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  1. Canticleer blues

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I can confirm that it was available as of a week or two back. I'd been considering an order with it, but decided I'd place it later. Kinda regret that now, as you might imagine
  2. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I just ran that description through a translator, and supposedly it says something along the lines of: So that weird thing in Batman's hands is the Phantom Zone Projector! Woah. That Phantom Zone polybag makes a lot more sense now, huh.
  3. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @Robert8: According to CM4Sci, the Catwoman set is 70902:
  4. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    @mbqui1: Someone (Delta, I think) said there's gonna be a Riddler's car set, with all the figures Falconfan1414 mentioned above . So far it seems like every villain in Arkham will be in a regular-wave set; and keep in mind we still don't know what's in the summer wave (consisting of two sets, if the rumor that there will be 15 sets total for the movie is true), so we can't count any of the rogues out yet, not even Two-Face. Speaking of the set list, I've been keeping tabs on the rumors, and want to address this: This helps put a few of the rumors in perspective, thanks! A few notes: The Batmobile is misplaced here. According to the NYCC setup, it's set 70905, not 70907. The price of 70905 on the list is also much more in line with what we know, especially when you compare it with 70906. As you said before, 70902 is likely the $20 Catwoman set. We're still not sure what 70900 is, aside from the rumors of it possibly containing a Joker variant. 70903 and 70904 are the same price. It's possible these are the Clayface and Killer Croc sets mentioned earlier. The $20 Scarecrow set doesn't appear to be on this list (as there's only two with that pricepoint present), so it's probably one of the January release sets, and will likely be an exclusive in the US along the lines of the Arkham set. So with that said, there are only two unaccounted-for Nov/Jan wave sets- the Riddler's car, and the Penguin's car. Personally, given the leak of the Riddler fig, I'm willing to believe the Riddler car set gets an earlier release (and isn't an exclusive in the US). Keep in mind that for the Lego Movie line we also had a one figure leak- the wrestler, from the Lord Business Hideout set. We didn't physically see anything from the retailer exclusive sets until later. Let's see if the pattern holds. On an unrelated note, there are rumored elements currently unaccounted for on most lists- those being a Comissioner Gordon fig, an Eraser fig, and a Batcycle build being present in these sets. Will they be present in the winter wave(s), or the summer waves? Guess we'll have to see!
  5. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Robert8: That's why I'm mainly asking for clarification. It's possible that some of these are the same set, but they've been presented as otherwise so far. A little more info could clear up any doubts we have. After all, we wouldn't want to get fooled again like that one time with the Bane's drill set, right?
  6. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Alright, hold up guys. Someone might be pulling our leg here. There’s only supposed to be 10 initial sets, and yet we’ve somehow got info on 12 of them, all allegedly from the winter wave! Let's get a quick refresh on what our sources are saying: According to Hulk_Smash: There’s going to be a CMF series with 20 figures, mostly batman variants and with some lady representatives. He also says that none of these figures are in sets. A Penguin's car set, featuring the new penguin mold as his minions. There’s going to be a cheap set with Mr. Freeze. Another cheap set with the Joker. There's a set with Catwoman on a bike. And finally we’re getting a Batcave with Alfred in it. Sir von Lego, in the DC 2017 thread, confirms that there are gonna be 10 sets for the first half of the year, and also corroborates Hulk_Smash in that there will be a batcave, small sets, and that the minifigs in the CMF line won’t be in sets, adding that all larger sets have about 4-8 minifigs in them and that there’s a vehicle that looks like a bat (likely the Batwing seen in the trailers, which looks like a bat from a top-down perspective), as well as implying that there will be a “feminine Gordon” in the CMF series. That last line probably means Barbera or her mother, although we have no confirmation that the mom appears in the movie. She typically has red hair like her daughter, and no character with that appearance has shown up yet, despite the one scene with Ms. Gordon being a ball/award scene of some kind with her father close at hand. According to Captain Unicorn, Delta Customs’ source, there’s gonna be: A $100+up Arkham set, with 12 figures, including a Barbera Gordon(!). A Batcave set, with a place for suits, the computer, a Batboat, and a Penguin Boat, plus roughly five or six figures. The small Mr. Freeze set. The Batwing; claims that Ivy is an included figure. A Killer Croc set, with swamp bits and the red pickup truck you can see in the trailer. A set with Clayface and the mayor. A set with Riddler’s car and other assorted villains. Notably also claims not to know what's in the summer wave. Now, some of this echoes what we’ve heard from other sources. But taken all together, we now have descriptions for 12 sets, which is at least two more than what Hulk_Smash and Sir von Lego have confirmed. In addition, a Barbera Gordon figure is alleged to come in the Arkham set despite Sir von Lego's implication of her being in the CMF. So let’s go over all the sets that we’ve heard of, confirmed and rumored: Official: 70605 The Batmobile 70606 The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider Hulk_Smash: Penguin Car set Mr. Freeze set Cheap Joker set Catwoman Bike Batcave Sir von Lego: The Batwing Captain Unicorn: Arkham Asylum Killer Croc Swamp set Clayface set Riddler Car set 12 sets in total. See what I mean? Delta Customs, I have nothing against you or your source, but this isn’t adding up, and I’m a little concerned. Maybe it’s all a misunderstanding of some sort. Could you perhaps ask for a little more clarification from your source? For the TL;DR crowd: See second sentence, above; there are some inconsistencies in the info we’ve been given here that aren’t all in line. Let’s try not to jump to conclusions, though, and ask for more information first and foremost.
  7. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Batman Movie

