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  1. Canticleer blues

    Shipping Container Home

    I really like this model! The little details really make it. From the techniques used for the corrugated metal sides and locking gear on the outside, to the shape of the furniture on the inside- particularly the messy bed sheets and the art piece, very nice. Overall, there's a simple, elegant beauty to this one. Excellent work!
  2. Canticleer blues

    Latest impact of other themes on historic themes

    My understanding is that, at present, the Bricklink designer program acts as a sort of catch-all to produce projects that could have gotten through on ideas but didn't, and also as a sort of low-end alternative for fans to get models officially distributed that can't be done on the ideas site. They sort of act in tandem, serving two related areas. Otherwise, it's likely just that Lego wants to drive fan engagement as much as possible, and the designer program can reach a group that ideas doesn't. To try and stay on topic- I agree that the new Monkie Kid multipack bag seems like it has a lot of elements that would be great for decorations. Would be great to see 'em adorning a fancy throne room or treasury for sure.
  3. Canticleer blues


    These are all very impressive! I really enjoy the style of your mechs, and the articulation seems great too. Can't wait to see more of your mechs in the future!
  4. Canticleer blues

    BLACKTRON The COOLEST Theme in 1988

    Wow! The details on this are incredible. I really like how the torso area's shaping was achieved, as well as the thrusters on the back. Excellent work!
  5. Canticleer blues

    Historic Themes PAB Thread

    This is aimed at Sheps as well, but- since you both mentioned the price of the forestman's hat, I decided to look up what the price of that piece has been over the years. I've bought it every time it's been available, and there has been a gradual increase in prices over the years even before the new system was in place. In 2018, the dark green hat was $0.78 USD; in 2020, the light gray hat was $0.87; at the start of this year, the blue one was $0.88; and of course the current price for all forestman hats including the green one is $1.03. Of course, in the early days of PaB prices of the same pieces in different colors were different, so the regular green hat in 2017/18 could have been different from the dark green hat. But it just goes to show that this particular piece has undergone price increases in the past, and there was at least one that's comparable to the current increase, even if the current increase beats the past biggest increase by 6 cents.
  6. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Browsed the new pieces that landed yesterday and it seems that a few already had the "sold out" label early on in NA. For instance, the 88489 forestman hat and several other specialty pieces. Does anyone know if they actually were up, then sold out, or if they're just not available yet? Like, was anyone able to get the forestman hat, or the dark red hood, or any of the other pieces that said "sold out" yesterday?
  7. I've read that in the 80s and early 90s, there would often be individual sets that would be released only in certain countries but not in others, usually as promos or parts of value packs. Starting in the mid 90s, there were also supposedly entire themes or subthemes that were exclusive to one region and not available in others- but finding out what was available where is difficult, as documentation on the matter seems to be lacking. From what I've gathered, a partial list of themes/subthemes/waves that were allegedly regionally exclusive includes: Unitron (1994) Dark Forest (1996) RoboForce (1997) Outback (1997) Pirates last wave (1997) Aquaraiders (1997) Football (1998) Adventurers Jungle (1999) What I've read is things like "Unitron was only sold in North America" and "The Outback subtheme was available in Europe and NA, but not Asia/Australia", but no one ever seems to be able to agree on what was sold where. So to clear things up, does anyone remember which 90s themes were or weren't regionally available, and in what countries they were released in?
  8. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I called in asking a similar question recently and the representative said the service would be back up towards the end of the month.
  9. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    While looking through some of the new pieces on PaB, I found some that I couldn't identify. They don't have images on the site, and their numbers don't seem to match any entries on Brickset or Bricklink. Here's the info from the site: "Mini Hair W. Crown" 6359858/75872 (Sand Green) "Mini Wig W/ Hat No. 1" 6407462/86085 (Reddish Brown) Would anyone be able to identify them?
  10. Canticleer blues

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    In my copies of the sets, only the Trouble on Tatooine set had the higher visor position. All my sets from the summer wave onwards, even the forge and advent calendar, had the lower position. I ordered two replacement helmets from customer service and both of them had the old, higher visor position instead. I suspect TLG is aware of the helmet error and is fixing it as a running change. So in the meantime, our best bet for getting fixed helmets is getting them directly from Lego for now.
  11. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    @Flak Maniak and others: if you want the Cyber Drone head (6329386), you might want to check the site again, because it looks like it just became available.
  12. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I can confirm that it was available as of a week or two back. I'd been considering an order with it, but decided I'd place it later. Kinda regret that now, as you might imagine
  13. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I just ran that description through a translator, and supposedly it says something along the lines of: So that weird thing in Batman's hands is the Phantom Zone Projector! Woah. That Phantom Zone polybag makes a lot more sense now, huh.
  14. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @Robert8: According to CM4Sci, the Catwoman set is 70902:
  15. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @mbqui1: Someone (Delta, I think) said there's gonna be a Riddler's car set, with all the figures Falconfan1414 mentioned above . So far it seems like every villain in Arkham will be in a regular-wave set; and keep in mind we still don't know what's in the summer wave (consisting of two sets, if the rumor that there will be 15 sets total for the movie is true), so we can't count any of the rogues out yet, not even Two-Face. Speaking of the set list, I've been keeping tabs on the rumors, and want to address this: This helps put a few of the rumors in perspective, thanks! A few notes: The Batmobile is misplaced here. According to the NYCC setup, it's set 70905, not 70907. The price of 70905 on the list is also much more in line with what we know, especially when you compare it with 70906. As you said before, 70902 is likely the $20 Catwoman set. We're still not sure what 70900 is, aside from the rumors of it possibly containing a Joker variant. 70903 and 70904 are the same price. It's possible these are the Clayface and Killer Croc sets mentioned earlier. The $20 Scarecrow set doesn't appear to be on this list (as there's only two with that pricepoint present), so it's probably one of the January release sets, and will likely be an exclusive in the US along the lines of the Arkham set. So with that said, there are only two unaccounted-for Nov/Jan wave sets- the Riddler's car, and the Penguin's car. Personally, given the leak of the Riddler fig, I'm willing to believe the Riddler car set gets an earlier release (and isn't an exclusive in the US). Keep in mind that for the Lego Movie line we also had a one figure leak- the wrestler, from the Lord Business Hideout set. We didn't physically see anything from the retailer exclusive sets until later. Let's see if the pattern holds. On an unrelated note, there are rumored elements currently unaccounted for on most lists- those being a Comissioner Gordon fig, an Eraser fig, and a Batcycle build being present in these sets. Will they be present in the winter wave(s), or the summer waves? Guess we'll have to see!