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Found 14 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Rabbit

    Hello, I would have posted this model much earlier, but I had massive trouble to add the pictures from flickr... Thanks again, for the help! Well, it´s actually a rabbit, not a hare, so maybe the delay doesn´t matter (Easter and stuff...)
  2. Brick Broadcasting

    Lego Easter Eggcident

    A terrible Eggcident happens when the Easter Bunny is laying down eggs for kids to find!! Will all be OKAY??
  3. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Easter Bunny

    Easter themed MOCs are one of my favourites! I haven't build anything specifically for Easter before. For the past few years I wanted to build something like an Easter Bunny, but always when I feel like building a MOC like this the Easter holidays start soon and I am too late to make something. Not this year though! This year I marked the Easter holidays in my agenda and started designing in February. And now I have even got time left before the Easter Holidays! For my first Easter build I just had to build an Easter bunny along with some Easter eggs. The Easter eggs are actually 'easter eggs' themselves... do you recognize the LEGO themes of the two smaller eggs?
  4. Easter bunnies are not so cute... And additional vignettes: Happy Easter and beware of the bunny!
  5. It is with a little delay that I can present our Easter GBC module. This GBC module is an evolution from this old small ring module: (Brickshelf gallery of the old module here: ) The module is quite simple. The wheel spins. The anti-jamming mechanism kicks in when needed and there are two inboxes to help place it optimally in a layout. There is a compartment in the base to store fragile objects during transport and the XL motor can easily be replaced: You can also use an M or L motor instead, should you not have an XL motor. The flowers are tulips: A daisy: And a daffodil: The design started with the head of the bunny, where I tried to make it both compact and cute: Brickshelf gallery with more pictures (once public):
  6. You thought the life of a young vampire was like Twilight? Think again. Happy Easter! -Cast- Ostea Latrodex - Audrey Bacon Edwin Stokes - Jack Rizzo Harvey - Bentley Michaels Check out the rest of Vampire Town series here! Just a very quick little Easter special, set in the Vampire Town universe. Quite happy with how this turned out, aside from the set (I was away from most of my Lego, so was very limited on bricks), and a few dodgy angles. But I'm happy I got this out on time, and there's more Vampire Town coming very very soon! Consider supporting me on Patreon? Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  7. Happy Easter! I wish you to find moment for chill out, relax and build something with LEGO bricks ;) Use those days off and have fun! Read more Bigger photos and full story here: LEGO Gallery - [MOC] Happy Easter! We've found the bunny! Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  8. Hello, a few wweks ago I made a Bunny-bot, and a few people had been asking for instructions, so I thought I'd put them here incase anyone else is intrested.
  9. INTRODUCTION Ever since January 2015, the mini seasonal sets started to appear in a new format that would appeal to a wider audience. They represent a piece of life in the appropriate season, built on a tiny 8x8 vignette. Usually these sets include some interesting parts or rare colors and are jam-packed with cool accessories. This added detail makes them especially attractive to "afol's", "moc" builders and collectors while the older style sets seemed to mostly rely on novelty value and targeted children and the common buyer. So far, they've proven extremely popular. Painting Easter Eggs comes after the Valentines set, and will be followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving accordingly. TECHNICAL: Set Name: Painting Easter Eggs Set Number: 40121 Number of Pieces: 153 Theme: Seasonal Availability: LEGO Exclusive / retail Year Released: 2015 Price: $ 9.99 / € 9.99 Stickers: 0 New elements: 0 Exclusive minifigures: 0 Brickset entry Bricklink Inventory The set consists of 153 pieces, two minifigures and one animal. Most of the pieces are very small so it's advised to build in a controlled environment, (leave your cat in the other room) The box is the smallest available LEGO box after polybags. There is usually a short and simple story printed on the back, in this case the kid dropped one of the eggs on the floor while his mom observes unamused. PARTS SELECTION: The obvious stand out is the white chicken, but there's also a number of cool accessories included; you get a paint brush (plus one extra), a painters palette, a black pot, one green bottle, some cookie tiles and the common mug in red. These vignettes have a habit of including 1x2 bricks in rare and interesting colors, you get 7 masonry 1x2's in dark red and two in dark tan. The 1x1 transparent brick is also infrequent and you get 3 of them, 1 of which is hidden in the build. I believe the bricks representing white eggs were previously seen in Bionicle used for eyeballs, but are pretty cool as eggs, although in Europe our eggs are closer to tan than white. Did I mention the awesome chicken? MINIFIGURES: Two mini figures are included, a child and what is presumably his mother, or sister or whatever you like. We have seen her torso before in many creator and city sets. I am personally not a fan of the blue blouse, but the kid's torso print makes up for it. The cosmonaut t-shirt is fairly uncommon and popular. Both characters have double faces which adds to interactive play features. BUILD: Building is straightforward, The instructions start with the tiny additional plate of grass with the chicken's nest, I guess the chicken isn't allowed in the kitchen. The kitchen is built entirely on a 8x8 base and has a neat tiled floor in a checkered pattern which gives it a great finished look. The appliances and sink are in very lively colors and the dark red masonry forms the outside wall. The cookies are in the oven, the egg is boiling, almost ready for Easter. The espresso machine, transparent oven door and lively green colors give the kitchen a modern-day look, but still very cosy and cute. Almost done, The top shelf is up, the clock is ticking we need to start painting those eggs. There are four different colors of 1x1 round bricks included which represent paint cans. I think it would have been cool to have one or two of those egg pieces in a new color to represent an already painted egg, but the white's are more versatile if you want to use them to stock up a grocery or something, so I am not complaining. And the kitchen is done. I tried to copy the setting that was depicted on the box with the kid smashing one egg on the floor. That smashed egg is a nice piece to use on a plate too. The back view is not lacking in detail, The great color combination and texture of the outside facade could easily work as is, even in it's flat form. The light bright orange window curtains are a nice touch... uh oh, what's that kid up to? Given the size of the set, you get a lot of pieces left over, this is off course due to a lot of small 1x1 pieces. Nice to get an extra paintbrush and cookie. CONCLUSION: I consider myself fairly critical, but there is simply nothing to critique about this set. LEGO always put special effort into staying neutral in regards to race and religion, so depicting Easter may be a slight bend in those principles, but that could be said of almost any seasonal set. It's amazing how much value can be fitted into a tiny box, this set excels at "playability", "collectability" and parts selection, something that is generally hard not to compromise at this scale. I can picture anyone buying this, from an office clerk as his desk ornament to a little kid who wants to interact with the characters. It just has a hugely wide appeal which is probably why they sell out so quickly. If you collected some of the older Creator houses that came with sparse or no interior furnishings, and you are short on "moc-ing" ideas, these seasonal sets could serve as greatly detailed packs to fill the void. Overall Design: 10/10 - There is nothing I can think of, that could have been designed better, nothing falls off nor is clumsy to handle. Parts selection: 10/10 - This set must have skipped the optimization process as no element is spared or recycled. + you get a chicken! Play features: 7/10 - While the set provides sufficient scene for play and plenty accessories, there are no specially added play functions out of the obvious. Challenging build: 6/10 - The build is simple and easy, but far from boring or repetitive. Minifigures: 6/10 - Minifigures are not what makes this set, but from all the generic prints we could get, one of them has the best of the bunch. Price: n/a - I am sorry, but i don't like to comment on price as this varies between countries and individual expectations, but compared to sets of similar size and piece count, sans licence, I consider it good value. Overall: 9/1
  10. Swan Dutchman

