then it'll show you ALL colours, which you can also sort by year So I can easily see that a 16L Soft Axle, in Red, last appeared in 2011, in the 8070 Supercar
  6. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Main category: Blue: Red:
  7. RohanBeckett

    General Part Discussion

    @Saberwing40k I have asked him, and he's going to find out exactly what it is (sourced from a school art department, I believe!)
  8. RohanBeckett

    General Part Discussion

    Out of interest... a friend of mine did some tests the other day, and managed to dye some yellow, and LBG half-bushes to black! they came out looking quite authentic.. and he even sliced one open afterwards, and the black dye had penetrated more than half way through! and yes, he's aware he could make a killing on bricklink market... ;)
  9. anyone got instructions? or LDD?
  10. RohanBeckett

    Daft Lego Punk (Technic Music Video)

    No.. Kanye Sampled it... but this was the original track have been a big Daft Punk fan for years... saw them live a long time ago.. amazing show Often I'll be building technic, and will put Discovery, on.. and an hour will just vanish :) thanks for posting it.. very amazing creation...
  11. RohanBeckett

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    This thread is only slightly insane...
  12. Nice.. but I doubt it can do 100k/h (62mph)! each to their own purpose though! the arctic one is definitely special-use!
  13. RohanBeckett

    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Some of us loooove coloured gears! more for my collection! :D
  14. I'm in team "Lego Technic designers are lazy, and never make working steering wheels any more" and team: "All knobs controlling functions, should be cleverly routed to the rear of the vehicle, and not be right at the point of movement" :D
  15. RohanBeckett

    Lets talk color vomit

    I've come around to preferring the colour distinctions with the pins.. just not a fan of the yellow and red axles... I personally think that black for even, and LBG for odd was good enough... as well as the DBG for axles with stops (and red for 2L, since the black clashes with 2L friction pin it's definitely easier when reverse engineering someones design, and you see blue friction pin end.. and you know it's a 3L, I will use my old stash of black pins, when I am building something that needs to look a bit nicer.. but for most things I build (GBC's), it really doesn't matter at all :)