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Found 8 results

  1. Inspired by the Speed Champions cars. Last year I built a car showroom to show them off. Al's Autos is built on 3 large baseplates. On the left baseplate the blue and white sign has doubled sided brick plate writing and rotates on a Technic turntable. The showroom has a roller door entry behind the office on the left. It is fully tiled inside and lit with PF LEDs. On the right baseplate the brown turntable also rotates on a Technic turntable. The footpath is designed to match up to the Modular footpaths. My own creation cars are a Pick Up truck with removable Camper. A Ford GT40 reverse engineered from a LEGO YouTube movie. The black Pontiac is a KITT replica and has a working red LED scanner in the front. Next was a service centre / workshop for the showroom.The back section is a parts department. On the right are two service bays. The front one has a working Technic pneumatic hoist. Also PF LED lighting. The shipping containers can fit a Speed Champions car or spare parts. To keep the cars clean I next built a car wash. This has a working Technic based linear actuator to move the brushes back and forward over the car. So after a long day. It's off to the Drive In movies. The diner has a projection room, kitchen, counter, seating and toilet. My own creation cars are two NYPD police cars with working light bars. A yellow NY taxi. The two Porsche 911's are modified with brick headlights and door handles. The ambulance has working LED light bars, headlights and taillights One day I will get around to doing close up and interior photos.
  2. Hi all, here is a thread to ask/answer questions about LEGO set availability in New Zealand. I have a question as well :) Does NZ get U.S. retailer exclusives? Like Penguin Arctic Roller. If so, where can I find them? Thanks in advance, VaderFan2187
  3. Pieter Dennison

    Hi from New Zealand

    Hi Eurobricks I'm Pieter from the deep South Country called New Zealand. I use to have another account but couldn't remember my username or password or the old email address I used (stupid I know) so I decided to make a new one. I'm an AFOL, 18 years old and builds mainly in dark fantasy, architectural and film, although you can usually catch me going out of my comfort zone. I have a MocPages account: and a Flickr account: My latest Moc I've been involved with:
  4. SharpShot

    [MOC] NZ Type 3R Fire Engine

    Hello, This is my first MOC, which is based off of the only rear mounted pump truck in New Zealand, Sockburn 257, now Nelson 217. (Sorry about the large image size)
  5. LukeWarmTea

    Lego Club ANZ

    Hi all does anyone know if the Lego Club ANZ has Green, Red and Yellow mags or just the Red they advertise? Thanks in advance, Al
  6. Award winning NZ scientist Siouxsie Wiles wrote a short open letter to TLC on her website: asking if TLC could again address the gender imbalance issues in their products, this time CMFs, and proposes an hitherto unthought of solution. It hit NZ current affairs mag http://www.listener....-are-the-women/ and I wonder if it will spread? My query is - what do you (as an AFOL or PFOL or whatever) think of the idea of two faced minifigs, with female on one side and male on the other? Personally I think if it is restricted to non-licensed themes and just appears in the CMF series then bring it on! But I would feel strange picking up a Batman that could turn into a Batwoman, and I'm not sure how it would work in classic themes like City - surely just a better representation of women (with better facial expressions) would suffice? Edited: A word.
  7. LukeWarmTea

    Hi! Alexandra from NZ here.

    Hi all! I'm Alexandra, a mum from NZ and I'd love to meet other NZ lego fans. I loved Lego as a kid and collected Basic stuff, the Robin Hood series and Technics, but we couldn't afford the motorised stuff. I'm still in the same boat moneywise, I work part time as a cleaner and my partner Sara works on the lumber yard so Lego has always been a bit out of reach. My daughter is now 5 (and a half, the half is important!) and she's been given Friends the past year or so, which is slowly taking over from her Duplo which she still sometimes plays with. It has Bob the Builder stuff, so that's an incentive for her. She loves City and had some pretty neat sets which we've cannibalised (along with the Friends parts - those lovely colourful flat pieces are the best) into baby cots, change tables, high chairs and buggies, bunk beds and go-carts - all that stuff little kids are into. I want to build with her, for her and for myself too. For the longest time I was into Sylvanian Families and I should've been buying Lego! I would love to own a big modular building like the Parisian Restaurant - all those mod builds remind me of times in Europe and the UK (where my family is) and look nothing like NZ - I'd be keen later to take on the challenge of a NZ building, maybe a weatherboard villa or two. So that's it really. Oh, and I support those trying to address gender imbalance in toys, it's a bit of a thing for me I guess. I don't want my little girl to think she can't play with Ninjago, and I don't think her friends who are male should be unable to play with the Friends figs. I'd also like to see more advanced builds targeted to girls - like a motorised Friends range or something. Anywho, it's nice to meet you! Alexandra
  8. Gobernador

    LEGOzeland of the Rings

    Time has passed since the Single Ring was destroyed. Mount Doom is a peaceful place today, and Frodo has come to see if everything is correct But that Sauron is gone, does not mean it is not free from dangers A couple of orcs wandering around, and you better hide until they disappear into the arid territory in search of something to plunder You better go home, the hobbit think... Gandalf has been to see how things go for Isengard, after the demolition of SarumanĀ“s tower It seems that the forest is recovering, that's good. Gandalf decides to go to The Shire, to see his old friend Frodo. Hobbiton, still as beautiful as ever! Both friends find themselves at Bag End, these stairs where so many adventures began! down the hill to "The Green Dragon" cross the bridge over the lagoon, is a sunny and beautiful day for walking .... and drink a good beer remembering all the adventures! These photographs correspond to the following locations: Hobbiton, near Matamata in a private farm Mount Doom is in the Tongariro National Park, and is a trekking I recommend to everyone, it's like walk on another planet. Isengard is located near the town of Glenorchy, and other locations, which have no proper figures, I could not include in this cartoon. And I'd recommend New Zealand to everybody, is an amazing and very beautiful country.