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Found 4 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 19 XP (S:6, T:8, A:4) + 3 bonus for a total of 22 XP The Dagro Episode: Part IV: The Spy Meanwhile ... An agent of the New Republic Intelligence Service tracked down the suspect and his droid company. They are about to meet with the burgomaestro (mayor) of Dagro's District 13 in an abandoned industrial site at the outskirts of the district capital... Burgomaestro: "My Lord, i did what you asked me to do and i finaly received an answer on my petition." Dark Lord: "Read it out loud. Go ahead." The burgomaestro reads the communique: Burgomaestro: "New Republic Intelligence Service to Burgomaestro of District 13, Dagro, P7. Regarding the recent events on Dagro, the Republic Intelligence Service neither can confirm nor deny the presence of one or more of its agents on the planet of Dagro. All information regarding these events is purely speculative and the NRIS refrains from commenting on these and future events. Sincerely NRIS Bureau 4.17" Dark Lord: "It looks like my investment in you was futile. A pity! We are finished here. Droids, escort this man out of the facility...." [Build inspired by planet Ferrix, Andor. I finaly found out how to make the photos a bit brighter, using one of the camera settings. I hope it is an improvement and not overdone.]
  2. *Your entry has earned 15 XP (S:6, T:5, A:4) The Dagro Episode: Interlude: Pirate Attack! Frigate Balt'azar VII on waiting position, somewhere between planets Anteevy and Dagro, Esuain Sector, Mid Rim. The ship is part of the fleet reserve for Rox's mission to Dagro. In case assistence is needed it will bring in fresh troops or provide support fire from the orbit. After many uneventful days, hidden between asteroids, protocols may have been handeled a bit lax and the ship and crew were cought off guard when suddenly explosions were going off. A voice from the speakers, repeating the same sentence over and over again, can be heard everywhere in the ship: "This is not a test. The hull has been breached on decks eight and nine. Enemy boarding parties have infiltrated the ship. Crew is ordered to their designated battle stations, security teams are ordered to decks six to eleven. This is not a test...." Captain Cornelius and his unit rushed to the scene and are now fighting some filthy space pirates in one of the hallways:
  3. *Your entry has earned 16 XP (S:5.5, T:5, A:5.5) The Dagro Episode: Part II Soon after Rox and his team had set up their base, they began to explore the nearby surroundings. The landscape was dominated by a large flat plain with formations of rocks or hills scattered few and far between while long canyons cut through the ground. Dagro, with its rich soil and formidable farmland was well known in this part of the galaxy and provided agricultural products such as sargheet for many Mid Rim planets. From a local farmer Rox learned that the Dark Lord travelled this region not long ago... Rox: "What do you grow here?" Farmer: "Just some local spices." Rox: "Spice?!" Farmer: "Yes, herbal flowers, that will later be dried and used as seasoning. The Dark Lord demanded all of it as tribute once it is harvested! He failed to understand..." Rox: "So the Sith Lord asked you for all of the Spice, uhm, i mean the herbals?" Farmer: "Yes." Rox: "What else did you notice?" Farmer: "He was accompanied by two droids and something that looked like a lightsaber was dangling at his belt." Rox: "Thank you. Live long and prosper." [The colorful leaves that come with the Pocahontas CMF inspired me for this build. I just wish i had ordered more of them.]
  4. *Your entry has earned 25 XP (S:8, T:9, A:8) The Dagro Episode: Part I After an uneventful flight and a secret landing far from the next settlement, Rox and his team prepared an old imperial bunker on Dagro as temporary headquarters and set up their equipment. The team wanted to keep a low profile and the long abandoned facility proved to be an exellent hideout and basis for operations on the planet. Something strange was going on on this Mid Rim agriworld. Prior to Rox' journey to Dagro, alarming reports had been transmitted to the New Republic Security Bureau, saying that a Dark Lord of the Sith has been sighted on the planet. Although these reports surely must have been false or the true nature of the reports got lost in translation, an investigation of the rumors is about to commence...