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  1. Grand Duke Piettington

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    Sweet and sugary satisfaction around a tree.
  2. Grand Duke Piettington

    [MOC] Clutch Bros Coffee

    Amazing. I also like the pun of the name.
  3. Grand Duke Piettington

    LEGO VT 11.5 Trans Europ Express (TEE)

    Very amazing. This needs instructions, so some of us can make one of our own.
  4. Grand Duke Piettington

    MOC: Emerald Garratt

    Ah, this is truly amazing! I also heard that there are instructions for sale somewhere. Might I have a link, if at all possible? Ah. Never mind; I'll find it...
  5. Grand Duke Piettington

    First Unofficial First Order Torso Designs

    If you do not mind my saying so, I was reduced to Microsoft Paint, oddly enough. I just created these for the sake of sending them and torsos to United Bricks Bespoke Printing in the near future. Also, if I may, I don't really intend to use them as printable decals, so the only Minifigure I created with a glossy decal was Terra. Not to worry...
  6. Hello, Eurobricks! If anyone remembers the official Fist Order Officers from the LEGO sets, I must say that I was a bit dissatisfied with the greatly limited variation diversity. There was one male officer in the olive drab with two code cylinders, and the only Minifigure with four had a printed female waist. The only General Minifigure without the coat design was actually an admiral. So, I took the liberty to devote nearly all of my spare time to creating these. The ranks are as follows, but I believe that I could use someone else's help in creating the wristbands for the left arms. Cadets, Male and Female Cadet Backs Captains and/or Lieutenants, Male and Female Captain and/or Lieutenant Backs Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and/or Colonel, Male and Female Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and/or Colonel Backs General and Admiral, Male General and Admiral Backs Some black variations of the Lieutenant and Captain torsos will be uploaded sooner or later. A special thanks to Shadows for the inspiration of the code cylinders.
  7. Grand Duke Piettington

    Star Wars Imperial Officer Decal Variations

    This might seem like an odd question to ask and/or be asked, but do you mind if I submit other torso designs loosely based off of these, for the sake of Minifigure army, navy diversity, lad? I just thought that these could also use coats from Rogue One, and if you permit me to submit certain torso designs, I shall not forget to credit you for basis and artistic inspiration. Not to worry...
  8. Grand Duke Piettington

    Star Wars Rebel Troop Decals: Updated

    Well, of course, even though I be relatively new here, I believe those to be impressive. Most Impressive. Also, Might I recommend front and/or back torso designs of the rebel forest troopers? It is no requirement, being a recommendation...