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  1. jfbat

    MOCs: Vintage Cars (2nd batch)

    Looks great! (you only did one side?)
  2. jfbat

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That hospital is great! Lots of play functions, and what's in there is quite realistic. Terrific use of the light brick. A very decent Ambulance with a new design for van type vehicles to booth - not your usual run of the mill last years design dumbed down like in the recent Fire Brigade and Police sets. And that cast! No, that's been around for a while. Have two lying around doing nothing and two are in use - one in the most recent camper (60057), the other in the Ice Cream van from The Lego Movie (heavily modded for my city, though).
  3. jfbat

    2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The police officer has stepped off the bike to get some lovely icecream... [edit] oops, didn't see there was another page. Bit late to the party, then...
  4. jfbat

    10261 LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster

    There's just no way for me to justify buying this set. I have no idea where to put it, and while I'm sure it will be an amazing build, the price is just way too high for something that will end up in storage. But I absolutely like what they did and the way they did it, keeping it simple enough to keep it an enjoyable build for a large group of people, but still capturing the essence of a bigger rollercoaster. And for those who want to, there's more than enough to mod! I agree, but the "apparently people are willing to pay more for this" factor does attribute to it too, I think.
  5. jfbat

    1968 FIAT 500 F

    If so, they're in a lot of trouble, as all visible studs have LEGO on them... Anyway: supported this a long time ago. Would love to see this make it to production. The improvements are very well executed!
  6. jfbat

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    There have off course been cases where LEGO released a set and people said "they stole that form cuusoo/ideas!". I wouldn't be surprised that that's a big part of the (if not, the main) reason they're now excluding sets based on an active IP license, just to avoid discussions like that. As you write: there's just too big a chance that LEGO already thought of a certain set or actually has it in the pipeline already.
  7. jfbat

    Best Lego Ideas projects

    That's a very nice one. Supported!
  8. I'm not sure if the designer did not have any say in it. If I'm correct, the designers are usually always consulted by the Lego-designer that transforms the Idea into a real set. Aside from that: if you enter a set on Ideas, you adhere to the rules of Ideas, in which it is stated: "The LEGO Group makes all final decisions on how a project becomes a LEGO set, including the final model design". So: you know that your design can be altered to make it a set Lego can make and market. Although I do understand the criticism of this set, I think Lego has done their best to produce a set that's not way too expensive. A set more closely to the size of the original idea would have cost in excess of a 100 euro/dollar/pound and I honestly believe that they simply would not be able to sell enough of them to make it profitable.
  9. jfbat

    42078 - Mack Anthem

    Got this set at an amazing bargain when in Germany this week. Have built it now and have to say: what a great set this is. Plenty of build time, nice details already in the build and heaps of functions.
  10. jfbat

    Cut in half newly built house scaled in 1 to 18

    The attention to detail is impeccable, as usual with you. Love it! Are those solar panels real and if so, will they be powering the lighting in the house?
  11. jfbat

    LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Well, I don't agree. These also could have been more accurate with a little more attention to detail. So, for me, I think it's not the constraints of the Lego system that make this close enough for TLG to call it finished, but at some point stop making it more accurate, whether it's for budgeting reasons, or just because it should also look like Lego. It won't stop me buying it though.
  12. jfbat

    LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Your last sentence kind of nullifies your statement that it's close enough within the confines of the Lego system... As to the "more than a few", was more down to it not being, say, 4-6 different/extra pieces, but more along the lines of 20-30. And no, it would not be a huge rebuild, but - for me at least - also not almost insignificant. Some small changes could make it look a lot more like the original in that specific area. Totally doable, and yes, I'm also looking forward to give it a try. The recent VW beetle also suffered from some design choices that make it look just that bit off (to me and quite a few other people). I do understand the philosophy that hey, it's a lego model and should at least look a bit like that (as the designers stated themselves), but my gut feeling says that cost (in design time and to a certain extent parts) also plays a role. In the end, it's Lego, so when something is not to your liking, nobody's stopping you to try and fix it!
  13. jfbat

    LEGO Creator Expert London Bus 10258

    Well, look at the picture below. The fenders should be much more rounded at the bottom, for starters. The headlights are too big and the grille is too tall (and too grey). It'll need more than a few extra pieces...
  14. jfbat

    CREATOR 2017

    The front looks a bit unfinished to me... the underside of the front fenders should be more rounded instead of square and the grille should have red grille plates at least...