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  1. [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    Nice pics! thanks! a lot more complicated than I thought! I never thought you'd need rubber under the wheel too? oh... so many shiny black pieces! I'm constantly running out of mine - using an akiyuki style stepper input box for a custom GBC... and its a mix of grays and other colours! (limited monthly lego budget here! hahaha)
  2. on a related note.. I'm in the middle of making a GBC using Hailfire wheels.. and found using the newish 1L beam works very nicely as bearing, when placed on a pin, or axle add a tiny squirt of silicon spray, if you're running it for a long time...
  3. [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    maybe just a few photos from the other side... to see how the wheel is geared, and lines up? I see you've altered a bit of the track layout from the Akiyuki one... but the bulk of it is similar structure Instructions are very time-consuming to create.. I don't blame you in not wanting to make them! :)
  4. [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    remind me.. have you done instructions for this? :) I may have enough piping to make this - albeit a bit more rainbow coloured! :)
  5. [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    looks good.. I would guess that this tyre might leave less rubber on the balls than the usual softer-rubber technic tyres? I love the spin the balls have, when they exit at the top, and go backwards a little bit! :)
  6. GBC General Discussion

    yeah... I'm SO going to use my expensive mindstorms kit to replicate the functionality of a $5 timer switch... ok.. so now that's got me thinking... I wonder if I can use a windup/pullback motor to archive similar.... with a big 'clockwork' style key for kids to operate it...
  7. I remember a similar thread a few years ago.. and I made this little video: slightly different with OP's problem, as indeed (I just checked!) the white 18948 is solid in the middle Interestingly.. the newer red 26287 *IS* hollow, and had that part been used, my paperclip trick would have worked.
  8. GBC General Discussion

    this question invariably depends on: "How much load are the motors under" For entertainment, I once did this: But as you can see.. no load... later on, I retried this, and attempted to stall some of the motors... it didn't take long for the safety-trip on the battery box to cut power! in terms of 'Average, well designed GBC's' that don't strain the motors too much.. I recently did this little setup, off 1 Train controller: 7x M Motors, and one old 9V... running without any issues for half an hour....
  9. Congrats to all! esp Leonard... looking forward to building your creation - it looks like a lot of fun to drive around! agreed with a lot of the other comments - very good competition.. this was my first one, and was extremely happy to get in the top 10! Now I can finally pull this monster apart... not sure if I'll ever use 188 cylinder blocks ever again!
  10. 2: 10 12: 6 4: 4 9: 3 6: 2 19: 1 Good work everyone! great entries!
  11. [TC12] Avalunch 2002 - finished

    Don't be so certain about that bit....{"iconly":0} Lego made a range of Barbie-Doll clones in the late 90's! :)
  12. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Thanks for all the votes so far! :) Did I mention that it is really.. really long..... 7yr old boy for scale! although all I got from him was "Dad.. make it go faster!!'
  13. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Video done! :) and yes.. it can drive... Leonard: Yeah.. originally it was going to be more of a stretch hotrod... but it evolved.. not 100% happy with the back... but considering the build of it was built over 3 evenings, I'm not too unhappy about how it all turned out... PS your entry is awesome! way more technical than mine! :) Doug: it's a hotrod, not a girder bridge! ;)
  14. 17. The Stretched Slicer Functions 188 Cylinder engine (have we overtaken him yet??? has he passed us yet? distracts the competition) Jet turbine engines for extra power boost... with flames! Rear Suspension for comfortable ride Tri-Wings for rudder assisted steering (it needs it!!) Cyborg driver bought out of retirement (never driven a red car before!) Wacky Function - Retractable 4 blade slicer, to chop through the competition Main Presentation Video Link to Discussion post:
  15. [TC12] The Stretch Slicer

    Turning circle STILL not measured! not sure if it's possible! But with some last minute work... it's finished! coupla more photos, before I post the rest, along with a hastily edited video! View from the cabin... We've made 1.5metres! Racer reporting for duty! only a little bit of sag! :)