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  1. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    Axles, Gears, Pins, Liftarms, Conveyor belt tracks, and sprockets, motors But like Berthil said, it really depends on the modules you want to build... There are many that use a lot of regular System Bricks, and plenty that use modern studless technic Some of us have been building inventory for years (decades!) and still have to order new parts, if a particular interesting GBC design/mechanism needs 50 of the same part! (happens a lot!)
  2. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project (2010 - 2020)

    was there something wrong with the old thread? Threads on forums don't 'run out', and as long as the conversation keeps flowing, there's no reason they can't go on. and if the topic is the same (in this case, Akiyuki modules), then it's better to be in one spot
  3. RohanBeckett

    What is this custom set from the 80s?

    These Lego DACTA/Educational sets often didn't 'come' with instructions... As they were usually purchased by schools, and Class Guidebooks/building cards were usually seperate items Eg: you might have more sets than instructions packs, as students could share instructions, or build different things in each group (instructions packs were often packs of 10-20 individual instructions. Unlike normal technic sets, no creation would have used all the parts, and most of the instructions were usually mechanical ideas/concepts, to educate students, rather than fully fledged creations I've had a bit of a google around, but I can't seem to find any scans So you're pretty much on your own! I'm very envious! parts of this era are from my childhood, and would love to have a fresh set of parts/motors! :)
  4. I've opened both the main unit, and the steering unit up before, as I'm a nosy person inquisitive... and there's not a lot to them You should be able to notice any dirt,or other damage to the parts inside when you open them up. They might just need a good clean, and fresh application of silicon grease
  5. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    My version of Sawyers' Fork Conveyor.. quite a nice little module.. very suprised I haven't seen it more often at shows, as it was an easy build.. easy to get timed.. and after a few small mods, seems Very reliable! and fun to watch! :)
  6. RohanBeckett

    Powered Up code block guide

    ah! that's great! much better.. and thanks to the nifty column button, I can hide columns I don't need, and fit everything on screen now! :) would be good to have an "All' rows option, rather than limiting to 100.. but it's not too bad!
  7. RohanBeckett

    Powered Up code block guide

    Really cool! great work!! However, could you possibly change the page theme (for this one page), so it appears 'full width' - or just open up as a plain page, so we don't get ugly scrollbars. It would be great to see the full width, on nice modern widescreens, rather than constrained to the narrow theme on the site Thanks again!
  8. Just a small update: Very proud and happy that The Mine performed flawlessly for 3 days.. this was the 2nd biggest Brickvention ever (nearly 20,000 people!).. and I would estimate several thousand kids and adults got a chance to operate my GBC The Dynamite Detonator never failed, however the hand-crank generator could do with some improvements. We discovered that small children - under age 8 just don't have the co-ordination to wind it fast, and smooth... children older, and adults 'got' it first try, usually, and easily operated it. The quick release crank ended up coming out too easily, as small children's hands went sideways, while winding.. and ended up splitting the axle connector inside the unit. (quick fix) But we were able to put it on Automatic, for the littlies, so they thought they were working it! ;) Here's some video of it in action: And... I won Exhibitors Choice, and People's Choice awards, for GBC.. so that was nice too! 42096 Porsche, and a box filled with new technic parts, as prizes! It really was great to see people interact with it - the smiles on faces, both young and old - even some grandparents loved operating it - the Tactile Feedback on the detonator really surprised a lot of people and also - very happy that I didn't need any instructions - people instinctively knew how to use both!
  9. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    Great start into this hobby! :) They look like excellent starter modules... GBC is one of those things where you can easily watch a 1min video of someones' mechanism, and then just go off and build your own It's a lot of fun to try to figure it out yourself, rather than just follow instructions! I wouldn't call your first module a ball pump - but rather a single piston stepper... a ball pump usually refers to a stack of balls 'trapped' in a vertical tower... one ball in the bottom causes one ball at the top to come out again.. well done on your first modules!
  10. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project (2010 - 2020)

    I thought @kiwinewt was referring to the main train system... I almost had CACC running at Brickvention.. but didn't realise that the minimum radius for standard track + 1 straight was wider than our tables! I have modified the code on the new Powered Up platform, so now, you only need 1 device to control the Boost Loader + cars (I have only enough parts for 2 cars)
  11. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project (2010 - 2020)

    But that's the whole point of the Akiyuki train system - the train itself powers the loaders/dumpers. If you don't do that, then you may as well just have a 'dumb train' go around, and trigger dumpers/loaders via levers... Or come up with Mindstorms, or computer controlled. And as soon as you head down that path, it's no longer an Akiyuki-style train People have been building regular train GBC's for over 15 years, using trains, or monorails
  12. thats hilarious.. a year ago, I was buying the transparent scoops from england!! I do like your way of attaching them.. very neat! I don't think I had many, or any of that part at the time, when I built mine
  13. Oh you young whippersnapper.. I expected a slide rule!!
  14. RohanBeckett

    Piece identification

    There's no piece with a directly downward facing pinhole There's a few bricks/plates with built-in Pins facing up or down, and various bricks/plates, similar to the one you pictured, with different combinations of pinholes between or aligned with studs There are lots with Axle Holes facing up, and you can use 2 x technic plates stacked together, or a technic plate plus a 2x2round tile with hole in the middle to produce something you are after
  15. Thanks for the comments.. I'm really confident this will run well at a show.. just under 2 months before BV.. so plenty of time to keep testing The only change I wish I'd thought about, would be to have each section independant, which would allow a 'challenge' of automatic explosion, but manual conveyor (can you keep up with the explosions?! :) Maybe a redesign after it's proven itself first!