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  1. [GBC] Solaire

    Old Skateboard/Snowboard ramp curves{"ss":"AU","rpp":"100","iconly":0} quite useful in GBC situations! and reasonably cheap
  2. General Part Discussion

    @Doug72{"iconly":0} From the Hockey Sports range (which also included the very useful return-to-centre spring unit){"color":11,"iconly":0} I actually have a couple of these.. I'll go and see how good they are for scooping!
  3. [GBC] Solaire

    Very nice.. good clean lines! haven't had any balls get stuck as the sweeper bar comes around?
  4. Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    I don't care too much for GBC instructions... just a few, nice clear, well lit photos from all angles are usually enough to reproduce 'enough' to get you by... and yes.. Reverse Engineering is fun!
  5. Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    Ditto... I have about 20-30 ideas I want to build... some are copies of others.. some are originals.. yet to be tested in real life just not enough time!!
  6. GBC General Discussion

    You really need to sit down and play with gears... there's almost no times, (esp in GBC building) that you will ever connect a motor directly to a mechanism/motion Some Resources: this lets you play with gears.. Isogawa's PDF (and printed Books) are an excellent primer on basic Lego mechasnisms and best of all - try building other people's basic GBC's first, so you get a feel for how various mechanisms work.. and you get to see how GBC balls behave (how they bounce, how they jam.. how they fly all over the room!!) Maico has some excellent starter modules, many use very common parts.. and are easy to substitute other parts, as you build them.. Best of all.. GBC's are not colour-sensitive!! build it in rainbow, and it'll work just fine!! :)
  7. Lego GBC Cardan Lift Miniloop

    really compact mechanism! definitely the smallest Cardan Lift I've seen! wonder what several of these chained together might look like?
  8. this is a very good version of the old 'flexible path', that I've seen before.... more amazing that you've made it out of a single set... lot of respect for those who can do that!
  9. [GBC] Carousel

    thanks for the comments... to be honest, I'm not that fussed about the balls scuffing.. they are really lightweight remember, and I've had my lot for many years now, running over many 3-day conventions, and apart from the friends' logo, and soccerball print coming off, none of them have 'worn down' at all I thought about the upside down tiles.. but the issue is getting them around the curve.. the other idea would be to somehow flip the plates.. not impossible, but would definitely raise the height of the whole ring.. Actually, just thinking now... one option would be to have TWO rings of train train... have them back to back, and use a bit of brick trickery to connect them on the outer stick-out sleepers.. then the whole ball surface would be studs up.. allowing the use of tiles But... I'm happy to keep it as is... it proved itself for 3 days at Brickvention, and I didn't hear any complaints from my fellow GBC'ers who were running it, about reliability.. (and trust me, we are all quick to blame/laugh/poke fun of someones module, when it fails spectacularly!!)
  10. GBC Carousel During the last few weeks lead up to Brickvention 2018, in January, I decided to have a quick attempt at building a module I have seen on other GBC videos I take no credit for it's general invention, and I actually can't remember where I saw it.... it's just one of those 'cool ideas' that sticks in your head, and you decide to sit down and recreate it from memory! If I find a video, I will link it.. or if anyone knows who built it first.. please post, so I can credit them! For my version, I decided to use the smaller Lego tracks, from the Indiana Jones minecart.. they are fairly cheap on BL, and work very well, and doesn't take up too much space on the table The main ring is made of fairly basic pieces... always a great chance to use those less popular colours! I was quite happy with the red and yellow - giving it a circus-like feel The inverted slopes are fairly new, and worked very well at helping balls slip down the holes I had a bit of fun with some mixel faces, and eyes on the outer ring, as you can see in the video! The track is supported by a nice sturdy frame.. I can pick the whole thing up in one hand, and it doesn't flex. It is driven by train wheels, at each quarter/axis. With the first prototype, it didn't drive very well, and I needed all 4 corners to be driven. But I was testing with bare track, which is very light. Once I added the bricks/plates, it became heavier, and I only needed 2 driving wheels to operate it.. This simplified the design I needed to make it GBC standard, so a simple input + conveyor was added. If balls happen to drop, as the holes are passing, the large tile/catcher underneath sends them straight through. If they land on the wheel, then they go for a ride, accumulating in a pile, before the holes come around again, and they drop down The input rate is just right, so that not too many balls accumulate to 'overflow', and spill..occasionally balls don't fall down the hole, and they just wait for the next loop. For a bit of fun, I decorated the 'engine' in the middle. Note that I have 2 Motor inputs. This lets me alternate between an XL, and M motor, without having to alter power. I wasn't sure at the time which motor would be best (or what I had spare to use) It turned out to be a very reliable module, and I'm quite proud of how it came out. It's nice that there's no major timings to work out, and I think it's reasonably interesting to watch aaaaand... here's the video! :)
  11. [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I may be swapping mine over soon, as I need the older style to rebuild an older set... the newer ones feel a lot smoother (aside from being brand new! :)
  12. 3: 10 2: 6 10: 4 11: 3 15: 2 22: 1
  13. sometimes, when you come across an unusual part, that you don't own, I find it best to look at the sets it appeared in, and see how it was used: as you can see.. this clearly shows that it's basically a 5L liftarm, with no holes in the middle!
  14. General Part Discussion

    there's an axle hole, as well as 2 curved slots, in which the special hub clips in.. so you can use either I guess they were trying to come up with a design that would support more weight than a single axle could.. it works... but introduces a lot of friction