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  1. Just finished building the Efferman stand (awesome stand) and disaster struck while trying to attach the Falcon to it. I had my hand on a not so secure point and partially dropped it causing about 50 or so pieces to come off of various locations. Spent half the night going through the instructions trying to find where they go but still have five to find. Ugh. So as stated before, if you're doing this stand, be careful, have help and take anything loose off the top prior to attempting to attach it.
  2. I say U-wing. I won't be buying the Tie as it doesn't appeal to me, especially for the price. I love the U-wing though, it was a fun build and like others have said, comes with a lot of mini figs.
  3. Damn, mine's been "in warehouse" since yesterday.
  4. My backorder just processed and is in the warehouse. I was also given a date of the 8th.
  5. My wife just tried to line up at our LLS and was 12th in line for the 11 they had. Then I read that people are just walking in and getting thsee on a whim?!?
  6. Hmm, my "waiting for new stock" just changed to "backordered". Wonder if that's good or bad?
  7. I was 6th in line for the 5 my local store got in today. Kinda sucked.
  8. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    That's pretty cool! I'll be getting it.
  9. 2017 Lego Star Wars UCS set vote

    AT-AT or Tantive IV
  10. Just got the UCS Sandcrawler 100% complete, still in bags for $229 on ebay.