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  1. youngwing

    Excavator Zorex Volvo

    That's very good! Fast movements and looks real. I think bucket should be more bigger.
  2. youngwing

    Flying Lego Plane

    Very good project. Main problem is flying with battery box.. It's too heavy for flying.
  3. youngwing

    Snowmobile MK II

    Very cool! Design and speed is awesome! Mine is like grandfather :) I need RC Buggy motor and new design :)
  4. youngwing

    Snowing season!

    There is video of my MOC. I want to more speed but it's not.
  5. youngwing

    Wing Body Truck Building Instructions

    Wonderful, good job! I've just seen photo albums Typical Japanese system, perfect!
  6. youngwing

    Snowing season!

    Thanks :) Center of mass is very important because battery box is very heavy.... I don't like my design because of battery box. First test drive results are above:
  7. youngwing

    Snowing season!

    Hi, We're thinking same idea :) I'm still making my snowmobile. I'm start 2 days ago... This is my reference: My project is WIP now... Panels are temporary...
  8. youngwing

    Technic Lifter and Carrier

    They are fast, very cool :)
  9. youngwing

    Heavy Machinery Collection

    Very cool Can you share instruction?
  10. youngwing

    [MOC] M578 Light Recovery Vehicle

    It looks great! Cong
  11. Perfect design, cong.. I like realistic technic models like that. Minimum studs and looks real...
  12. youngwing

    Rock Crawler Chassis MOC

    Very good performance, well done!
  13. youngwing

    (MOC) FAUN L908, 6x6 heavy duty truck

    Woow! Very good MOC... Tires looking good.
  14. youngwing

    [MOC] Caterpillar 725 Articulated Dumper

    Very good MOC
  15. youngwing

    Apron Feeder

    Thank you very much for your good comments I'm new and need make many practice.. I love GBC, enjoyable and need intelligence. I want to make unsual machines with LEGO Technic. You definitely right , I will apply it