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  1. That reminds me.... I have to buy the instructions soon.. So far I'd say 90% of parts have been acquired.. Can't wait to start building this.....
  2. Well my journey down this path has begun... Approx 2300 parts ordered from Lego BnP I'll order another bulk buy later on in the week and then the remainder from BL. I'm trying to see if I can make it all for under £500 :) Just need to buy the instructions from BV now.... Exciting times ahead :)
  3. Chaps, I have brought the 75292 Mando set and have decided I want to use it as a donor for the MOC. Is there a way up uploading the 75292 parts into the MOC parts wanted list and seeing what the delta is? Thanks
  4. I'm putting all the bulk parts into Lego BnP at the moment so I'll try and see if I can get as many through TLG and then the rest via BL. I could be here a while doing this lol
  5. So I uploaded the parts list to BL and selected all new and UK only.... drum roll.... 12 shops, 350 unique lots, 4903 parts for the pricey sum of £596 excluding shipping... I have also had a quick look on TLG and many parts I can get slightly cheaper... some considerably too....
  6. Crikey that's one pricey part!!! Yikes
  7. Thank you.... no doubt I'll be asking a few questions on here first before I order the parts.. It's been a while since I used BL since it was taken over by TLG.
  8. Thank you Jerac, I'll PM you now.. Regards HI Hold, Thank you for your information... there's a lot to take in!. Your insight is useful and it's good to know. It didn't occur to me to check B&P for a price comparison.. Once I get the parts list I'll cost it all out... :)
  9. The MOC is incredible @Jerac! I am gobsmacked at the attention to detail and the way you have used the SNOT technique... From some angles you cannot tell it's made from Lego.... I have not yet purchased the instructions as I'm trying to ascertain what the parts cost will be. Can someone kindly give me an idea of what the cost of new bricks will be for UK only sourced parts or from those shops which will ship to the UK from Europe? Many thanks!
  10. TK4235

    MOC: Mediterranean town square

    This build is incredible. The use of different colours and varied design in the building is simply awe inspiring. I like the way you have stepped the buildings and the uneven surface of the square is genius! The cafe patio is also a splendid idea... this scene really looks as though it can be small Italian town.... :) How do yo come up with such an idea and do you build your Mocs in LDD?
  11. TK4235

    [MOC] Nebulon B Frigate by Anders67

    Wow! That’s an impressive Lego man cave! That’s dedication that’s for sure :)
  12. TK4235

    [MOC] Nebulon B Frigate by Anders67

    Goodness gracious. This MOC is incredible. How long did it take you to create the model?
  13. TK4235

    Mail system

    Same thing happened to me. Guess I’d better get my post count up :)