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  1. Wow I haven't been on Eurobricks in years. Found this competition and I have to say these are some of the highest quality contest entries I've ever seen. Great work by everyone all around.
  2. Hello, I collected many Technic supercar MOCs over the years. Unfortunately my interest in Technic has waned. This along with unexpected car repairs leads me wanting to get rid of them. I have sold several, and have these few left. These are not my designs and I will be linking the designers below. Will also link to my eBay listing with pics. Prices are pretty much a rough estimate, a lot less than what I paid originally to buy them. However, I am pretty negotiable and just want these to go to good hands. Cars have minor color substitutions in the chassis. I am located the US, Chicago specifically. Will ship internationally, we can go through eBay or Paypal G&S. Will not accept any other forms of payment. Please PM me and we can go from there. Vampire GT by Paul Boratko/Crowkillers. Great MOC, parts are definitely old on this one, could use a rebuild as Technic parts don't sit well over the years. eBay link Designer link Sunbeam Corvette by Jurgen Krooshoop. Lots of rare yellow parts, some substitutions such as the rear tail lights and parts here and there eBay link Designer link Koenigsegg CCX by Jurgen Krooshoop. Very cool doors. I added 2 extra springs in the front suspension for better playability. eBay link Designer link Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 by Sheepo. Manual version.Massive model, lot of features. I made some substitutions in the body work such as all black pins eBay link Designer link Predator Supercar by Nathaniel Kuipers. Have never built anything as unique as this before. Crazy solutions and part usage eBay link Designer link
  3. Around a month ago, Fanylover posted a beautiful model of the new R8 V10. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to build it, and immediately began gathering and ordering parts. I just finished the model last week and decided to review it. So, let's get into the review Instructions These instruction samples were taken from Fanylover's Bricksafe page. The instructions are mostly clear and connections are often boxed in order to emphasize At times, the specific part is given in order to avoid confusion. For instance all #4 connectors are labelled in the instructions Finally an arrow is given if you have to push in a pin or axle. Overall, the instructions are very clear, every photo is crisp and it gives a little challenge to building compared to the extremely basic Lego instructions. There are a few areas where the photo instructions can be a little difficult to follow, but these are negligible and it is well worth 8 euros. The Build The model begins with the front axle. From the beginning, the builder gets an idea of the sturdiness of the model. Everything is well braced. At this point in the build, the front suspension with steering has been placed and interestingly uses steering arms to connect to the hub instead of a usual steering link. Big step forward in the build, and its now sunny outside. The rear axle is built very differently from the front axle, but in both the hubs are used upside down. Again I must commend the sturdiness of this model. It honestly seems like something TLG could release, as the build is very straightforward with only one illegal technique used. Even then, it is quite minor as it relies on the natural flex of an axle. At this point the HOG is also placed. Here is the beginning of the body work.and is easily placed onto the chassis. It is rigid on its own and again reminds me of something TLG would produce. Roof on chassis. It attaches very easily. Doors and sides are placed. I love how the panel on top of the door practically sits flush with with the panel next to it. Next the hood with the 4 Audi Rings and the famous Audi front end is placed. Finally the rear is added with an awesome diffuser made using mini black panels. Final Model At this point I'll just let the pictures do the talking. I really wanted to take some proper pictures outside, but the weather in the Chicagoland area has been a bit crazy lately, so I settled with indoor yellowed photos. The front is perfectly created, and makes the car instantly recognizable. A friend who wasn't into cars or Legos, was able to easily recognize this as an R8 I don't think my pictures do this model justice. It looks a bit stubbier here than it actually is. The rear also looks fantastic and I love how the airbrake perfectly lines up with the rest of the car I also love how the rear diffuser is created with the mini panels. Top view looks very clean with few holes in the body work. Even with its fantastic looks, the car is still incredibly sturdy. It can easy sit on its roof, so 5/5 for rollover protection I guess Because of this, you can easily look at the bottom of the model Unusually, the model uses the new style differential for AWD, while most AWD MOCs use the older style. This has its drawbacks, as the differential touches the ground if not placed on a perfectly flat surface. The interior is nice and includes a switch for the hood and a