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  1. jfbat

    New VIP system

    Got an e-mail today from Lego: (translated from Dutch)
  2. jfbat

    10298 Vespa 125 Scooter (1960s)

    Got an email today that it's on its way. I ordered it from lego.com, because I was not too sure if or when it would be available from the local toy store, but saw that they also have it for sale now yesterday. So in the end I could've picked it up there, instead of having to wait until monday or tuesday... Ah well.
  3. jfbat

    10298 Vespa 125 Scooter (1960s)

    Same for the Netherlands. I have 10298 on order since Tuesday, shows in warehouse, but has not been sent yet. Got an email from lego.com today that they're "receiving a high volume of orders" and so it's taking them more time to pack and ship.
  4. I had a feeling this would be the case, when I read the press release: So, no real surprises there. Odd choice of Lego and McLaren to go for this release date, knowing full wel that the model would be outdated within days.
  5. To me, this isn't a Technic set. It's a set that uses Technic parts, because it delivers a more sturdy car that can withstand the crashes it will undoubtedly get into because of the pull-back function. Somehow Lego decided that there is a market for a larger pull-back car, where people are willing to pay 50 bucks for such a car. I haven't been in a toy store for a while, but I have a feeling Lego is trying to create a very niche market for themselves here.
  6. Well, what do I know... doorbell rang, and guess what did arrive after all? (the Porsche arrived on Thursday, the VIP package just now)
  7. I did. Multiple times even. Have had some extra's in the box a few times, without it ever showing up on my order. Last one I remember was the piggy bank. That's the case with this VIP box for me. It's shown as backordered. I doubt if I'll get it (but am not losing sleep over it
  8. Yes, at least I did. My order did come with another GWP: the Ice Rink.
  9. So, for me: No GWP at checkout, 16 February, 00:35 CET (Netherlands) First mail was to notify me that part of my order was on backorder: the GWP (delivery within 60 days) Second mail was order confirmation, also with GWP On Lego.com order details also say with GWP Shipment notification: without GWP Package arrived today without GWP Order details at Lego.com still show GWP as "in warehouse" You never know, but I'm not really counting on getting the GWP in the end. But to be honest, I only remembered that it was there when I got the email notifying me it was on backorder. Would have ordered the set anyway, as a good spend for my VIP points, so I'm not too bothered by this. Still: bit silly to promote a special VIP set, and running out of it within minutes (and then seeing it on eBay and the like offered by scalpers).
  10. Mine is underway. Minus the VIP pack, that is on the order, but on backorder (or "in warehouse", per the order status on the website). I'l be waiting for cancellation of that then...
  11. jfbat

    New VIP system

    So, to come back to this: I since have been contacted by customer services, and indeed - it now does matter where your VIP account is registered. So: be aware! That's where it went wrong for me, but the matter has since been solved satisfactorily, thanks to the excellent intervention from Lego Customer Services. (my first mail was lost somewhere in the system, which explains that I did not get an answer in the first place - after my second mail, things were solved in little over a week)
  12. jfbat

    New VIP system

    So... I tried to use the voucher system for the first time, little over a month ago. It was not very satisfying, to say the least. Redeeming VIP-points for a voucher was very easy - no problems there. I have been very careful to select the correct voucher: I wanted to use it on lego.com, so I chose that. Then came July 1st. I had especially redeemed some of my Points to get a nice discount on the Corocodile train. Sadly, the system wasn't agreeing. I got a message that I could not use my voucher for this purchase. OK... Next step was customer service. It was a pain in the @$$ to get any mail through, but after quite some attempts, I succeeded. We're now more than a month later, and I do understand that in these times it can take a bit longer, but I have not heard anything back. So tried to contact them again today - I cannot even get a mail through. Tried to log in to my VIP-account, and something strange happened: I live in the Netherlands, but my account is apparently registered in Germany. I had to switch to Germany to get to my account. That's a first for me, I never had to do that! (also not, when redeeming points in June for that voucher) I have a feeling where things go wrong: I signed up for Lego VIP a very long time ago, on holiday, in Germany. That never has been a problem, I have always used my account from the Netherlands, without issues. But apparently, the system now is quite peculiar about what region/country you're registered in. If it doesn't correspond with the country you're ordering from, VIP appearently doesn't work. Again: completely new for me, I've never had that issue before... In my account, under points redeemed, it now says for the voucher: 20 € to be used at LEGO.com (DE) It didn't say that on July 1st. It does not say so in the mail I received with the voucher-code in it, which by the way is completely in Dutch... Somehow I can only spend the voucher in the German online store, which won't work as I cannot order there and have it delivered in the Netherlands. Lego: please stop making things more "convenient" for us, and make things work again as they always did. As it is now, as a customer loyalty program it is working contra-productively for me... [edit: with some perseverance, I finally succeeded in getting a mail through to customer service]
  13. jfbat

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Well, that's what got me worried this time: the shop-page went to a "oops, something went wrong, please try again"-page. But the money was still taken from my creditcard. Anyway, about an hour later the confirmation mail arrived and the order is also shown in my account ("In warehouse", so hoping it'll get here soon). Now I just have to wait until they come back on what to do with my voucher that didn't get accepted and now has 45 days left - and nothing I want to buy.
  14. jfbat

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    In the end I did get a confirmation of the order. But for the second time in a short period it really wasn't smooth sailing. It's taking away from the fun-experience buying a somewhat special lego-set should be. Anyway: hope the set itself will take some of that gripe away.