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  1. rollermonkey

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Picked up the UCS AT-AT for $153.86 ...and $713 worth of points.
  2. rollermonkey

    [MOD] 75331 Razor Crest Upgrade

    This just got weird. I just got into bags # 22, and I have three missing pieces and two extra pieces of unusual size. I got 3x of the black 5x5 studded Technic beams in this bag, not 4. I only got one of the black 1x1x3 bricks. Also short by one black inverted bracket 1x2-2x2. For extras, I have an LBG 2x3 tile and a third DBG 2x8 brick. I can see them possibly cancelling each other out weight-wise, but there isn't supposed to be any tiles of any size or color in this bag. Checked the inventory, and there's not even 3 of the 2x8 LBG in the whole set. I could go into another bag for one of the 5x5 bricks and the bracket elsewhere, but there's only two of the black 1x1x3 in the whole set, so although I can get past step 1162, I'd be stuck again at step 1182. Neither seem like typical Pick-A-Brick wall items, either.
  3. rollermonkey

    [MOD] 75331 Razor Crest Upgrade

    Thank goodness. I thought based on the colors it must be on the interior somewhere, and I was going to have to half disassemble everything to get it placed. I'm sure that I just skipped over the blurg pages, thinking it couldn't posibly be there.
  4. rollermonkey

    [MOD] 75331 Razor Crest Upgrade

    Weird question, and maybe not the perfect place to ask, but... After the first box / bag 19, does anyone remember how many stickers were left? (I don't see sticker 15 get applied in any of the 4 books.)
  5. rollermonkey

    [REVIEW] 75290 Mos Eisley Cantina

    It took me forever to get this since it was sold out every time I looked, and when I did finally get it, I had a long line of sets ahead of it to build. Anyways, it was bugging me that between the 2014 Cantina and the 2020 one, we neither got enough Bith musicians, nor all of the instruments for the band. So, Tech'Mor is on the left with his MOC'ed Ommni Box. The rest have the instruments that they came with. We knew the Cantina was a dive bar, and even though the stage really is too small for Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, I did get them squeezed in there. Then I went and hid Figrin himself in the back, like a nerfherder. Sorry about bumping an old thread, didn't really seem important enough to warrant a new thread of its own.
  6. Wow, but that outer box for 75309 is ridiculously oversized. I just easily put ALL of the bags 2-17 plus the axles and unnumbered bags into the white inner box. If it was 2 cm thicker, I could get the instructions and #1 bags in there, too.
  7. rollermonkey

    REVIEW | Creator Expert 10273 Haunted House

    Just wondering: Is this the first ever handicap accessible building in LEGO history?
  8. rollermonkey

    REVIEW - #70828 Pop-Up Party Bus

  9. rollermonkey

    Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    Heaven forbid a military group have ships that color match. Oh, and that bomber was the most satisfying build I've had since Poe's X-Wing. The TIE was ok, but it's still just another TIE. My guess is that you're a First Order loyalist who misses the good old days when the Emperor was still in power. ;)
  10. rollermonkey

    MOC: Apollo Launch Tower

    It depends on how strong you want it. I recommend that you look at the instructions for the Sydney Opera House and the UCS Millennium Falcon for some ideas how to create a rigid internal frame to a large model using Technic beams. I've built both, and the internal frames are key for each model.
  11. rollermonkey

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Resistance Bomber and Kylo Ren's TIE
  12. rollermonkey

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Just finished building 75188. I'm guessing everyone is too busy building the Force Friday II sets to talk about them... Initial impressions: I like it a lot. It's almost big enough to be a capitol ship. Kind of weird that it has three rear-facing cockpits and only one forward. I thought that the black bomb spheres were the same size as the basketballs and soccer balls, but they are actually larger by a noticeable amount. So much for another source of GBC balls. It reminds me a little of the Nebulon-B due to its vertical orientation and larger scale than that of B-wings. (It has seats for all 5 figs and room for two more, easily.) I can't wait to see it in action in December now. Next up, 75179.
  13. rollermonkey

    "Possible" re-release of rare parts

    Sorry, you'll get no sympathy from me either. The idea that some people tried to profit off of selling individual bricks for well over $100 was nauseating to me. When I bricklinked my UCS Falcon, I didn't buy any bricks that cost more than a couple dollars each at most. All those scalpers who were trying to sell UCS Falcon boxes, instructions and incomplete sets for ungodly amounts of money get no sympathy either. I hope that they all lost a lot of money from this. But I'm pretty grumpy anyways. Maybe someone else will commiserate with you?
  14. rollermonkey

    Architecture 2017

    Welp, the Arc de Triomphe was underwhelming.
  15. I wonder if you could put 40T gears on the sprung axle and 16T gears on the wheeled axle. :)