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  1. Marquis

    Pirate Diorama

    It's perfect! A lot of little stories gathered together - excellent!
  2. Marquis

    The Black Pearl Project

    Great work! The similarity with the original excellent! A very interesting principle of construction of the ship. Please follow the instructions on your "Pearl"! This would be very helpful to all in the construction of their ships.
  3. Marquis

    Vengeur - First Rate Ship-of-the-Line on a Prefab Hull

    Great work! But photo there isn't enough. Make more photo of this ship.
  4. Marquis

    Spanish court life

    Very beautiful and accurate work!
  5. Marquis

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    This ship - absolute madness! Real steampunk. I agree with Lord Insanity: it is quite probable that this ship can float by sea and fly by air. Propellers obviously for this purpose!
  6. Marquis

    The Black Pearl ... Again...

    Very interesting and beautiful work! But I wish more photo! PS : It seems to me, the mainmast and the hatch should be moved forward...
  7. Marquis

    Macaw fortress

    Fine work! Nice fortress.!
  8. Marquis

    Carribean Clipper vs the Imperial Flagship

    But I like an additional mast at the Carribean Clipper. The set turned out incomplete. But if a few to finish it, it will turn out much better than the Imperial Flagship.
  9. Hello to pirates! I drew recently torsos for the commodore of Norington and for the English sailor. In qualities of a standard I took images from the game LEGO POTC. If it is necessary – use!
  10. Marquis

    UCS Black Pearl

    Real "the Black Pearl"! Work is pleasant to me similarity to a prototype, details and design! Fine work! Now I do my version "Black Pearl". And these photos will be to me the good help.
  11. Marquis

    WIP: Eldorado 2013 XXL

    Very beautiful work! The fort turned out accurate and functional. Photos are pleasant for a look. P.S. More photo is necessary!
  12. Marquis

    6277 Imperial Trading Post Remake

    I am amazing! Fine remake of a set 6277!
  13. I need the help! Instead of Marquise it is necessary to make Marquis.
  14. Marquis

    [Flickr Find] Set 1592 - Town Square: Remade

    Fine work. Beautiful constructions. But I wouldn't began to call it a remake of a set 1592. Objects are placed in other environment. And objects only bear a faint resemblance to an initial set.