knob for the airbrake. Functions The model has the usual supercar functions of the scale such as opening doors, hood, and engine cover. It also features a working airbrake, and opening glovebox; however, unlike most supercars, the model has no gearbox, but honestly I don't miss it. Doors open. The model uses soft springs in order to both lock the doors and in order to open them. I like the idea of using springs for the doors as they open by themselves when unlocked, but the springs in the locks aren't my favorite. Its a little hard to use and I would have preferred it to lock without a spring, but it isn't a big flaw. Few more pictures of the model with the doors open Here you can see the mechanism which locks the doors The next function is the opening hood which reveals a pretty sizeable trunk for a Lego model The hood can be opened from inside the car through a linkage that actually passes through the front axle There is a little slack, but nothing too bad. The model also has an opening engine cover which also uses springs to keep it closed. It doesn't really offer much more of a view, but its nice to have. Finally the last function is the opening air brake. Its opened through a linkage inside the car, and works fine. What amazes me the most is that the spoiler sits perfectly flush with the model, and you wouldn't even guess it was there without prior knowledge. Everything open Finally the instructions also include how to build a spoiler in order to make the model a V10 Plus. The spoiler looks nice, but then makes the airbrake void, so I prefer the car without it. A nice plus is that the spoiler can be easily broken into 3 pieces and fit in the trunk Final Thoughts Overall this is an absolutely fantastic model which manages to replicate an accurate representation of the Audi R8. It manages to do this while being sturdy and not using any ridiculous specialized pieces which is impressive. Overall Ratings Instructions: 9.5/10 The photos are incredibly clear and make this model more of a challenge than your average TLG instructions. I took off .5 for a few tough points, but overall its nice Parts Availabilty: 8/10 Despite most of the model being built with relatively easy to find parts, there are a few tough ones which raise the price of the model by a lot. The first is the ridiculous prices of the 8070 hubs. The model has 4 of them and with average Bricklink prices, this will set you back at least 25 dollars. The next is the 7 19L flex axles which would cost around 7 dollars. Next the 8 #3 red connectors which would cost around $30 dollars. Next the model uses 4 of the extremely rare red toggle joints which would set you back at least another 25 dollars. Finally the model uses the rare Ferrari wheel covers which would be around 50 dollars. I chose to opt out of those and replaced them with brick built covers, but the other rare parts woud set you back at least 85 dollars. I was lucky to have many of these parts, so the price was lessened a bit. One option to save money could be building the car in black Build 10/10 Again feels almost like a TLG design. Everything is reinforced as you build, and its built in modules which sometimes attach with push pins. Its fun to see the car take shape Looks: 10/10 Seriously perfect representation of an R8. I can't think of anything that could have been done differently here. It's instantly recognizable and barely has any gaps Playability 8.5/10 Nice functions. The springed doors and cover are great but I'm not a big fan of the springs for locks. An actual trunk is rare in supercars. The airbrake adds a unique touch and there is even a little glovebox; however, I admit a gearbox would have been nice to have. There's always something fascinating for me about watching the pistons move at different speeds. The model is also durable and could take some abuse from a child. Overall 46/50 Great model that really embodies an R8. Definitley a great car to have in your collection. Hope you liked this review . Sorry that the text is a bit dry and rushed Thanks to Fanylover for designing this beautiful model and letting me post pictures of the build
  4. Fell out of Lego for a year or so and now the bug has bit me again. I've been looking for 9.5L shocks and the prices are crazy on Bricklink. A set of 4 would set me back over $50 including shipping. Thus I was wondering if anyone had found any aftermarket springs that could be substituted into softer shocks (which are way cheaper). Thanks
  5. Rishab N

    REVIEW: Death Star 75159

    I was in a similar situation to you several months ago. I had always wanted the 10188 but never could afford one. Over the years I had glorified it in my mind and eventually ended up purchasing an incomplete one for only $125!. I completed it on Bricklink and assembled it, but found myself underwhelmed. I think it didn't live up to unrealistic expectations I had as a kid, maybe due to its age and very used condition? Along with that I didn't enjoy the build being stacking blocks and plates. I ended up selling it as it took up too much space. I am glad to see you enjoyed yours, I may buy another one in the future and try to appreciate it again . It still holds a special place in my heart.
