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    Mixels 2016 Discussion

    Looks like I won't be getting the full collection, as at Shop at Home they're listed as having retired (whaaat) and fora few series now the stocking in actual sotres of them has been at best patchy. I dont think Ive seen series 9 at all. :/
  2. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Jabba's Favourite Decoration

    I think the choice to go with grey fits a lot better than the tan. The tan version is a lot brighter and doesn't have the same polish as the grey version built. Nice work
  3. Mutant Orc

    The Bounty Hunter

    Wow that's quite a first post, this model is full of really cool parts usage! The way you managed to encorporate so many odd parts into a good look model is commendable, especially when the parts come from varied different generations of constaction. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
  4. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Science models

    That DNA helix is indeed very nice. The balls are "voodoo balls" I believe, they're used in constraction (BIONICLE and the like).
  5. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Panther Guardian

    Yknow it never occurred to me to stick a mini-ball joint with axle into a voodoo ball to make it CCBS ball & socket compatible. That's really neat
  6. Mutant Orc

    10218 Pet Shop MOD PLEASE HELP

    You're welcome, looking forward to seeing the result
  7. Mutant Orc

    10218 Pet Shop MOD PLEASE HELP

    The bay window in the house is 6 studs wide. So if the whole thing is going to be 24 studs wide, the windows will only take up half the total amount of studs availiable, you'll have more than enough room to move things about and decide on a door placement etc
  8. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71316 Umarak the Destroyer

    Nice, I had been wondering what it would look like. I'm much more tempted to get Lava Beast now and try that on it, and then see about the rest of these sets.
  9. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71313 Lava Beast

    That's a good idea, I'd like to see what that looks like now...
  10. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71315 Quake Beast

    Dissapointing to see just how poor he is in comparison to the boxart, but I guess at least I can appreciate that the people doing the boxart are doing their job's very well here (i.e. making something rather rubbish seem miles better- some sets in the past I've found the boxart to actually be a pretty poor reflection on the set e.g Queen Beast but I digress). His torso print and mask don't seem useful, and since the rest of him offers nothing appealing I will probably end up skipping this one.
  11. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker

    I also started off not thinking much of this set, but the masks it contains have grown on me and are tempting (even if black would have been somewhat nicer in Umarak's mask). I've noticed a new problem here though that seems weird, and that's his legs. In comparison to the size and bulk of his upper body they look far too short, the lower leg especially, but the thighs as viewed from the front look scrawny as well... Maybe I'm being too picky with this wave, there seems to be something I'm finding amiss on all of them..! Thanks for all these reviews!
  12. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71316 Umarak the Destroyer

    I like the mask on this Umarak more than I expected myself to, but the rest of the figure is nothing special. The trans colour isn't one of my favourites (in fact they're all getting a bit meh to me, I'd like to see some new ones) and I agree that he's not as interesting as a figure as Umarak the Hunter was. His massive chest and skinny skeletal waist isn't brilliant either, nor is the lack of a forearm as his hands take over them. I moslty built him from my own parts collection the other day, and I found that his shoulder connection was a bit weak with just a single pin and an axle holding them into two pin holes. Is this a problem of the set, or are the parts I used a bit old and running low on friction..?
  13. Mutant Orc

    REVIEW: 71313 Lava Beast

    I wouldn't be so hesitant to buy these, especially not Lava Beast as he is my favourite, if the heads/masks had been better. As it is, the weird static jaws and the chin of the neon head coming through bug me somewhat.
  14. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Skull Leader

    Nice work! Huh for some reason I never thought to use the legs from scorpio as horns, maybe because I'd forgotten about him until I dug up his bits recently!!! Looks pretty neat.
  15. Mutant Orc

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Everything seems to be there and working now for the UK S@H Edit- oh wait yeah UtD and Quake beast are indeed missing
  16. Mutant Orc

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Hrm, your review has made Ekimu look much better than I originally thought he did.......
  17. Mutant Orc

    Bionicle 2016 Sets Discussion

    Jang has reviews Umarak the Destroyer by the way
  18. Oh gosh, it's great. The price is expensive but the PpP is good enough to dangerously tempt me into getting it ! (I probably will...)
  19. These are hilarious! Really interesting connections in them as well
  20. Mutant Orc

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    Here's a Jang video with the UCS Hoth and the 2011 version together.
  21. Mutant Orc

    75098 Assault on Hoth

    Jang posted this - so it seems like he's got something going on maybe..?
  22. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Star Wars Original Trilogy X-Wing Fighter

    Nice work! It's the first time I've seen someone using that function for the wings of this generation X-Wing in a moc, and the nose has a nice amount of shaping/texture in comparison to the last OT X-Wing lego made itself. Any plans for more mocs? It'd be cool to see some more to go along with it, like Vader's TIE..!
  23. Mutant Orc

    Not even sure where to start.....

    Well personally I'd go to Brickset, they have listed all the bionicle sets. The best way to identify which sets you have would probably be to look at the masks, and other specific parts such as maybe a certain weapon part, to see which sets they match (and then you can bring up a parts list and seperate off whole sets like that). Edit- oop! beaten to it without realising at first xD
  24. Mutant Orc

    [Review] 75127 Ghost +video

    Nice review- I'm surprised you went to such extent of coverage all on one small set (completed model images, speed build etc) but its a pleasant surprise and much appreciated! I hadn't realised the head piece on the figure was quite so detailed before either, although its a shame the orange on the torso hasnt come out brilliantly, as per usual when printing on dark torsos. Since they now dual mold parts to avoid this sort of problem, I wonder if they'll develop a method for torsos sometime...
  25. Mutant Orc

    [MOC] Lime color house

    Very nice, especially well done using a shade of green that's not normally nice looking well