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    Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    I bought the instructions for the Ghost. I redid it in LDD. Made some changes to areas where they used expensive pieces, like the front where they used 8, dark bluish gray, 6191, curved top bricks. 8 of those pieces would have run about $70 US, plus shipping. I also divided the build into sections, like an official Lego set with numbered bags. 7 Sections total. It also makes it easier to order pieces. Instead of ordering 11k+ pieces in one sitting, I can space it out over the winter. The first section is 2742 pieces, but, the second it 1418. Anyone who has built this, probably knows where I stop a section and started a new one. I highly suggest you do this if you are going to undertake this build. I may even do it for the Sandcrawler when I get to it. This is what I came up with for the front. I am working on a UCS Phantom too. I'm not sure if I'll get to finish it before Brickvault does. But, right now I am working on the first section I did in LDD. I will order the second soon.
  2. I have a Lego UCS AT-AT MOC for sale. I based my design on Brickplumbers about 10 years ago. We traded some messages on Flickr. I designed it LDD and built it in sections. I kept him updated on the progress and had his blessing do to so. I also made posts here on Eurobricks, updating progress. You get the whole model in the pics. Plus 4 figures. 2 AT-AT drivers, General Veers, and Luke with Lightsaber. I couldn't estimate the number of bricks in it. Probably well over 6000, maybe 7000. Cavegod's model is 6262. I don't know how his model compares to mine, size-wise. His doesn't have an interior. If I had to guess, mine is bigger. The model does stand on its own without support. The knees and hips do have joints on them, but, the model is too heavy to display that way. One of the feet also has the old hinges on the toes to angle them downward for display. My intention was to display while crushing a Snowspeeder. It's just too heavy!! All Lego, mostly new, but, there were some used pieces. 95% new light gray. Some old light gray pieces. It adds a good battle-worn look to the model. I would like $750. I will include free shipping. Ask questions. Make offers! nothing is set in stone! Pics can be found in the link below: https://imgur.com/a/5IBU7av Thanks for looking.
  3. jamie75

    Cavegod UCS AT-AT Instructions

    He last visited March 30, I doubt it.
  4. jamie75

    UCS AT-AT MOC for sale

    I didn't think anyone would bite at $1000. I lowered the price to $750. Make offers. I need to sell this ASAP.
  5. 10243 Parisian Restaurant $120 10251 Brick Bank $140 10255 Assembly Square $200 Need to make room on some shelves. All are adult built by me. I think only once. Instructions included. No boxes. Paypal only and would like to keep them in the US to save on shipping costs. Sets are still built so pics are no problem. I will keep them built on shelves till paid for.
  6. jamie75

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Great build. I like the curved windows the most. The only thing that would make it better is if you change the name to "Sun-Ray" and do the bloody chainsaw scene from Scarface in it. It just reminds me of a 70's Miami hotel you see on the strip.
  7. jamie75

    MOC: The Walrus explorer....

    Kowalski, report. This reminds me of The Penguins of Madagascar cartoon that was on years ago. I used to watch it with my kids everyday. Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private. Great build all around. Reminds me of a walrus trying to escape the zoo.
  8. jamie75