  6. Please check out pics in the link below https://imgur.com/a/yUbgODy Due to time, it has not been inventoried however, looks like nearly everything is there. I included a picture of some of the rare parts as well. The instruction manual is mostly in great shape, the front cover is starting to fall off, but the rest of the pages have aged very well. Due to not being inventoried, I am asking 410+shipping(well below Bricklink) but am very open to offers. Prefer US buyers and payment through Paypal. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I can take more pictures if desired. Great chance to get an increasingly rare set at a discount!
  7. Looking to sell my copy of this MOC. 1:8 Scale model of the legendary Lamborghini Countach by aefferen on Rebrickable. This model is absolutely massive and is definitely a great display piece. It features a 5+R gearbox, realistic suspension, pop up headlights, scissor doors, and a V12. I am looking to make shelf room for the new 42110 Defender as my supercar shelf is full and this thing takes up a lot of space! I have made some part substitutions here and there, mainly finding substitutes for the absurdly expensive red #44 connectors. I still have 4 of them in the model, but was able to avoid using any others without impacting the looks or functionality. There are probably other small substitutions in there as well that I cannot remember. Off the top of my head, I remember replacing the 14L soft axles with 12L (not visible), replacing some red thin liftarms with black ones, older curved panels with newer style ones, and replacing the red springs with yellow. I will happily help the buyer navigate these substitutions to make sure the model turns out great. Overall however, I'd say 95% of the MOC is built accurately to the Rebrickable parts list. Taking these substitutions into account, Bricklink gives a price of around $550 to build this entire MOC using a combination of used and new parts and shipping from all over the world. I will price it at $450. Feel free to message me for more details. I am very flexible on price and am willing to consider reasonable offers. I will not provide the instructions, they are the property of the designer. Looking for payment through Paypal so both buyer and seller have protection! This is a fantastic display piece and will contribute to any supercar collection! I am located in the U.S. in Illinois. Prefer U.S buyers, but can ship internationally! More images in the Spoiler
  8. That's a good start, thank you! Just need some help deciphering this image. Does this image mean the spring length is 9.9 cm? Along with this what is the diameter and spring stiffness then?
  9. Being an avid Lego collector and Star Wars fan, this set has been a dream for a long time, but it came into my life at the wrong time (I am currently studying). Despite being away from my collection, I found a deal I could not pass up and impulsively bought this set 99% complete, seems to be missing a few small pieces (greebles). However, I did not think it through and am in no position to enjoy the set. Thus I am parting with it in this condition. I have not inventoried this set, but purchased it from an extremely reputable seller on eBay (100s of positive feedback). The box is beat up and missing one flap. Instructions are included. I understand this is a valuable item and will provide as many details and pictures as needed (pictures of the radar dish, instructions, box, whatever you need) so please reach out as I am motivated to sell. Finally I understand it must be odd that this is the only item available in my shop. My complete collection is at home and is thus unavailable currently. However I have placed over a hundred orders on Bricklink as a buyer, and have sold on eBay many times https://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=trn16. https://store.bricklink.com/Rishab&utm_content=globalnav#/shop?o={"showHomeItems":1} Please take a look and reach out to me here or on Bricklink. USA shipping preferred as that is what I am most familiar with. Also feel free to make me an offer! Thanks, Rishab
  10. Got a used 10179 Millennium Falcon for $450 including box and instructions. 99.9% complete, just missing a few small pieces . Pretty happy with it, but unsure if I will keep due to space reasons.
