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  1. Harley Davidson Softail Springer (1:10)

    excellent "front" look, sprongs and handlebars making great job... it's good to see Your next HD :)
  2. great looking MODs... I have to do something with my too :)

    great to see some new works in a "bike themes"... nice colour scheme :)
  4. Custom trike [MOC]

    Cool look-in tricke :) nice designed front suspension...
  5. Great work, excellent details... and classic bike... just WOW !!!
  6. I think the fenders exists in different options - depend of current situation on track... in the web you can find pictures with both version, for the same car number :)
  7. Great model. The same model (No 19) exist in a Real Racing 3 :) Like in a real car... :)
  8. Bricksonwhells.. I think you are in the point where your HD of such style are "perfect"... what about other HD models... oldtimers maybe ;) Another great model... :)
  9. [MOC] Longnose Truck

    I missed this topic... very nice, I's great to see such track in technic version :)
  10. [MOC] CUSTOM BMW R100

    Great model, nice to see a lot of details...and to see another BMW :)
  11. [MOC] Harley-Davidson 1200cc Sportster

    Great bike... nice details...
  12. Very interesting design, wider rear tire, a lot of interesting details ... very nice :)
  13. [MOC] ZIS-6 BM-13 Katjusha

    Great model... ... and great functions - simple firing mechanism - just WOW
  14. Tiny MOC Collection

    but now You have 4 pcs studded and 2 Technic...so maybe it's a 2/3 Model Team ;) with 2 1/2 bushes (black) and 2M axles (yellow or white) your model will be 100% Technic, and drivable... very funny creation ... IMHO a nice idea for a future contest... some small technic design in small space