    [MOC] Jewelled Egg

    The most famous jewelled eggs are the Fabergé eggs made by Peter Carl Fabergé between 1885 and 1917 for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicholas II. The Tsars presented the eggs as Easter gifts for their wives and mothers. I always liked jewelled eggs, but unfortunately they are just unaffordable (well, the real ones at least...). I just had to make a LEGO version! Like many jewelled eggs, it has a theme and contains a surprise inside: it’s a wedding egg! This egg is dedicated to my dear brother and his wife whom recently got married! Hurray! Do you have something to celebrate as well? Or do you want to give something pretty to your best friend or beloved? (or treat yourself) ... make sure to support this project on LEGO Ideas to turn it into an official LEGO set! LEGO Ideas:
  11. Wat Tambor

    A sense of Spring

    Spring and especially Easter is just around the corner. Go out for a walk, enjoy the nice weather and watch the flowers blooming. (At least if you life in country where it is spring now ) Can you sense the coming of spring?, on Flickr I hope you like it! C&C welcome! Cheers, Jonas
  12. Name: Painting Easter Eggs Theme: LEGO Year: 2015 Pieces: 153 Pieces Minifigs: 2 minifigures Price: USD $9.99 First the box, these holiday sets are theme-less but honestly it would fit well into Creator. The back shows the vignette's scenario in detail with the kid dropping the egg because he's busy thinking of chickens... The one picture is a bit odd to me, it shows the egg falling AND one already broken on the floor. A chicken for scale, cute. Three bags, two loose plates, and the instructions were well preserved and not excessively bent. No numbers on the bags for the small build. The instructions have a plain baby blue backgrounds that provides great contrast compared to some of the overly busy backgrounds these days. Some of the great parts in this set. 7 dark red masonry bricks are the big standout. These currently sell for upwards of $0.75 so half the price of this set can be represented just in these bricks. The round plate with jumper is a fairly recent and very useful piece. The orange 1x1 round tile may not seem too special but it has only appeared in 6 sets previously. Of course the chicken, classic space themed torso, and painting supplies are all great pieces as well. The first stage of the build is the chicken in the wild with its egg. Simple but a nice way to get the chicken into the set. Here is the base with tiled floor and beginnings of the back wall, the alternating tiles and plates provides a nice flexible base for positioning the figures. Note the cookies in the oven, I also like the simplicity of the "fume hood" represented by a 1x2 cheese slope. The completed back wall, of course it must have a coffee maker. Simple but very evocative of a kitchen scene. The completed vignette! The brown flowers make good egg holds but I kinda wish they'd used the normal 1x1 round with hole as those are more versatile than the flower shape. The leftovers, the brush is the main standout. Playability: 7/10 You can splat the egg, get the cookies out, but in general this is meant for display. Thats not a bad thing in this case. Design: 9/10 Very evocative of a home kitchen with nice parts use throughout. Price: 10/10 Good price per piece though many small pieces, however the unusual parts like red masonry bricks elevate this. Minifigures: 8/10 Good prints, the kids shirt especially. Perfect figs for the scene. Parts: 10/10 Great selection of rare parts for such a small set. Total: 44/50 Colorful and creative build with great parts. Thanks for reading!
  13. BlueCaret

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone!