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  1. Robinson

    The Ugly Bastard

    another awesome work from kbcakir, color harmony of the ship is incredible. Keep brickin'
  2. Robinson

    MOC: Friends Animal Park

    impressive creations. Normally I'm not a fan of Friends theme but these are awesome projects. Combining of Friends, Duplo and System animals is hard work to do but you're handle it very well.
  3. Robinson

    Lego Room Build

    this is an amazing room! I wish have a room like yours some day.
  4. Robinson

    Monkey Island 2 - Largo Embargo

    wow amazing figures, i wish i was talented in figures like you.
  5. Robinson

    Custom Hull Tutorial

    Very interesting and helpful topic, I keep my eyes on it.
  6. Robinson

    [MOC] Return of the Prince

    Thank you all for your adorable comments. Photo quality is little bit low but I try to improve myself.
  7. Hi everyone, This is my contest entry for TURKLUG 2015 New Year Contest. It is a one year project. Wish you love it.
  8. Robinson

    [MOC]6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned

    Thank you all for your amazing comments. I honored blogged in Classic-Pirates. Want to make some bluecoat stuff in near future too.
  9. Robinson

    Do you have a MOC that has not been indexed?

    Hello, here my MOC. Could you please add to the index. 6263 Imperial Outpost Redesigned
  10. Robinson

    [MOC] My Black Pearl

    OMG! She is incredible! This is the best BP, I have ever seen!
  11. Ahoy Mateys! I have redesigned my favorite set from childhood, 6263 Imperial Outpost for Turklug Redesign Contest. Hope you like it too. 6263 Imperial Outpost 1 More @
  12. Category A Entry : Tharadum the Sword Rainer
  13. Tharadum the Sword Rainer has ability to rain swords to his enemy. His mysterious axe give him a mytical power. He easily eleminate his enemies. he is loyal to Black Spire. During his trip to Nocturnus zone to meet with his group members, he had to challange with numerous enemies. My entry for Category A