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  1. MOC: Emerald Garratt

    Ah, this is truly amazing! I also heard that there are instructions for sale somewhere. Might I have a link, if at all possible? Ah. Never mind; I'll find it...
  2. First Unofficial First Order Torso Designs

    If you do not mind my saying so, I was reduced to Microsoft Paint, oddly enough. I just created these for the sake of sending them and torsos to United Bricks Bespoke Printing in the near future. Also, if I may, I don't really intend to use them as printable decals, so the only Minifigure I created with a glossy decal was Terra. Not to worry...
  3. Hello, Eurobricks! If anyone remembers the official Fist Order Officers from the LEGO sets, I must say that I was a bit dissatisfied with the greatly limited variation diversity. There was one male officer in the olive drab with two code cylinders, and the only Minifigure with four had a printed female waist. The only General Minifigure without the coat design was actually an admiral. So, I took the liberty to devote nearly all of my spare time to creating these. The ranks are as follows, but I believe that I could use someone else's help in creating the wristbands for the left arms. Cadets, Male and Female Cadet Backs Captains and/or Lieutenants, Male and Female Captain and/or Lieutenant Backs Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and/or Colonel, Male and Female Major, Lieutenant Colonel, and/or Colonel Backs General and Admiral, Male General and Admiral Backs Some black variations of the Lieutenant and Captain torsos will be uploaded sooner or later. A special thanks to Shadows for the inspiration of the code cylinders.
  4. Star Wars Imperial Officer Decal Variations

    This might seem like an odd question to ask and/or be asked, but do you mind if I submit other torso designs loosely based off of these, for the sake of Minifigure army, navy diversity, lad? I just thought that these could also use coats from Rogue One, and if you permit me to submit certain torso designs, I shall not forget to credit you for basis and artistic inspiration. Not to worry...
  5. Star Wars Rebel Troop Decals: Updated

    Well, of course, even though I be relatively new here, I believe those to be impressive. Most Impressive. Also, Might I recommend front and/or back torso designs of the rebel forest troopers? It is no requirement, being a recommendation...