  11. The Lego 42029 Customized Pickup truck is a Lego Technic set that was released in the second half of 2014. The set has 1063 pieces and retails for about 100 USD which seems a bit high. When the first images were leaked, the reactions were very mixed. Some people liked it others didn’t and the main complaint was that the set’s front end looks quite ugly. Honestly I wasn’t a fan of the whole second half of 2014 line up, but I decided to buy this set for the parts and do a review of it as I quite enjoy making reviews. Anyway lets get on to the actual review. The Box I apologize for the glare on the box, I'm not sure how to avoid that. The box is weirdly shaped as it is long and short in height. It feels full and has a pleasant weight to it which makes you think that the price was worth it. Here's what I mean about the shape. Compared to a model with similar parts, the box is not really square. Here's the back of the box. It displays the model's various functions, the possibility to motorize it, and the B model. The B model honestly looks terrible to me as it looks like a mess. Here's the contents of the box. There are 11 bags and once opened, the parts barely fit on my temporary, tiny table that I was using to build. The box also contains two instruction manuals( and no instructions for the B model as always) and an unsecured sticker sheet. Since the sheet wasn't secured, mine arrived with a large bend in it. This picture is after 5-10 minutes of trying to flatten it. The Build The build starts with the rear axle and the mini linear acuator for dumping. Not much is really going on right now. Some beams are placed diagonally to make a sort of truss which is kinda interesting. The other interesting thing is how the dump function works. Normally in Lego vehicles the linear acuator pushes the dump bed up as shown in this photo by Blakbird. Instead of using this basic pushing mechanism, the acuator in 42029 is mounted facing downward and fully opened in closed form. When you want it to dump, the acuator pulls the bed up instead of pushing. I'm not sure what benefit this gives, but it is an interesting way to make a mechanism. Anyway back to the build. The build then goes to the front of the chassis. At this stage, you get a feel for the size of the model, and to me it seemed a bit small at first. After that the build takes an odd step. In a model it makes more sense to build a complete chassis and then build the bodywork, but in this model the build ignores that the chassis is not finished, and moves on to the cab section. The cab looks alright, but the interior looks very half baked. The seats are too small for this model and they're blue... again . I'm really getting tired of seeing blue seats in models. It doesn't look realistic, and is it really that hard to make different colored seats? This trend has been used sparingly for many years, but then in 2009 it started to get used for most models. It's been 6 years of that now and I think its time for change. Anyway on to another overused Technic mechanic- the gearbox. The 42029 follows the time honored tradition of a function splitting gearbox. This iteration of it is quite simple with only two functions- a winch(again ), and a dump bed. The functions are controlled by the black bevel gear on the bottom, or from the 8 tooth gear on the right as that's where the M motor can be placed. The cab is attached and the model starts to resemble its final form. Next the engine is added. This was also a source of controversy as it was a V6. Most pickup trucks use a V8 so this was a bit odd. It's also not that hard to squeeze in 2 extra cylinders as evidenced by Sariel's motorization of it, so this seems to be laziness on TLG's part Another interesting thing I found was that the instructions displayed the old mold for engine blocks while my set included the new blocks. The odd thing is that my 42009 also has the newer style blocks and its from 2013, so I would think the 42029 instructions would include these new blocks as the set came out a full year after 42009. Next you have to build the front axle. I'm not a huge fan of these new hubs as there has to be so much space between the suspension arms. Also an interesting technique is used to limit the suspension. The white pieces, which are normally used in studded sets, block the arms from sagging under weight. Front axle mounted. At this point the steering also works and you could have a rolling chassis if you wanted to. And now the cliche winch piece is built. On a side note, I have 2 shelves of Legos. One shelf contains supercars and the rest is ordinary sets. Every single set I have built on that shelf has a winch or thread of some kind. They're all done differently, of course, but i just find winches boring. As a function they're quite boring unless its absolutely necessary such as the 42009 or 8258. Now here's another source of disappointment- the ugly front end. When you look at modern pickup trucks( especially American ones), they all have a feeling of power. The grilles are massive and are covered in chrome and the lights are large and boxy. Just look at the new Ford F-150. The 42029 looks so weak compared to these trucks. Instead of large boxy headlights it has bug eyed lights which are made from gearbox extenders. The grille also looks terrible. Its a mashup of red and grey parts which does anything but evoke a sense of power. I think they could have made