    UCS Vader's TIE

    I built this in 2005. I think it is in old dark gray, I will have to make sure. Any interest in something like this? I was thinking $250 would be fair. I just need to make room and since I have the official Lego version too, this one has to go to make room for the new Y-Wing. . LMK, Thanks, Jamie
  9. Anyone find endgame sets at retail yet? What is the release date for them. I searched, but, only got movie results. Release date for the Spider-man sets? Again, only movie results.
  10. While I'm not sure how much this will help people right now. I am working on building 75192 in LDD. I am separating the build into "bags" like the set. When I finish this, I will try to put it all together without LDD crashing, but, with the number of pieces and number of angles, I don't know how that will work. I have read some people saying they don't have $800 to shell out for 75192 and they were thinking about bricklinking it. If so, this may be the way you want to do it. If it doesn't help anyone now, it will when this set is discounted. I will update and edit this as I finish "bags". I am on 8 now. I am still working on it. Also, keep in mind, some pieces are not available in LDD. I will update as I come across them. LDD files are in my Brickshelf gallery when modded. Bag 1, The Frame: 705 pieces. Bag 2, Landing Gear: 388 pieces. The 6 landing gear are identical to build. Bag 3, Forward Rooms, Gunner Seat, Greebling and Front Landing Gear: 545 pieces. Forward landing gear is the same as Bag 2. Missing stickers. Bag 4, Rear Rooms: 457 pieces, missing are 4 Light Bluish Gray, 27263, Modified 2 x 2 Corner with Cut Corner - Facet, I used 14719 on the model. Missing stickers. Bag 5, Rear Engines: I couldn't get the boat rigging pieces on there, they won't flex. Also missing are 6 Trans Light Blue, Hose, Ribbed mm D. 26L. Not available in LDD. 458 pieces, 464 when you add the missing pieces/ hoses. Bag 6 , Forward Mandibles: 530 pieces. Bag 7, Underside of Mandibles: 295 pieces. Which is odd, I figured this would be an even number since the builds are identical. I may have screwed up here, just noticed it when posting. Bag 8, various bits of the underside. 356 pieces. Bag 9, Tops of the mandibles. 426 pieces. Nothing missing, but, the 2, 2 x 4 curved slope pieces are printed. Bag 10, Final parts of the underside, including bottom Quad Laser. 454 Pieces, but, 2 pieces are not available in LDD. 2 light Bluish Gray, 26599, Plate, Modified 2 x 4 with Pin Holes used on the boarding ramp. Bag 11, Starting the top of the ship now. 361 pieces. Missing 8 White 30166, Minifig, Shield Rectangular with 4 Studs. If you are going to Bricklink this set, you can sub 30166pb01, same part, same color, just with a window print on it from 75166: First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack. You get one in the Battle Pack. So Bricklink maybe with best option!! Also, after posting this, I realized i missed 2 pieces on the right section. So, the total for this "bag" is 369. The file on Brickshelf is correct. Bag 12, Top, back of the ship, Exhaust vents. 472 Pieces, but, there are 16 missing pieces, 27507, Tile, Round Corner 4 x 4 Macaroni Wide. Bag 13, last 2 parts of the top exhaust vents. 357 Pieces. I think from here on out all the bags/ sections should be 100%. Bag 14, front, top of the saucer section. 298 pieces. Bag 15 more of the top, front of the saucer section, base for the radar dish and escape hatches on the sides. 371 pieces. Bag 16, Cockpit and hallways to it. 483 pieces, I know I said everything should 100% since the update, but,the 2 sections of the cockpit are not included in this file. So, this bag has a grand total of 485. Bag 17, last 2 sections of the saucer section, 2 radar dishes, Mynock, plaque, top gunner seat, and front thingies! 443 pieces. Jamie
  11. jamie75

    Millennium Falcon, 75192 in LDD

    Bag(s) 10 only builds the bottom gun, the round part around it and the bottoms of the escape pods. 11 builds the tops of the escape pods. 17 builds the top gun and round part around it plus some other bits.
  12. jamie75

    Finch Posting

    I did the same yesterday. Got an email saying they shipped today. Same as you KP. Listed as "out of stock", said they would contact me. Never contacted me, but, got a shipping notice today. Hope this helps anyone else out. Off to Bricklink to get the legs and torso!!
  13. jamie75

    [MOC] TIE Bomber

    Great MOC! I always loved the TIE Bomber. Wish Lego you show it some love and release a new set soon. Could you post a pic of the cockpit. I think he means you photography setup. You pics are great. Nice and bright. Jamie
  14. Up for Sale is a lot of TMNT LEGO sets as well as 2 SpongeBob sets. The sets are as follows:30270 Kraang Laser Turret polybag, built with instructions. 30271 Mikey's Mini-Shellraiser polybag, still sealed (not pictured)79100 Kraang Lab Escape, built with instructions. 79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike, built with instructions. 79102 Stealth Shell in Pursuit, built with instructions. 79103 Turtle Lair Attack, built with instructions. 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase (Undetermined Version), built with instructions. I have to go look at this to see it it is Technic or train base. I'll update later. 79105 Baxter Robot Rampage, built with instructions. 79118 Karai Bike Escape, built with instructions. 79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed, built with instructions. 79120 T-Rawket Sky Strike, built with instructions. 79121 Turtle Sub Undersea Chase, built with instructions. 79122 Shredder's Lair Rescue, built with instructions. 5002127 Flashback Shredder polybag (not pictured, still sealed)3833 Krusty Krab Adventures, built with instructions. 3834 Good Neighbors at Bikini Bottom, built with instructions. Also included are 3 more sets, not complete. Just parts and figures. They are:79100 Kraang Lab Escape79101 Shredder's Dragon Bike79119 Mutation Chamber UnleashedAll sets have been built and dispalyed for years. They should be complete. All have instructions. No boxes. Using Bricklink as a guide, the total price for those would be about around $275, opened, build, and complete. With no Bricklink or eBay fees I am willing to go lower, Make offer. Sets are stil built, so if you want more pics, ask.Please allow time disassemble sets and pack them. Perfer paypal. I will also offer free shipping in the US. ]
  15. jamie75

    [MOC] LDD Hound's Tooth

    Looks good. Doesn't the back slope downwards? Any more shots of it? Jamie
  16. jamie75

    Which UCS sets to keep and which to sell?

