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  1. axiom

    10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle Mod

    Yeah, would you mind sending me the instructions for the ramp? These mods are great!
  2. axiom

    Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    PM'd PM'd
  3. Found a complete 10225 R2-D2 (bags 3-10 still sealed) with box and instructions for $5 at a garage sale this weekend! Always wanted one, but didn't think I'd ever find one at a decent price. $5 was beyond decent!
  4. axiom

    [MOC] FORTNITE WARS - Vader's Team

    Love Fortnite, love this build!
  5. Ordered my Y-wing last night as well. No Vader Pod though (not a big deal since I got one earlier). Did get the BB8 automatically along with entering my code for the VIP Black Card Y-wing blueprint.
  6. Honestly, the old one kinda ruined this one for me. This set would have been great as an add-on to the old, but it doesn't quite fit. The build is just a little different. I ended up modifying it enough to add it to my old one but feel I could have gone without the new set all together. If you don't have the old one, get this, if you do, I'd at least waif for it to go on sale.
  7. I used this version Efferman Stand
  8. I used it and love it. I don't see why you couldn't mount it once you get to the landing gear section of the instructions. It'd make it easier to mount then. If you decide to mount it later, I'd advise taking everything loose off prior to trying and better yet, try to get help. I did it on my own and ended having to rebuild quite a bit due to parts falling off, things falling apart and pieces bouncing everywhere.
  9. Got the email 11/11 which started I'd receive it by the end of the month (Nov). Obviously haven't received it. Located in the U.S.
  10. Just finished building the Efferman stand (awesome stand) and disaster struck while trying to attach the Falcon to it. I had my hand on a not so secure point and partially dropped it causing about 50 or so pieces to come off of various locations. Spent half the night going through the instructions trying to find where they go but still have five to find. Ugh. So as stated before, if you're doing this stand, be careful, have help and take anything loose off the top prior to attempting to attach it.
  11. I say U-wing. I won't be buying the Tie as it doesn't appeal to me, especially for the price. I love the U-wing though, it was a fun build and like others have said, comes with a lot of mini figs.
  12. Damn, mine's been "in warehouse" since yesterday.
  13. My backorder just processed and is in the warehouse. I was also given a date of the 8th.
  14. My wife just tried to line up at our LLS and was 12th in line for the 11 they had. Then I read that people are just walking in and getting thsee on a whim?!?
  15. Hmm, my "waiting for new stock" just changed to "backordered". Wonder if that's good or bad?