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  1. I'd join, no problem! Sound a little bit like BotBS?
  2. Fraunces

    Trade MRCA Deadline - Oct 26

    Ah great. Just filled the forms. Many thanks for the work you guys put in this game.
  3. Fraunces

    What is he doing here?

    Nice vignette, I like the unseriousness of the story
  4. Fraunces

    [COR- Faction Flavors] Antonio's office

    Very cool vignette. Clever use of the sack and I have to complement you on those great colorcombinations.
  5. Nice action put in bricks! Very good,.
  6. Fraunces

    [SR - FB - Oct 21] The frigate Magnetic North

    Oh my... What a lovely ship, amazing work Thaum! You can be more than a little bit proud of yourself! Very nice jobs on those riggings, sails and colours. It is very light and unusual but it works with the shape and size of the ship. Very professional stern. And the best touch I have to say is that you choose those nice flags! I love the cartoonish style of the upper one. Very cool ship and I hope you will deliver more of these beauty's for the Sea Rat Armada
  7. I like your unusual techniques in the house and the trees, nice!
  8. Very nice! Good to see you returned! The dialogue sounded somewhat familiar..
  9. As all Sea Rats know, the highest bounty one can hoard is not so much in stealable silver or doubloons, not even in a great bottle of rum: the hand of a governor's daughter is considered the highest possible loot for a true Sea Rat captain with selfrespect. That is why this friday evening Lothario Fraunces used his good name (build up by restraining his piratety manners and doing fair business the last couple of months) to get himself into this night's ball in the Governor's mansion on Lavalette. Love is in the air tonight, so who knows what will happen tonight... Based on Sid Meiers Pirates ;)
  10. That part was so funny in the game. The only thing which changes was breast size Thank you both!
  11. Very nice! Good though of story.
  12. I want to do more a little bit more unserious stuff ;) Thanks a lot everyone , glad I captured the feel of the moment right! You all describe exactly the feel I was trying to bring over. The game is amazing indeed, great inspiration for BotBS!
  13. Very nice edition once again. Brings a lot of inspiration!
  14. Fraunces

    [GoC] The Queen's Crown Public House

    Very good in colours indeed. The door is the part I like the most.
  15. Looks cool. worked on a micro myself but couldn't get is as neatly as this one
  16. A Sea Rat in the lion's den!
  17. Fraunces

    Settlement: Lavalette, Stéphanique, Oleon

    Lavalette Ball, not meant to be licenced.
  18. Fraunces

    [Eslandola Faction Flavours] Buying Some Flowers

    I've never seen an Eslandolan person before, jaws over the floor like bam, like Braunsfeld just burst in the door
  19. Fraunces

    [MOC] Whale Rock Outpost...

    I love everything about this post
  20. Fraunces

    [MOC] HMS Midway

    Love it. You should do more !
  21. Beautiful, once again a great job. Love the new techniques.
  22. Beautiful creation.
  23. Just beautiful....
  24. Awesome build. You took the central European style of the era and turned it into this great Moc. Very nice work.