it look a little better if they had replaced the red bushes in the grille with grey. Also look at those #3 connectors in grey. There was also some controversy about this as they look very out of place, and this was the perfect opportunity to bring back the rare #3 connectors in red. They brought back the red 5x11 panels in this set, so why couldn't they do they same for these connectors? I replaced mine just to see how it would look and it looks a lot cleaner. Overall the whole front area looks quite disappointing and feels sloppy. Anyway on to the rest of the build and there's not much left of it. The dumping bed is attached and a few other details are added and bam you're done. The dumping bed is an uncommon feature for a pickup truck, but it works well, and gives it a second function thus giving TLG an excuse to use another function splitting gearbox Here are the spare parts Completed model Here's a few pics of the finished model. I think the rear is simple and pretty well done Here's a side shot. With the high suspension, it feels more like a crawler to me than a pickup truck. The suspension is one of the best things about this model. It feels neither too soft or hard and is nice and bouncy. It also has amazing travel. The model's winch also works smoothly as with every other model with a winch. The set can also be motorized with the 8293 power functions set. All you need is an M motor, LEDs, a battery box, and a clutch gear. Motorizing it is quite easy and only takes a few minutes, but one should manage their cables properly, as I didn't pay much attention to the placement and it they stopped the bed from fully closing. I didn't care much for the motorization as it just put lights on the roof and motorized 2 functions. Unlike the 42024, this set doesn't really need the motorizing as the functions work at a reasonable speed, so I decided to not keep the motorization and advise you not to waste your money on the extra parts required to do the motorizing. I decided to take the set outside in order to match its rugged looks. Nice view of the V6 and its turbochargers? Not sure what the things are on top of the engine. Everything opened I also decided to give the dumping bed a practical test with birdseed and it worked well although the bed and parts of the chassis got quite dusty One flaw with the dumping is that the tailgate has to be opened manually. It doesn't make much sense to put a dumping function yet not have an easily opening tailgate. Personally I would have liked to see the tailgate use frictionless pins and some sort of manual locking mechanism. It would feel a bit more realistic at least to me. Final Thoughts The model doesn't have the greatest looks or the most realistic functions, but it has a great assortment of parts. Personally even though this set claims to be for older ages, I feel that it would appeal to younger children more due to its high ride height and quirky looks. It is also one of the most durable models that I have built. The suspension absorbs drops and it can be rolled over multiple times with no or minimal damage. At one point it accidentally fell off a sofa and it survived with only the roof lights and one steering link breaking. With all this sturdiness, its an interesting build as there is so much reinforcement and it is fun to see how they achieve this. The model is easy to break into chunks and has a lot of possibility for modification, so that's always good. Overall Build- 8/10 It's a fairly standard build, nothing too surprising, but it is fun to see how sturdiness can be achieved. Also there are a few interesting parts Looks- 4/10 Really TLG? This looks nothing like a modern pickup truck. I get that its "customized" but that gives no excuse to how half baked the looks are. The front end looks sloppy and the rear is just simple Parts 10/10 Steering arms, suspension, CV joints, ton of red parts, beams in black, dark bluish grey, etc. Its a great parts selection to build your own model. Functions 7/10 Lets see, it has great suspension, steering, a V6 , yet another winch , and a function splitter which really wasn't necessary. Price 7/10 At first glance the price looks alright, and you get the .10 cents per part ratio, however, it feels like it should have been priced a bit cheaper. Just look at the 42024- over 900 parts for 70.99. Now I understand that this model uses some more expensive parts and such, but i think it should really be priced at $85. That sounds like a more fair price since you have to pay an extra 30 to buy the kit that motorizes it. Final score 36/50 The set is a big pile of 'meh'. It could have been better, but its just average, and doesn't have much realism. It provides a ton of modification possibilities(Perhaps this was TLG's intent with this set hence the "Customized" name) and I would love to sit for hours and modify it into something better, but it also fills the function of expensive parts pack, and that's what I will probably be using mine for. In a perfect world where I had more money, I'd love to buy 2 of these and use one as a parts pack and modify the other one, but I guess I'll just have to modify this one and then break it for its parts. For now though its staying on my shelf just beckoning me to go and try to make it even more of a customized pickup truck. Thanks for reading my review. As always constructive feedback is appreciated and please voice how you feel about this set too.
