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  1. Kwon

    Monster Race Buggy

    Outstanding! i like that ;)
  2. Kwon

    Scania R560 V8 'Black Pearl'

    Brick. It is so awesome!
  3. Wow awesome! Subbed! Keep up the great work :)
  4. Awesome! Did you meet ozben and did it together?
  5. Kwon

    Show us your Working Place

    what's Megablocks rule? :P :P :P Here is one more guy who build lego on floor :P
  6. Kwon


    Awesome, always i wanted :)
  7. Kwon

    Supercar Lamborghini SV

    its..... So.... Awesome, nothing more to say! um... I think i having hard time to see brickshelf. Maybe it is updating i think.
  8. Kwon

    Trophy Truck Project

    Sounds very awesome :)
  9. Kwon

    Doc's Mocs WIP

    um... Clone turbo tank? :)
  10. Kwon

    Toyota hilux red

    Thank you Sir. Yes...... Actually that was a result with my lazy :P just joke. um........ Not sure :P Yes, It passed test with my video editing software XD Thank you :) Yes. Little bit.... um.. :P
  11. Kwon

    [WIP] RC (not IR) Racecar

    The ultimate one, can't wait for its speed :)
  12. yes. The 8369 motor is two times faster than buggy motor and really stronger than buggy motor......I think people don't know much about it, maybe they don't think that motor is lego... the 8369 motor is faster and stronger than 8376 motor,