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  1. GBC Layout - Greyline Series (4 Modules)

    very nice layout... I've been meaning to build one of those bucket scoop modules for a while.. yours looks very neat, and reliable!
  2. Lego GBC "Tri-Sep" Vertical Sweeper

    Very nice use of the seperators.. AND the mini ball joints (mixel joints), to create the curve.... sometimes that's the hardest bit, making a curve that accurately fits whatever scoop radius you've made. I will post a pic/video tonight of a downward chute, I made, using Brick Separators!
  3. Build Nico71's one.. he has instructions.. it's a quick easy build... and then you'll understand. I made a modification to the one I built - a small catch, to prevent the whole column of balls lifting/dropping on every cycle, where a ball isn't being fed in (idling) in the GBC world, these are typically called a ball pump.. google them for plenty of other examples
  4. Yes.. I have an RCX brick that has not been touched in far too long... I've been meaning to find time to bring it alive again, maybe to operate some GBC's... thanks for your work!
  5. Lego Technic Figures

    They clip very nicely into the seats.. and of course, have pin-hole on their legs you could use to attach them..
  6. Lego GBC Molding Factory Module

    Very original idea!! well done! Curious as to why it stresses the motor so much.. for what is ultimately a simple open/close mechanism, and a spiral lift...
  7. well done persevering with this one! it's really got a nice movement to it! love the long driveshaft... nice way to avoid the twisting of a 32L axle :)
  8. Lego GBC Wave Module

    ahh cool.. I think I tried doing a similar cam with larger, 70's era pulley wheels, but was not able to get it sturdy enough... could you post a photo of the breakdown of the camshaft? from what I see, it's just friction pins, and 3L axles? thanks.. awesome work, again! :)
  9. Lego GBC Wave Module

    is that a single 32L axle for the main drive/crankshaft?
  10. Yes.. I have to be rather selective with my bricklink orders, being in Australia... no one over here had them in any quantities that I needed... so it required an EU order.. and postage can vary a lot.. some shops are only EU$8... others want over EU$30 for the same size parcel... crazy!
  11. finally ordered a bunch of those scoops.. I got the trans-blue clear ones, as they were very cheap... will be fun to use them in a GBC! :)
  12. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    oh.. well.. that's interesting then.. as that change solved it instantly for me! I had loaned this module out, and am only getting it back tonight.. so will check and see if I did anything else to the build.. (don't think I did..)
  13. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Yup.. back in Sept when I built it :) change the scoop to look like this, then it never jams! @Courbet did say a couple of posts later, that he tried it, and was happy with the change - and altered the PDF.. maybe you still have the original file?
  14. Lego RC Car with Sbrick

    tip: if you use Bricksafe to upload/store you photos, it automatically gives you links to re-sized versions!
  15. Lego GBC Zig Zag Module

    about time you came here! this is where all the cool GBC kids hang out! ;) as for posting.. your best bet is to head over to, and open an account... very lego-friendly image host... to store photos - gives you nice link-able options.. then you can paste in the URL to the jpg (Eurobricks likes under 1024res pics in posts here) you can also paste in a youtube URL, and the forum should automatically display the video inline. (sometimes you just need to remove the s from https for it to work I really admire the modules you are creating... some very original, yet simple mechanisms... and you seem to work very fast! I only get an hour or two every few evenings to work on mine (big one coming soon! :)