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  1. steele

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    I'd be in for a set of XL boxpoks as well.
  2. steele

    Digital P-5-A locomotive

    Is that based on an M3 caboose?
  3. steele

    Digital P-5-A locomotive

    I'm a big ACL fan, and saw the real 1504 in Jacksonville not too long ago---very happy to see it in (digital) bricks. Will any Big Ben Bricks drivers work "close enough" or are the 3D printed ones exactly in the middle of two of the Big Ben sizes ::edit:: actually it seems they're far larger than any BBB drivers, they'd be XXXL or so I think.
  4. steele

    LEGO Elves 2017 Discussion

    I've been thinking the same---a new set with Ragana, a black dragon for her---perhaps she's corrupted one, turned it evil. Black with purple or magenta accents (her colors) would look very neat.
  5. steele

    Red Horizon Express 10233

    I wanted set 7745 for YEARS as a kid--it'd show up in some catalogs etc, but was never sold in the US AFAIK--I know I never saw it ANYWHERE, not even the stores with huge walls of Lego that even sold the relatively rare train-track packs and switches. Just a bit of tweaking, and you could do a Thalys PBA (the earlier version of the Thalys, which is based on the TGV Reseau---which is still VERY similar to the TGV PSE that the Horizon express is based on): Either way, a red TGV is canon, even if not that exact version in that exact scheme. :)
  6. steele

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Leopards and jaguars have different spots. The printing LEGO is using is much more leopard-style than jaguar-style. (Though at that scale, the jaguar's inter-rosette spots may be too small to print)
  7. This is what I've been thinking----there's many price-points they could do this at, anywhere from 200 to 600-piece sets. Much easier and more likely than a whole new line/them. Just need a bley/blue/trans-yellow Creator set, with many slopes and wings, and a few key "space" pieces. Preferably some printed parts (but those are rare in Creator). And with how often "wheels as engines" are used in modern space sets----simply include some tires, and you instantly have a ground-vehicle 3rd build. However---a couple spaceman minifigs are essential, but the Creator line doesn't ever have any, IIRC.
  8. steele

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Am I the only one who thinks the new B-wing is worse than the previous one? Especially the laser(ion?) cannons at the tips of the S-foils.
  9. steele

    Upcoming Classic Space Reboot?

    I'd be happy with most any new sets using classic parts/colors: Blue/grey/trans-yellow White/black/trans-blue (monorail!) Blacktron I Ice Planet Simply calling it "Retro-Space" would be plenty good enough for me. Something like how Disney's "Tomorrowland" is now---it's perma-retro and revels in it, as it proved difficult to keep changing things to maintain a "realistic" future over the years. I'm surely not the only one looking at current and future sets with an eye on acquiring parts to upgrade Benny's ship---but there's almost nothing out there. It's like LEGO didn't even produce any blue elements this year. Conflict? No problem. Blacktron is the original and best "badguy" team in space. Black+yellow+trans-red!
  10. steele

    Spare Parts - eBay?

    Absolutely---you want for replacing small parts
  11. 618 pieces for the aviation set, according to this pic of the box: Two pics of the actual set: (also note the August release date and $59.99 MSRP)
  12. steele

    10233 Horizon Express

    Researched a little more: 1. I'm fairly certain TGV #16 returned to normal configuration (8 cars) after the record and operates like that to this day. 2. I found out that the cafe/bar car *is* the "master" car for any configuration. And that 3 cars is the absolute minimum. 3. TGV #325 (a TGV Atlantique, the 2nd generation, first of the silver ones) did operate with 4 cars between the locomotives for a short time for testing some of the modifications for its high-speed record runs with 3 cars. The "4th" car was a normal 2nd-class coach (the most-common type of car on a TGV, typically 3 are in a consist) though it would have been positioned as the 3rd car behind the lead locomotive. (the end cars must be at the ends, they are the only ones that can couple to the locomotives) So a 4-car configuration is possible for a TGV, though extremely rare (I cannot find any photos of it) and likely never used by an orange one. It should be easy enough to make from the given parts, basically make the cafe/bar car but with an end-car's window pattern.
  13. steele

    10233 Horizon Express

    Just a few quick FYI's: 1. On a real TGV, the locomotives on each end will carry the same number. So if you buy two sets, use the same numbers from each sticker sheet, not different ones. (if you're going for accuracy) Also, early orange TGV's had the numbers below the rear-most panes of the windscreen, but they were later moved forward to be on the sides of the nose. 2. The 5-unit LDD version above is a rare but true configuration. It is the shortest configuration that can actually be done. Loco-end car-cafe-end car-loco. This is the "world record speed attempt" configuration. All the "standard" coach cars are removed, and just 1 of each type of "unique" car remains (1st-class end car, cafe/bar, 2nd-class end car) If you really want to be accurate, this configuration was done using TGV set #16. (and it forever had a plaque mounted on the outside, celebrating the achievement--though today a different TGV set holds the latest speed record) (I am actually unaware of a real-life configuration that has 4 cars between the locos--if anything I think it'd have to be 3 or 5 based on what has actually been done and how the cars can be separated---the cafe/bar car has always been the "link" in the sets, I do wonder if the bogies on it are subtly different somehow to make it the "master link" as it were between other cars) Personally I would highly recommend going with the 5-unit version as above. It is very correct/realistic. You may have quite a few "wasted" pieces from the second set, but it looks nice, is symmetrical, and you'd have all the parts needed for the Jacobs bogies. (and anyone who might see the set and question such a short TGV configuration can be told about the world record attempts--which were successful)