    10030, rumor has it, an ISD will be released next year, maybe May the 4th? Maybe sell this and buy the new? 10129, is an old model with a re-release. Let it go and get the new. I didn't see 75144 on the list> 10134, is an old model with a re-release. Let it go and get the new. 10143, horrible model! Sell it, don't worry about. 10144, old model, horrible. There is a way better new model. Let it go and get the new. 10174, keep it. Great model, it has some flaws, but, I think it still looks good. Even for being 12 years old. 10178, never liked the way it looked. Sell! 10212, great model, keep it!! 10215, cool little model, I'm 50/ 50 on this one?! 10221, great model, I would keep it. 10225, I would keep this one too, especially if you have BB-8. I think they pair well together. 10227, keep it, It's not perfect, but, I like this model. 10240, you already have an X-Wing, or your kids do? This is one up to you. 75059, keep it. Unless you want to build Cavegod's Sandcrawler. Than use it for parts. 75095, I would keep this. It looks good when displayed next Vader TIE and I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Interceptor and TIE Bomber down the rod. Having all 4 dispaly on a shelf would cool. Just my opinions, Jamie
  17. jamie75

    [MOC] Nu-class attack shuttle (B&W Color scheme)

    Agreed JarJar, this post is over 5 years old. Also, exxtrooper, hasn't signed into or posted on Eurobricks in over 2 1/2 years. Might be kinda hard to get a reply! Welcome and good luck!!
  18. jamie75

    Millennium Falcon, 75192 in LDD

    Done! When I add the bags together, I a grand total of 7435, so the missing 25 pieces, I am assuming are mini figs? Not sure!! But, it is build this way. Enjoy!
  19. jamie75

    Millennium Falcon, 75192 in LDD

    I did finish it too. I thought I uploaded it all to brickshelf. Wow, I was wrong! Never update this thread either. I remember taking a break from it and when Lego released the parts pack with the missing pieces for the Falcon in LDD. I finished it up. Namely the 4x4 quarter round tiles. There were a few more. My brain my have been on vacation! I'll get this finished up tonight.
  20. I have had this helmet for years. Bought it from a seller on Bricklink in the early 2000's. Can't remember who. I also added the red legs, torso, head, and cape. Cool little figure, but, without going into a long drawn out story, it has to go. One sold on Brinklink for a little over $850 in February. I assume, without the rest of the figure. I would like to use that as a starting point and work from there. Make offers! Ask questions!! Need more pics? I am on the Official Eurobricks Straightshooters List. I will also provide user ID and feedback from Brinklink and Ebay if necessary. I would prefer Paypal and offer free shipping to the US. Thanks for looking, Jamie
  21. jamie75

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    What did it set up back?
  22. jamie75


    I have wanted a Galactus figure for awhile now, who doesn't have "wish list". So, thought I would try my hand at making one. Thing and Human Torch are 2 of my favorites Marvel characters. My dad's was Silver Surfer. I have read alot of FF comics and personally, I wouldn't say the 2 movies were bad. But, they are far from what I think Marvel would have done with them. Also, if a FF3 movie was made, I feel, we would have got a proper Galactus. This is also, my first time editting a pics, so be gentle!! Like most of the things I do in LDD, I do plan on building this in real bricks, but, I seem to be building more and more in LDD and less and less in real bricks. Both time and money are factor! Also, Lego doesn't make alot of bricks in purple, so I may have to settle for replacing the purple on him with red. Not a huge trade off! I think he looks good. Here is a shot of the FF trying to talk Galactus into not eating earth! Maybe not the best setting for them, but, I liked the building in the background, it looks like the Baxter Building with the 4 on it. I also made 2 Fantasticar, one from the comics and one from the movies. Both can fit 4 figure, but, neither can fit a Thing Big Fig, if they make him like Hulk. I also, posted this to Lego Ideas, if you would like to vote on it. I'm sure it would need to be scaled down. As he sits, he has 2550 pieces in him. I don't think he is a big enough draw to warrent a set like this. FF isn't Batman, or the Avengers. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/88998 Thanks, Jamie
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    I just uploaded it to my brickshelf account. I will take a day or so for it to show up in folder. Link in my sig. Post pics when you build it! Thanks, Jamie
  24. jamie75

    Millennium Falcon, 75192 in LDD

    The files are in my brickshelf account, link in my sig. I also got slammed at work and plan on finishing the files when I get a chance. Hopefully I can get one to two done later this week. Jamie