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  1. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    He has a tendency to use this part a lot: Not sure what grey is... either an axle connector, or pin connector?
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if Akiyuki browsed here, and borrowed Doug/Berthill's Mods! ;)
  3. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    that's strange.. I've run mine in both directions.. and behaviour is always the same... I will admit, that I have geared mine down a bit, so it runs slower.. since it's such an amazingly effective module at clearing balls, no one can see it in action! so running it slower allows people to enjoy its action! I've taken a bunch of new photos too.. will upload to the same bricksafe folder later tonight
  4. RohanBeckett

    42095 RC Tracked Racer replica

    Great Parts pack for us GBC builders! ;) You are clearly way too old, if you don't enjoy the wheelie functions! my 8yr old son watched your video and said 'that is awwwwwesome!' he already spent a lot of time altering the previous tracked racers centre of gravity so it WOULD do wheelies!
  5. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    unless it's my blue one.. then the ones that others have used, are either for decoration, or fine tuning of individual arms. (they use them on the arms themselves) Mine has them behind the main structure, and tilt all four arms at once again, this is one of my most reliable modules.. I've done at least 7-8 shows with it, over the last few years.. it happily runs all day!
  6. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] Turntable Cup to Cup 2.0

    I have quietly been hoarding the new large turntables, in prep for building this one day! ;) Very nice.. the piston action looks awesome!
  7. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I will post new pics of it's current look.... I was having issues with the grabbers landing precisely over the studs, so I added 2 linear actuators, so I can fine-tune their positioning
  8. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Not sure why all the changes Here's mine, that I built before Blakbird did the instructions: I've since re-modified mine a couple of times (output chute is no longer panels) and for a short time, it had a recirculating option, where you could direct any balls that the first arm picked up, back into the input, which allowed balls to hang around a bit longer - since it's such an efficient module, sometimes you don't get to see it in action! I have no idea why it has the ratchet modification, as mine runs perfectly fine forwards or backwards!
  9. Exo suit was SUCH a flimsy build... and when I got mine - sadly, a lot of parts had very loose clutch power.... sneeze, and they fall off with sets like the Mack Truck, we are definitely seeing a lot more system parts than ever before, in Studless Era Technic
  10. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    Very much so! but I think there is scope and room for a 2nd GBC standard, for these mini modules... and to be honest, if they can handle 1Ball Per Second.. there's no reason why you couldn't incorporate them into a regular GBC layout, You'd just need an 'adapter' module at each end, of a chain of MiniLoopGBC, to convert back to regular standard That said.. a lot of Josh David Miniloops are far slower than 1BPS
  11. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    some of his recent modules appear to have alternate outputs, to link to the next module It's almost as if it could be a new standard for 'miniloop' style GBC.... with a different rate/speed, and no requirement for handling bulk balls
  12. RohanBeckett

    Pneumatic Disc Brakes Lego Technic

    looks very good! could you try using a craft-knife to slice a small amount from the top of each rubber stopper, so they are thinner, so you can mount them to both sides? might only have to use 2?
  13. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    really like the last video... sometimes it's nice to just concentrate on an individual module, to see how it flows... there's a few interesting ideas in there that I'd like to try out one day! :)
  14. Berthil covered the most important rules.. But here are some other useful guidelines: Strive for reliability, when building to exhibit with others. Make sure you've run your module for a few hours non-stop, in a small loop, to REALLY find out how it jams, or spills balls If you can't solve a few ball spills.. at least design your module to contain them to a small area for collection. Make sure mechanism are well built, and well braced... don't have an essential part hanging by 1 or two studs, if it keeps getting knocked off Try to make the motor quick-changable - ie: it clips easily to the module - don't build over the motor. If it breaks down during a show, you want to be able to swap out for another motor Have your module geared, so that when powered via a train controller, it runs correctly, when the dial is turned to the right. Or, if running off battery box, when the power switch is pushed *away* from the connector. If possible, design the output to be directionally flexible - it makes it easier to align to the next module, or can help when turning corners on a layout It's ok to have input a brick or two lower, or the output a brick or two higher... ... but don't have a a module that outputs *too* high... balls bounce, and will most likely bounce/spill out of the next module
  15. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    all it needs is a better counterweight, and the operation would be much smoother!