  12. A bit late, but all I can say is wow. This is a new standard for what can be done with Technic bodywork. Think my Porsche will have to go for this, if I can get past those rare pieces
  13. I am using an Ultimaker 3 at my university. Covers are currently printing, and I filled about 80-90% so hopefully it works out
  14. What aftermarket springs do you use? I built Sheepo's Jeep with softer ones, thinking that it would hold, but the entire car sags to one side
  15. @Carsten Svendsen Thank you very much for this information! I will see what I can do with it
  16. I was wondering if anyone with a dial caliper or something could provide me with dimensions for the 8653 wheel covers? More specifically would need the outer diameter and thickness of the area that covers the tire, and the diameter/thickness of the area that goes within the tire as seen in this pic I have access to a 3D printer and was wondering if I could try my hand at creating something similar for myself
  17. Missed an eBay auction so came here. Long shot, but looking for a used 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Condition doesn't really matter to me. It can be missing parts and beat up, as I am just looking for something to part out. Thus not looking for instructions/box either. If anyone has something feel free to shoot me a PM
  18. Has anyone had any luck with the Toysrus closing sales?
  19. To preface, this might be a dumb question, but not familiar with the part since do not own 8880. I was wondering how the wheel 2998 connects to an axle? I know in 8880 it requires the use of special hubs, but how exactly does it work in set 8857? Is it just held in place by friction due to a bush? If so, does this method work well?
  20. Sad to see this happen. End of an era IMO. Would love to buy a MOC or two from you but prices for them are much easier to be swallow when split up into Bricklink orders rather than upfront . Best of luck with the sale
  21. Been away from my collection for a while, but decided to build this model. However, lacking a lot of white pieces in my collection, I decided to build it in an unconventional color scheme as I had a lot of pieces shared from Pvdb's Mclaren F1. IMO the end result turned out badass, but let me know what you think The finished model is seriously fantastic. Probably the best supercar I have built so far. The way it all fits together and has a bit of sturdiness to it is amazing. The gearbox is fantastic considering it comes from the pre-Porsche era and doesn't make use of something 100% reliable (for example Didumos's 90 degree stepper mechanism). It works every time and have not encountered any problems despite using one worn out rubber band. During the build it often feels like working shifting is a dream that is never bound to happen. I was playing around with it while building and kept thinking to myself that "damn this model probably won't work in the end I'm going to be disappointed", but when it all comes together wow it is ingenious; The doors are great too, and having build Jurgen Krooshop's Koenigsegg, it is interesting to see how both builders tackled the complex mechanism. The only problem I experienced is that my left door has a lot of friction, but still works. I only have a few critiques of this model. First off the lack of HOG is a bit annoying, but makes sense as the model is really dense and has no room. Also would break up the fantastic body lines. Next the front suspension is pretty much maxed out, meaning no travel at all. This doesn't really bother me as it really gives the model a low look like the real thing. Finally, and probably the most annoying, is the instructions. I'm not sure if its the fact that I haven't built in a while, but wow these instructions were really frustrating at times. A lot of modules require forcing and bending in order to make them fit resulting in two broken pins for me. This could have been avoided if they simply placed a few pieces in before hand, but instead the builder is required to do a lot of wrestling with the car to make stuff fit. I particularly found the rear axle and doors really difficult to fit on, but there were quite a few areas where you really have to use force, which was always worrying as I didn't want to break any drivetrain stuff Overall though, what a fantastic supercar. Definitely staying on my shelf and highly recommend building it to anyone interested. For people struggling to find rare white pieces, black is a viable option IMO. Most of the pieces aren't too hard to find, just need about 13 of those rare black bushes, and around 50 3L black pins to make the body look better. Also easy to substitute the 14L axles with 12L and a connector. If anyone wants the Rebrickable parts file for the black color scheme or has any questions, feel free to ask
  22. Rishab N

    Lucky LEGO finds

    10177 787 Dreamliner missing around 5 parts for 20 dollars at a used book store
  23. Well i see all of these topics that have the best so I thought why not do the worst? I think one of the worst is the 8063 tractor there are 2 reasons for this a) it has all these useless functions(though it is a good parts pack and is quite large) b)it is a copy of 8284
  24. Hey guys. I'm looking for a set on the smaller end to keep on my work desk. Just want something to keep my hands busy if needed. I was thinking something such as 8837, a small set with good functionality, and price well under 50 dollars, although it does command a premium now due to the metal hook. Any suggestions?
  25. Every single time you make a new car, you get exponentially better even at such a high level. Can't wait to see what you come up with next as this looks fantastic