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Found 2 results

  1. MaximillianRebo

    [MOC] Kenner Mini-rigs

    Inspired by other builders on Eurobricks, I've created my own set of Kenner Mini-rigs. These were non-canon toys from the 1980s that were designed to fit into the Star Wars universe but never appeared on screen (although a few have made their way into various media since then). INT-4 Interceptor A figure can fit inside through a hatch in the roof and the wings do fold out. The INT-4 was a repulsorlift scouting vehcile used by the Empire. The short range flyer is operated by a single pilot and can be carried inside the body of an AT-AT. CAP-2 Captivator This was my first attempt at 'upside down' building. Bossk (or any other fig) can fit fully inside the cockpit, I just have it open to avoid reflections in the photo. The CAP-2 is a model of walker used by the Empire and bounty hunters. Two mechanical arms extend from the front of the vehicle with a blaster cannon mounted between them and a large mechanism on the back hold prisoners for transport. MLC-3 Mobile Laser Cannon I managed to fit wheels underneath the build to allow for easy movement and the cannons have a limited range of motion. The MLC-3 light thank is a type of self-propelled artillery mounted on a motorized, tracked chassis, used by the Rebels on Hoth. Desert Sail Skiff A small, open-air, repulsorlift utility vehicle. The sail skiffs are smaller in size than the regular skiffs seen in ROTJ and were designed to be used as one-man personal fliers. Endor Forest Ranger This build is based on a design by @jamie75, I made a recolour of his cockpit design and changed the wing design. The wings are capable of rotating through a full 360 degrees and the landing gear folds up. Unfortunately I don't have an Endor trooper to use to show scale, so here's Jedi Luke. This is a repulsorlift vehicle used by the Rebels on Endor. With its unique gravity-controlled cockpit capable of supporting a single pilot, the vehicle was designed for manoeuvring through the forests of Endor. The vehicle had two gyroscopic wings and a large blaster cannon on each side MTV-7 Mobile Terrain Vehicle This model is largely a rebuild of an existing MOC by @jere7my with minor adjustments. I really like how he used the technic rubber axle connectors to allow for the wheels to pivot from the body. The MTV-7 is a single tracked, double wheeled ground car used by the Empire to scout planetary terrain, in particular on Hoth. Family photo And finally a bonus round... Imperial Sniper This wasn't produced as part of the Mini-Rig line, but rather from Kenner's line of Body-rigs - similar non-canon toys on a built on a smaller scale to the mini-rigs. The Imperial Sniper is a repulsorlift craft piloted by one person. It features a large open seat, two blaster cannons, and a grappling claw.
  2. A small Imperial patrol providing peace and order on a remote planet of our favorite far far away galaxy. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr This vehicle is based on the old famous Kenner' Star Wars toys from the 80's, and particularly the mini-rigs serie. Not much to say, but it still has a few play features. You can drive it while making some "vroom vroom" noise. The wheels arms can rotate into various position to accomodate the terrain. Hoewer these do not come back automatically in their original position, unlike the original toy. The turret can rotate at 360°, yes, yes. You can play with the gun and say "pew pew" as many times as you want. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr The base is a re-used from a previous MC. I replaced the Shell gas station by a hydrovaporator. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Veynom, on Flickr I based myself on the original Studio rendering of Maximillian Bricks on Flickr, who himself got inspired from Jere7my on this forum. Multi Terrain Vehicle MTV-7 by Maximillian Bricks, on Flickr