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  1. boogie

    GBC General Discussion

    I like how you were able to reposition the liftarm that lifts the crane. I’ll try to incorporate that when I update the instructions.
  2. boogie

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    Lego has been experimenting with a pull-string motor that can run an axle. That would work with a desk GBC miniloop.
  3. boogie

    Lego GBC Cardan Gear Module

    Which pattern design is new?
  4. boogie

    GBC General Discussion

    That’s the one part I can’t take credit for. It is by a Japanese builder by the name of Ichiro Satoh (unless I’m misinterpreting).
  5. boogie

    GBC General Discussion

    Here’s a module I’ve wanted to build in a while, that I just figured out how to get running. I wanted bricks moving horizontally, and with no floor underneath. Of course I also wanted the fork to be all black, but being new to Technic, I didn’t realize that you need some serious cash to get the half bush in black. I might change the input hopper to use a conveyor, and there are a few other things that I am thinking about, so I thought I’d take Tom Atkinson’s lead and call it a prototype. 🙂
  6. boogie

    GBC General Discussion

    Thanks for the suggestion - I didn’t know people did that here. I will try to do that in a couple of weeks - I am currently busy building another module (or four). :)
  7. boogie

    GBC General Discussion

    Thanks for posting this Ankoku. I built this module for the build challenge, as Great Ball Pit mentioned. I mostly just lurk here but participate more at the Discord chat (there’s some overlap of people between the two). It took me a while to find a stepper mechanism that I can combine with a shooter, as the shooting mechanism has to fit underneath the top step(s). Also the contest had a 48 stud limit, so the ball pump - which is a BW 2018 - was cut in half and facing the other way, to save on space.
  8. I've been a member for quite some time, and a lurker for even longer, but I never really posted, but I guess it's time to change that. I'm mostly a City fan, but I'm also interested in GBC. Either way, I'm just happy I haven't gotten into trains yet, as I am running out of storage space and hobby funds.
  9. boogie

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Same for me. If I'm not building, then I am sorting. Either way it counts as Lego time and I enjoy it.