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Found 3 results

  1. Former members of Heroica, walk down the streets of Eubric, their once illustrious hall now barred to them. Slowly a group begins to gather at the Lady Luck's Locale within the Hovels. Trovsty the Ogre bouncer greets each of them, relieving them of their weapons as they enter. "Now don't you go causin' any trouble in there." The atmosphere is seedy, but inclusive. The drinks, while not free are cheap enough to not worry the gold pouch. Some of the patrons sneer as the heroes filter in. "Well, well, well, look at that dour lot. Oh how the mighty have fallen!" The patron of the establishment chides the man. "Now, now, Natnail. Leave the dearies be, as long as they're a paying lot they can stay as long as they wish." The Party: ??? QM Note: Welcome to Quest 159 folks, this will be a little abnormal in terms of quest structure and more free form. Once we've got enough of a quorum in here we'll kick things off proper. Until then feel free to chat and interact with whomever you want.
  2. The oracle party makes their way through the hovels. As they travel envelopes begin to rain down from the night sky. The streets of the hovels are empty for the most part, here and there small groups gather around fires to keep warm. The shrine of Fabula Sibylla stands before them, quiet and haunting. Hovel's Party Lord Lawrence Boomingham (Zepher) 48 year old male human Vindicator Level 36.50 *Immune to darkness, fire, fragile, sleep, weakened, and blinded* *Affluence* *Zweihänder Grip* Power Bonus: +5 (+5 front row) Defense: 8 16 Health: 59/59 Ether: 36/36 Gold: 328 Equipment: Scupperer (WP:17; darkness-, fire- and earth-elemental; inflicts bleeding and poisoned by 10; has 1/2 chance each to inflict blinded, sealed, weakened and fragile; greatsword), Tome of Affluence (+10 Gold if equipped for the entirety of a battle; grants immunity to fragile, asleep, weakened, blinded, darkness and fire; accessory), Vest of Faded Trials (SP:8, 1/2 chance of granting reinforced effect at the start of every battle, Immune to Fragile; Suitable for Knights, Barbarians, Dragoons, Skirmishers, Regulators, Vindicators; bodywear and headwear), Fighting Boots (Power +5 on the front row; suitable to barbarians, knights, rogues, beast warriors, chi monks, dragoons, harlots, infiltrators, marauders, skirmishers, regulators, vindicators and winged warriors; footwear.) Inventory: The Demon Germ (samurai-turtle) ??? years old ; Half Demon; Male Black Knight Level 21 2/3 *Immune to Darkness Fire Earth Light & Slowed Hastened * Power Bonus: +4 Defense: 21 Health: 38/38 Gold: 411 Equipment: Obsidian Scimitar (WP:20; Amethyst/Darkness-elemental; longsword), Crested Shield (SP: 13; shield), Spesialian Helmet (SP:2, SP:4 if wearer’s Star Elf, Health +2, Power +2, Suitable for anyone; headwear), Dastan Armor (SP: 4; Immune to Darkness/Amethyst Diamond/Light Garnet/Earth & Ruby/Fire; +2 SP for all other Dastan Equipment; Suitable for Knights, Regulators, Winged Warriors, Dragoons, and Vindicators; bodywear), Greaves (SP:2, immunity to Slowed and Hastened; footwear), Inventory: Torald Waruelf, Matchmaker (Alfadas)21 year old male human Battle MageLevel 15.5Power Bonus: +8Defense: 0Health: 29/29 Ether: 14/16Gold: 236Equipment: Keen Axe (WP 15, Ignores SP), Boots of Drunken Boxing (Power +2; if wearer is encouraged: power +8. Footwear. Suitable for Torald only)Inventory: Petaldan Parfenius (Played by Palathadric) 5-year-old male "wonder" Paladin Level 15.5 *Immune to *Stunned*, *Bound*, *Petrified* Power Bonus: Defense: 20 Health: 37/37 Ether: 15/15 Gold: 248 Equipment: