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    [L4 - Dantooine - PA] Patrolling the Farms

    This is great build. Love the terrain.
  2. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Faction: Corsec Planet Muunilist Sector K4 Muunilist_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr Muunilist_1_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr Muunilist_1_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  3. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* Faction Corsec Planet Hoth Sector K18 hoth_rock_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr hoth_rock_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr hoth_rock_6 by Meyerj, on Flickr hoth_rock_5 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  4. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Training is always important part of Corsec, Today learning about the new droid that will be landing and exploring a spot on Boonta to place a spice port and set a trade route with the huts that own the territory TrainingBay_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr TrainingBay_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr TrainingBay_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr TrainingBay_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr. TrainingBay_5 by Meyerj, on Flickr TrainingBay_6 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  5. *Your entry has earned 5 XP* CSF_DROID by Meyerj, on Flickr CORSEC has produced a knew self reliant drone that is capable of collecting intel as well as advance if anything threatens it.
  6. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* The CSF - Integrity is a heavy class transport, bringing what ever it is assigned to where ever it is assigned. It's not a pretty ship, but it is durable and versatile. CSF_Integrity_1 by Meyerj, on Flickr CSF_Integrity_2 by Meyerj, on Flickr CSF_Integrity_3 by Meyerj, on Flickr CSF_Integrity_4 by Meyerj, on Flickr CSF_Integrity_5 by Meyerj, on Flickr CSF_Integrity_6 by Meyerj, on Flickr
  7. this has turned out nice, nice solid ship design. Which book is that just out curiosity..
  8. Wick, glad to see you return. The build is of.course epic, thank you for the explanation on the build as well, wish I had a LUGgroup as well.
  9. I don't want to say it...but this is epic. Nice idea on the screen shots for reference. Great details.
  10. Really nice, lots of small details. All those minifigure heads...jealous.😃
  11. Jody Meyer

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat. C][ S8 - Boonta - CSF - Integrity ]

    Yup...doh. I will fix it. 😐🙂
  12. this is super impressive. Love the Characters! great setting build as well.
  13. Jody Meyer

    [R4-Ziost-CE] Exploring the abandoned watchtower

    I really like the rock work done here, the dark grey and the white go well. nice little story as well. wish I had all those white teeth pieces
  14. Jody Meyer

    [M13-Devaron-TT] Infiltrating the reactor

    there is a lot of good detailing in the build, the reactor is great and the flooring as well, great work
  15. *Your entry has earned 10 XP* With the now up and running engineering, the new head of Security had come to meet with Mick and the new head of engineer Ms. Stephanie, she was in charge of making sure that the base was up and running and ready to get the command center up and running. LTC_A by Meyerj, on Flickr LTC_B by Meyerj, on Flickr
  16. Jody Meyer

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A brighter future

    Love the use of the bananas!
  17. Jody Meyer

    [P9 - Trandosha - CE] Bright Young Things

    this turned out nice, love the frogs, mine are all green. the buildings have nice clean walls and the brick shooters at the entrance are a great idea.
  18. Jody Meyer

    [R4 - Lur - CE] Saying farewell to Lur

    this is a great creative build, nice balancing act. the beach setting is great, love the ship design.
  19. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* The Triumvirate have been busy with the other factions aiming for their controlled planet of Devaron, the top brass have organized in the officers lounge and have a relaxing drink and plan out the next moves. Triumvirate gathering by Meyerj, on Flickr Note: I would like to take the time to thank @Darth Bjorn for these amazing sticker sheets. I wish I had your talent.
  20. Jody Meyer

    [R6 - Ossus - CFS] Life with the Dokmar Coven (FF)

    Love the rock work.
  21. Jody Meyer

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] Life on the Farm

    this is just awesome.
  22. Jody Meyer

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] A new lease of life

    love the ground work, positioning of figures are good.
  23. Jody Meyer

    [M13 - Devaron - CS] Life; officers lounge

    thank you. changed.
  24. Jody Meyer

    [M13 - Devaron - TT] It's a Hard Knock Life

    Ok, this is awesome, great looking build with those roots. Figures look.good.
  25. Jody Meyer

    Sets becoming smaller and more expensive

    I agree, the sets that are out and for the past few years have been disappointing, sets are mostly reworks from past years with a tweak here and there and marked up in price. Also I am noticing that TLG is focusing on the 30-50+ age group, why because we all can relate to playing with lego when we were younger. Sorry, just my thoughts on this.