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  1. JayCal

    [MOC] ATSF Pullman Coach

    Very very nice! To "lighten" the heavy roof, perhaps lower it by one plate? Or does that ruin the scale?
  2. Oh I completely agree with you on that matter! I've never doubted the ability of any designer... However, the difficulty of a topheavy creation, thin legs AND the immense set of rules the designers have to face before anything is finalized by LEGO to fit their target audience, will not refrain me from my previous statement. It's that combination of factors, NOT the ability of any designer who works there.
  3. Simple: a UCS AT-AT (It's not too violent or boring, but simply too difficult for LEGO to construct, apparently.
  4. JayCal

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    No issues at all, mostly replaced 1x3's with a combination of 1x1's and 1x2's. 1x8's replaced with 1x4 and 1x6. I love my sand blue grocer and mostly have it mirror built to differ from my my sand green one.
  5. JayCal

    Next UCS Set

    a new AT-ST (sizewise perfect for UCS) would be welcome. A less studded version than the previous one please.
  6. JayCal

    Next UCS Set

    Although everybody is tired of Hoth (especially after 75098), I would love to see a $350-$400 AT-AT.
  7. JayCal

    Next UCS Set

    Isn't that Vaders' TIE? The bomber has a double cylindrical hull.
  8. JayCal

    Next UCS Set

    As a huge OT fanatic, i love all your comments! Seems the OT vehicles still get the most love. Keep it up!
  9. JayCal

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I agree completely. I wouldn't even be surprised if the chassis of 10179 is almost the same to this one. I've built my BL'ed 10179 again last week in anticipation of this re-hash. The size and building techniques are very very similar. Although it probably won't be a day one purchase for me (for purely financial reasons), I'll definately pick it up this year.
  10. JayCal

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    About that dish... the teaser vid had BB8 in it... Force friday is all about The Last Jedi... why show the original trilogy dish on the advertisement? I'm not Spock but wouldn't it be more logical to show the TFA dish on it?
  11. JayCal

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    As far as the rigging goes... Wasn't TLG the company that gave us the 8 wide earth blue arches in the winter village market because the fans requested those for rebuilding retired modular buildings? They actually told us this in the designer vid... Now back to the rigging: what is a very expensive part for bricklinking a 10179? I think the rigging is there as fan service for all the people who already Bricklinked a 10179. Can't wait for this one! Hans did an amazing job capturing the details. Edit: although rigging is not the most expensive part... it is one of the hardest to replace properly.
  12. JayCal

    LEGO Ideas WALL-E

    Official: https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/1-blog/post/45
  13. It sounds like a 32x48 footprint... Pretty massive but a normal modular has a 32x32 baseplate and is "only" 150-160 euros. So I expect to see many many many details and microbuilds.
  14. I've placed a lot of BNP orders this year and the downtime might have something to do with the current problems in their database. Numerous call with customer service provided me with some info that their BNP database is currently showing a lot of items that are actually out of stock. I've heared that these issues need to be adressed manually, so that could be the reason for the downtime. Although the downtime is not favourable, it will probably result in a change for the better... so have faith, fellow brickbuilder!
  15. JayCal

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That sounds surpringly reminiscent of Cafe Corner... Which, together with Market Street, already makes 2 "Amsterdam style" buildings in the modular range. However, being dutch myself... I wouldn't mind some more ;-)
  16. JayCal

    [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    I have some very nice results using Humbrol #127
  17. JayCal

    [MOC] AT-ST

    I love the brickbuilt "cheeks" and ofcourse the great parts usage. It reminds me a little of my own rendition which I did way back in 2001: However, the amount of parts back then was a little more resticting. I love the way you tapered the head and I especially love the amount of work you put in the leg section. Hope to a brickbuilt variant soon (although as stated, with a few color/part alternates). Very nice all in all!!
  18. JayCal

    10246 Detective's Office

    Still no glass for part 30044 though... bummer. Anyway, first day purchase.
  19. JayCal

    [MOC] The GHOST from Star Wars: Rebels

    I would love to see some breakdown shots/instructions too.
  20. JayCal

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    Dave, Don't forget to use a clearcoat after you printed your decals before you submerge them. Inkjet decals are not waterproof after printing! I use laserprints, so I don't have to take that extra step. Good luck and let us know how it works out.
  21. JayCal

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    Dave, Thanks a lot for the info, it's just what I needed. I'll make a partslist for this weekend. I love those engine mods! The only things I needed to apply the decal were: the decal (duh), a bowl of warm (not hot) water and some tissuepaper/kitchentowel/toiletpaper or similar. Th trick is to apply water to the surface of the dish, then slide the soaked decal into place and afterwards gently dip with the paper towels to push out excess water underneath the decal and to push out any small wrinkles. Remember that as long as there is water between the decal and the brick, you can replace at will. By pushing out the water underneath, the decal stays permanently put.I always let the decal cure for a full day. If you want, I can make you one (free of charge ofcourse). You could probably use a protective spray afterwards, but because of the concave shape, I didn't bother. Anyway, thanks again for all the great tips!!! I'll show my progress when the new parts arrive.
  22. JayCal

    BrickLinking a UCS Millennium Falcon

    Hi Dave, I'm extremely impressed by your falconmods and hope to make some similar mods to my own someday. I actually used your dishdrawing as a template for my own rendition in coreldraw. The use of decalpaper was quite simple because I use a lot of decals for DIY guitar effect pedals. The decal paper is quite stretchy and therefore does not wrinkle. It's also just as shiny as regular bricks when fully cured. The only drawback was that I had to cut out the square in the centre of the decal, but I imagine you had to do that to yours too. The finish of the decal is a little less durable than a vinyl sticker, but because it's not a very playable model... I don't care too much about that. Ps. My first mod to the falcon will be your engine mod... I just love that round shape at the back! Does it take away a lot of rigidity?