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    Hero Factory 2010

    Hahaha oh my god. I take a small nap and... Those names are super-shit. X D Looks like some clueless, oldfart, numbskull executive somehow took charge. What is this, a black and white serial from the NINETEEN FIFTIES?!? Here, here... let me help Lego out with names for series 2... um um um... Zap Lazer, Captain Space, Martin Meteor, Andy Action... gyuuh. Even when I was a really little kid, I HATED awful names like this. This all is just some horrible attempt by Lego to cash in on Ben 10 and satisfy a movie company. New and or recolored parts in ANY Lego set is a welcome thing... I literally DO NOT CARE what the set names or theme are as long as the parts rule. Only... only this cheesy-megablocks sounding thing is supposedly the "decider" if a Bionicle-type line continues? Oofah. I think they might be fuckin' up here. There's too much depressing fail in those names for me to be optimistic enough to say, "we'll just have to see". ... ... ...wrong year. See you (much) later guys. Again.

    If Lego can crap on Gali's theme and colors...

    Blah... I've gotta' vanish again awhile. Who knows when I'll be back. Not even time enough to respond to you guys. Laterz!
  3. But no, her name is "Gally". :D Had a BIGASS epic written up... but it was lost when my hard drive crashed in April. >__< Without weapons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jinzoningen73/3906788660/ With weapons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jinzoningen73/3906788654/ Brickshelf, when open (yawn?): http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=401070


    I hope next year, all the characters get sucked into an alternate reality where the material making up their bodies is eroding... and there's only System bricks present as transplants.

    Review: 8998 Toa Mata Nui

    ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GOODWILL. (Salvation Army is good too.)

    Atlantis 2010

    I like the concept for the theme, but I'm not much into the red color scheme. It's just too early for me to be kissing away the oodles of lime parts of Power Miners.

    Review: 8998 Toa Mata Nui

    Good review! And wow... this is one butt-ugly set lol. I dunno, I don't dig the disembodied head look. It's like all these "things" are just floating in midair. He should've had yellow going up from his chest armor and over the top of his shoulders, at least like in a suspenders (DBZ armor!) kind of way... anything. But bleh, these titans always blow. It's hard to look at this like a cool parts depot either. Looks like they just needed to slap the golden Ignika all the kiddies wanted onto something large and expensive. At 50 bucks, I'd rather just buy a few duplicates of the canister version. ::goes back to playing X-Com : Terror From the Deep on a computer too old for internet access::

    Kaneda's Bike

    The baseplate diorama just drives it right home.

    MoD Updates

    I only went there to bug Purple Dave. Not very surprised to hear it all went to hell in a handbasket though. It got in on the "Bionicle website" thing at the ground floor, therefore having the potential to become a MASSIVE force. Of course, when you have a guy running it who's posting just his mocs as "news" stories... well my friend, you're doomed to epic failure.

    General Mills LEGO Racers Promotional

    I'm very pleased with these and with my luck. I bought (lol) 15 boxes of these over the course of March, April and May... and got 2 duplicate sets of all 6 cars... AWESOME. I have nothing to complain about... except perhaps that the color red used on the Cheerios car is ever so mildly different than that of the lower chassis on the red car. The lower wheel assembly seems to be either glue or sonic welded shut. On a good note, there's only 3 different configurations. Can't wait to moc these. I've got the ideas, now I just need the time. Pics forthcoming of all of them side by side... as soon as I can find a way to be online for more than 2 milliseconds at a time. >__>

    Bionicle 2009 Discussion (Spam free)

    To clarify upon my post from the first page... I want the canister Mata Nui a whole lot more now, not that icky-lookin' titan monstrosity of eye-stabbity pain. ::runs off again:: *WHOOSH!*

    Bionicle 2009 Discussion (Spam free)

    ::commandeers library computer:: Argh! I leave for a second, and... lol. Dang, I want Mata Nui even more now. Behave.. see you in a month or more. >__<

    Crowkillers New Technic Death Race Car

    There's only 2 things that come to mind that I'd have done differently... ---Have saws going in opposite directions ---get rid of those darn blue pegs... they stick out like a sore thumb. Other than that... WOW. Stuff like this makes me wish even more that Lego would get around to redesigning Technic figures to not suck... so cool things like this can have drivers again!

    Theme you buy

    I dunno... buying Star Wars because you like Star Wars certainly seems like a good reason to me. Nothin' to make one a biatch there. I buy sets for parts I see I can moc with... themes literally mean NOTHING to me. Last year, I was buying Bionicle sets for new Technic fists, that robot mocs may finally have Transformers-like hands. I bought Agents, for the straight minifig arm pieces to make... oh, I'll be damned... robot hands again! ...but on minifigs. : p Agents again, for 10 brick high support beams (actually, just went to Bricklink instead and grabbed some version 1's of that part. I HATE version 3!) Yeah, it all comes down to parts, which is why I hit Bricklink more and more often. I do buy sets though. You know how it is... you're in Walmart, you got a couple bucks to spare... and there's some Power Miners with nice lime parts never done before... there's Star Wars with a $10 (well, now $12) set that has 4 or so blasters in it, there's Bionicle with nice trans wings with a prismatic effect or glow in the dark... Parts parts parts. If they carried Belville at Walmart, I'm SURE they'd have parts that would warrant purchase for me as well. What sets I buy largely rely on what mocs I have in my head at the moment.


    I forget the exact name, but I'm also looking forward to a 2010 movie called (something like) "The People vs. George Lucas"... should be pretty obvious what it's about. http://www.youtube.com/results?search_type...+lucas&aq=f