    CM4Sci, you might be onto something there! I checked USA Today's coverage of the news against /Film's, and it turns out there's more than just the Robin image that's different. Weirder still is that other outlets tend to have only one or the other's set- Gizmodo, for instance, has the USA Today version, while Collider has the /Film ones. There's too many sites to check so I can't be sure, but that seems to be the main difference, from what I saw. Also worth noting is that /Film's images seem to be the original size unmodified pics. Look at all the details you can see that are either out of frame or cut out in USA Today's article (among them the Joker's license plate, BG detail that makes it clear that they're in an industrial area, and even an entire extra car!). You can also see a bit more of the back of the Batmobile in the Robin closeup shot too.
  8. Canticleer blues

    Which Themes Deserve a Reboot?

    Pharaoh's Quest was actually released back in 2011. I think five or so years is enough time for a valid reboot. : P For what it's worth I'd love to see an Adventurer's reboot myself, especially if they keep some of the old characters- I mean, Johnny Thunder was pretty prominent in pretty much every medium The Lego Movie was in, but that might just a pipe dream on my part. I'd also like to see the return of a full-on Forestman castle subtheme too, or dragon knights come to think of it. Otherwise I echo what's been said about an in-house western theme and especially some sort of new 'classic' space/Blacktron theme.
  9. Canticleer blues

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Pictures and Rumors

    I doubt Lego would wait that long. Luke being in Episode 7 is a big deal; if he's not in a set, then he'll at least be in a polybag sometime next year for sure.
  10. Canticleer blues

    Super Smash Brothers

    At the time, it was more about spoilers. Videos of the story clips were being leaked before the game came out, and Sakurai (the director) was upset that people were basically able to watch content that had taken his team a lot of effort to produce without actually buying the game itself. What we get now is something of a compromise; instead of a good chunk of memory space being devoted to adding in a whole story-based adventure, we get other new modes instead, like the Master Orders, 8-player, and Smash Tour mode, in addition to returning modes from previous games (like All-Star or Challenges, to name just a few). The other half of that is: we're still getting special professionally-produced videos showing the characters interacting (in the form of the character reveals and videos awarded for clearing Classic), and they'll be viewable in the game as well. So really, we're definitely getting at least as much, if not more content- it's just in different ways than the last game.
  11. If there are second turns I'd be happy to take part. And, while I'm here: the model is coming along nicely! All the little details and small touches from various turns are really starting to add up now. I'm sure the end result is going to look amazing!
  12. 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!- Theme: The Lego Movie LXF File (LDD Version 4.3.8) Errors: - Part 16175 not in LDD, replaced with 3833. -No decorations available on 2431, 6070, 85884, 30363, 52031, 2340, 3037, 87079, 3622, 4490, 60581 or 6636. 15427 can only take one color, as opposed to the two stripes the actual piece has. Substitute decorations given for all minifigures parts (3626, 76382, 73200) -Part 3464 does not attach to either 43898 or 3956. -Part 32187 has to be scaffolded onto 32054, as it doesn't attach to most pin-like technic parts for some reason. - Not an error per se, but the parts inventory in the back of the instruction manual for this set indicates that three of 15303 officially go towards this set's parts count, even though one of them is not used on the model. I've left it to the left side of the brick seperator in this file. Decided to celebrate the release of this magnificent set by posting this! Enjoy!
  13. Canticleer blues

    Official Lego Movie

    Haven't watched the movie but according to this tweet made by director Chris Miller yes, it does.
  14. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    The guys at Brick Fanatics visited the London Toy Fair today, and got a little bit more info on the upcoming second wave of sets. So if we use the prices on the S@H site as a guide that means the Construct-o-Mech is going to be $59.99 and Benny's Spaceship will be $99.99. Brick Fanatics didn't seem to get the price for the dropship but anywhere between $75-$80 would certainly make sense considering the set's size.
  15. Canticleer blues

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    @jamesster: According to the latest Lego Club magazine it's a ride/attraction being built in Legoland California. Says it features an 'inside look' at how movies are made, and also houses a display section of the models originally made during development of the movie (!).