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  1. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    @Waterbrick Down - Should that read as page #2?
  2. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Hoke snatches the parchment out of the air and brings it down onto the table. "Hmmm...." he contemplates as the unconsciously rubs his Crescent Union badge with his thumb.
  3. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Not exactly what I meant. We've all saved a city or two here, but we've rarely done anything in Eubric to change the political and social landscape. I know a few have helped out here and there, but there doesn't seem to be a united call for change. However..." Hoke says, tapping the newspaper. "When did that change come about? When did we ever let down those we went to help?"
  4. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I hope you are too. You & WBD were my main QMs, and I would hate for you to miss out on this. Besides, we have story arcs to complete. ;)
  5. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Mayhaps, but when was Heroica ever asked to help the city? We've helped the Houses for sure, and maybe a few of the citizens, but the city?" Hoke finally takes a bite of his meal and chews for a second, to savor the flavor and to think.
  6. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Acts of chivalry, courage, etc, etc,"Hoke says, clearing his throat,"In my family, and in most of my country, when we attain our knighthood, we are sent out immediately to make a name on our own with only the most basic supplies. We are not allowed to use our family's name, coat of arms, or colors in our endeavors. Once we have committed what we believe to be enough acts, we are allowed to return home, recite our deeds, and, if they are found to be sufficient, and we are granted a portion of our inheritance, and began or resume courtship." "Do you see any quests pinned to the board? Seems that no one wants or needs our help anymore. My hope is that we, as Heroicans, inspired those that we helped to help those around them."
  7. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Or I could kill stuff. Want to host the one-man army in the Fields? (Is there anyone with a level-up Mushroom?)
  8. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Hoke sat upright, as if he had been splashed with cold water, and slumped his shoulders. "You know, I never thought of that," he said, taking a sip from his mug,"I pray tis not so. Mayhaps it will be, but I hope it's simply home." Hoke looked into his mug, swirling the contents a bit, and takes another drink. "I'm more than ready to assume my place. I know it will be waiting for me."
  9. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    Are Sign-ups open?
  10. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Hoke clinks Dyric's mug with his newly arrived mug, spilling a bit of the contents on the table. "Not as exciting as it used to be," he says with a chuckle,"To be honest, I have been considering lately about going back home. I've set out to do what I needed to do, and that was accomplished a long time ago. Not sure there is much else for me, or us, to do around here." He talks a good drink from his mug. "Mayhaps we did what we did a little too well."
  11. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "If we have, it feels like a lifetime ago," the Paragon says as he extends his hand to shake hers,"Nevertheless, it's good to see a friendly face in these Halls again."
  12. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "Hmmmm," Hoke muses as he reads the issue,"The politically powerful are corrupt. Who would have imagined that?" He looks at the others sitting at the table. "I wonder what is going to be done about this?"
  13. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    So I need to get Hoke into the Fields of Glory before the final quest. Anyone want to see what a Paragon can do as a one-man-wrecking-crew? Just a few fights away from Level 60. Then, maybe a class change is in order.
  14. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    "No, I have not. Do you have a copy I may read?"
  15. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    The doors of the Hall creaks open, letting in a crisp autumn chill. The Paragon steps in, quietly shutting the door behind him. It felt like ages since he had stepped foot into the Hall, but he knew it hadn't been that long. He scans the Hall quickly, noticing a crackling fire in the hearth, his familiar chair empty and waiting for him. But then he sees a small group of fellow Heroicans sitting together. "Did I miss anything while I was gone?" Hoke asks as he sits down with the group, waving the tavern keep over for a meal and drink.