Mace (WP: 6, mace), Shield (SP: 5; Shield), Gloves of the Boy Wonder (SP:2; immunity to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified*; suitable to Petaldan only; handwear), Armour of Dark Arts (SP: 10; Takes up: Bodywear, Handwear, Footwear slots; counts as one artifact; Suitable to Knights, Dragoons, and Skirmishers), Cloak of Innocence (SP: 3; grants the wearer immunity to Darkness, if the health of the wearer is below 50% the wearer is also *Blessed*; Backwear; Suitable for Petaldan only), Inventory: Eric (Khorne), Self-proclaimed Siren-Slayer and Butcher of Basilisks 30 year old Human Nord Level 30 1/2 Vindicator *Evasion* *Protected from Fragile, Weakened, Stunned, Poisoned, Bleeding, Cursed, Asleep, Fast Asleep, Confused and Hexed + Immune to Darkness, Water and Earth* Power Bonus: +3 Defense: 5 Health: 61/61 Gold: 1360 Equipment: Natnail's Sword (WP:10 Longsword), Pugilist's Gloves (Power +2, protects from Weakened; handwear), Heavy Armor (SP:5, protects from Fragile; bodywear), Boots of Evasion (Wearer takes half damage in front row + Immunity to Darkness, Water, Earth and Asleep; footwear), Periwinkle Ribbon (Grants Immunity to Stunned, Poisoned, Bleeding, Cursed, Asleep, Fast Asleep, Confused and Hexed; suitable for Periwinkle Eric only; headwear) Inventory: Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus)42 year old male human SorcererLevel 24.25 *Immune to Wood and Fire, Sealed and Blindness* *Enemies that hit Ezeran become slowed*Power Bonus: (+2 spellpower)Defense: 6Health: 37/37Ether: 28/32Gold: 552Equipment: Ooze Wand (WP: 10, 1/3 chance to Slow), Sneezing Demon (SP:3; enemies that hit the wearer become slowed; immunity to wood, fire and blindness, suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear), Etherium Pauldrons (SP:3, immune to sealed; backwear), Sedge hat (Max. Ether +4; headwear)Inventory: QM Note: Do a double check on those stats to make sure I got everyone's equipment right.
  3. The party pursuing an audience with Ulric slinks through the streets heading for the hidden entrance to the sewers and the Wolf Gang hideout. Envelopes fall from the sky littering the streets like a fine snow. As if on queue the party notices a group of a dozen watchmen and paladin patrolling the streets ahead. If they wanted to continue they'd have to find a way around without being spotted. Observing the patrols leads to the following patterns Patrol 1: SSSEEWWNNNNWNNNSSSES Patrol 2: NEEEESSSSWWWWNNN Patrol 3: EEEEESSSSWWWWWNNNN Heroes S = Start E = End QM Note: Go ahead and PM me your answers in cardinal directions within 24hrs. The Party cannot be in line with a patrol at any given time except for the last move. In case it isn't clear, every square the party moves, the patrols advance one move in their pattern. Sewer Party Monk Pretzel and His 99 Pieces, the Super Sleuth (Played by Palathadric)463-year-old male "hermit" Artisan Level 38.25 *Permanently Reinforced* *Immune to Darkness, Wood, Earth, Water, Light, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Wind, Blinded, and Confused Power Bonus: +5Defense: 240Health: 71/71Gold: 4375Equipment: Boris Bo's Knuckle Dusters (WP: 9, Improvised Weapon) Darksteel Armour (SP: 6; Max. Health +3; Bodywear), Order Imperial Prophet's Armor (SP: 8; Grants Command; Suitable for Prophets; Bodywear), Wraps of the Steadfast Tortoise (Grants permanent *reinforced* Effect, Handwear, Suitable for Chi Monks), Cloak of the Grand Vizier (SP: 7 multiplied by the number of party members; Grants immunity to Darkness, Wood, Earth, Water, Light, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Wind, *Blinded*, and *Confused*; Backwear)Inventory: Karie Alderflask-Cour (Kintober) 26 Year Old Human Female Minstrel Level 35.25 *Permanently Nimble* *1/3 Chance to Weaken targeted enemy on successful hits* *Lucky* *Steal 50% More Gold* Power Bonus: 3 Health: 63/63 Defense: 7 Ether: 15/41 Gold: 1186 Equipment: Vagrant's Guitar (WP: 5, user is lucky, fire and wind elemental instrument), Catsuit (Wearer becomes nimble and has a 1/3 chance to completely avoid rolls of COUNTER, DAMAGE, and FREE HITS, suitable for women only, body wear), Vorpalis Crown (SP: 4, the wearer has a 1/3 chance of dealing Weakened to the targeted enemy on successful hits. Headwear, suitable for anyone.), Fenarian Robes of the Vampire (SP:3, Max. Ether +4, backwear) Encore Plectrum (If the same song is sung for more than one round of combat in a row, the song's ether cost for the consecutive rounds is halved; suitable for minstrels, accessory), Inventory: Kiray Nastayo, A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something (KingoftheZempk) 24 year old Female Human Warden Level 27 2/3 *Immune to Blinded, Doomed, Blessed, Light, Darkness**Double damage to Demonic and Holy Foes**Half Damage from Free Hits* *Intimidation* *Lucky* Power Bonus: 6 Defense: 29 Health: 44/44 Gold: 769 Equipment: Wooden Stool (WP: 5, Improvised Melee Weapon), Never Blessed Armor (SP: 10, Immune to Darkness, Light, and Blessed, Wearer deals double damage to Demons, suitable to Knights, Barbarians, Regulators, and Skirmishers), Spesialian Spiked Pauldrons (Damage from Free Hits is halved; accessory), Never Blessed Helmet (SP: 8, Immunity to Blinded, Doomed and Blessed, Wearer deals double damage to Holy Enemies, suitable to Knights, Barbarians, Regulators, and Skirmishers), Orcish Barbed Shield (SP: 11) Inventory: Throlar Wineghilm (Lord Duvors) 137 year old male Dwarven Warden. Level 20.33 *Nimble* Power Bonus: 3 Defense: 20 Health: 58/58 116/116 Gold: 620 Equipment: Greaves of the Wolf (SP: 5; Wearer is Nimble; footwear).Counterstrike Gloves (If the wearer is damaged by a free hit, they counter with strength equal to their level; handwear). Robes of the Kappa Master (+20 health, user is slowed, bodywear), Weathered Shield (SP: 15). Inventory: Throlar Wineghilm (Lord Duvors) 137 year old male Dwarven Warden. *Nimble* *Immune to Ice* *1/3 chance of dealing Fragile* *Slowed* Level 20 1/3 Power Bonus: 0 Defense: 20 Health: 58/58 Gold: 0 Equipped: Sundering Longsword (WP: 10, 1/3 chance to deal fragile; longsword), Weathered Shield (SP: 15, Ice elemental), Robes of the Kappa Master (+20 health, wearer is slowed; bodywear), Greaves of the Wolf (SP: 5, Wearer is Nimble; footwear). Inventory: Vindsval Half-Born (Asphalt) 41 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 42.4 Vindicator *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened, Effects* Immune to Dark & Demonic enemies *Hastened* *Encouraged* Power Bonus: +12 Defense: 30 Health: 64/64 Gold: 134 Equipment: Woodsman's Axe (WP: 7, Axe), Shikokku's Stealth Suit (SP:7; Power +6, User is immune to Dark & Demonic enemies; Body, Head and Backwear counts as 1 Artefact), Mythril Shield (SP: 20 Shield), Mechanical Arm (Doubles WP for the equipped weapon; wearer cannot become disarmed; suitable for Vindsval only; handwear), Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity to Asleep,Blinded,Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji), Multi-tool Attachment (Artificial arm, Enables user to ignore the weapon restrictions of their class excluding Shields, Handwear, Suitable for Vindsval) Inventory: QM Note: Please check your inventories and let me know if there is anything I'm missing.