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  1. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] Bling Color Sorter

    But do you have to say it in a Dutch accent?
  2. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    excellent video Mr Froden! although rather than direct off the first gear, it would be good to see one, where the red indicators are at the end of 2 differentlly aligned universal joints...
  3. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    I've used it at 3 shows since January.. running all day... Clutch gear doesn't seem to be affected!
  4. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    A couple of recent shows that I've done A solo effort at a local School Carnival, back in March: - 22 Modules And last weekend, as a fundraiser show for a local non-profit organization, with the Brooks Family contributing alongside my modules: - 38 modules This will be the last show for a few of my bigger, older modules - time to retire, and build new things! :)
  5. RohanBeckett

    Samsonite Gear question

    quickest way to drive them, is simply to put a 2x2 round plate (or 2x2 round brick) on either side, and then insert a regular axle I used the small white on in a recent GBC - you can see in photos here: it was the only thing that meshed with the outside teeth on a Hailfire wheel! In general, these old gears were designed to be pressed into the red wheels with the metal axles They are really are an oddball design, not quite up to the standard we expect from the Lego System @TechnicRCRacer Samsonite gears refers to these ones: (1965-67) The 2nd generation of gears were these: (1970-74) Before finally the 'current' standard of gears arrived in 1977 We can also say that there is the newest series of gears, starting with 12t bevel in 1993, and then the 12t double bevel, and 36t double bevel in 1999
  6. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    It's a definite fact: Power Functions IS coming to an end. Lego will certainly be ramping up production of PoweredUp parts to replace it I would imagine they'd keep a decent stock on hand, for customer service replacements and yes.. I would also imagine that initially, PU will be more expensive, and then gradually get cheaper, like PF did Nothing wrong with buying 2ndhand.. I've bought dozens before, and they've done Many, Many GBC shows just fine
  7. RohanBeckett

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    I took it to a show last weekend, and it worked better.. but it's very sensitive to the angle of the table.. I was on plastic blow-mold trestle tables, that are never perfectly level... when I jacked up one side, it behaved better But in the end, after 5 hours running, it broke down.. snapping the end of the 3L thin liftarm, forming the crankshaft - I suspect due to being jammed against dropped balls - the infamous akiyuki-style-frame-ball catcher :( But I have a few ideas to improve it!
  8. RohanBeckett

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    had another play with it last night, as I have a small GBC show on tomorrow... have adjusted the timing a bit, and it seems a bit better.. but we all know how well behaved GBC's can be on the workbench, compared to when a crowd is watching!!! Balls still seem to want to bounce a little bit, when they hit the cup/hub.. so I'm thinking one day I might really try to redesign that section a bit, so the balls fall in a bit more gentle somehow?
  9. RohanBeckett

    GBC Serpentines

    Here's a similar version of mine, I call Spiral Curves.. I use thin liftarms, rather than tyres.. Works very well.. I have used a central driveshaft, with worm gears, but you could use any gearing system you want at the back
  10. RohanBeckett

    [GBC] Egg Process Machine

    I frame-ified mine too.. I'll take some pictures this weekend... it ran perfectly during Brickvention in January. I have stuck with the rotating lifter arm.. after making some geometry changes to the hopper, it works a lot better
  11. Bricklink's has a very good instruction maker.. But for best results, it STILL needs a lot of tweaking - moreso with Technic instructions, as we often have LOTS of subassemblies.. and sometimes the software isn't intelligent enough to place the parts in the best order for building (impossible assemblies, etc) in, if you create steps as you build it, on screen, the instruction creator works a LOT better
  12. RohanBeckett

    Lego GBC Scissor Lift Module

    I took mine to Brickvention, but unfortunately, it was dropping balls too often... Not sure why, and haven't had time to go back.. the balls would just bounce out of the cup/hub 50% of the time Maybe I need to tweak the timing of the stepper blocks a small amount?
  13. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    haha! that's awesome! quite funny seeing something I built in an hour or so, as a joke.. being copied by others! Sorry wasn't able to get extra photos to you. (still haven't unpacked everything from BV!) but I guess you figured it all out! :) It ran perfectly fine all weekend! I was thinking of maybe framing the whole thing a bit more - but still leaving the mechanism exposed
  14. RohanBeckett

    42100 Liebherr R9800 Excavator

    Target audience for this set is NOT going to be 'kids'... it's going to be teens-adults and try to find out a teen these days without a smartphone ;)
  15. RohanBeckett

    GBC General Discussion

    We had 2 running at BV... mine was mostly flawless (and has been the last few shows it's been to), @Cadder's one - the crank, that connects to the input hopper ball-lifter occasionally worked it's way out, and needed to be pushed back in at the right timing